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Americans were accustomed to the Bread Line nd the Unemployment Line back in the 1930s, but we’re having these today as well.

Some employees lose their jobs through no fault of their own. However, some other times, there is cause for termination.

Dishonesty, evasion, or lack of integrity on the job can be the culprit, as well as lack of training and misunderstandings. It is important to be honest, straightforward, and forthcoming on the job with your management and then to insist on proper training and fair treatment as well.

via Top 10 Reasons Employees Get Fired, Among Surveyed Companies 2008 – 2012.


Jobs are increasing in Ohio, especially related to the Aerospace Industry and Oil & Gas. The Buckeye State contains 10 major workforce Metropolitan Statistical Areas around its largest cities:

Cleveland, Akron-Canton, Toledo and Lima, Columbus, Cambridge and Zanesville, Athens, and the Cincinnati-Dayton Aerospace Corridor. Columbus in 2015 is the Number one City in America for Opportunities, announced by Come visit some of the festivals this Spring and Summer and stay a while to check out the jobs and attractions at Best Ohio Arts, Car and Music Festivals.

These large metropolitan areas cover several counties that provide growing economies that are forecast to expand beyond 2106.

This directory points to specific regions of Ohio and the different careers available in those market areas. It also provides information on High-Tech work in Columbus and the growing Cincinnati-Dayton Aerospace Corridor, along with emerging Energy and Green Collar jobs in Southeastern Ohio.

Directory of Ohio High Demand Jobs and Relocation Resources

Are you looking for a new job, a better job, or a job promotion and would like to have some advice from former job seekers that is relevant at the same time it is useful? We have a few tips that are great advice that actually help people secure jobs.

Since the advent of the Internet and its spread across the public in 1996, everyone can write anything online. The problem with that freedom is that some of the job advice supplied in this mass writing are not very good.

What you need to know is exactly where jobs are advertised, how to secure an interview for them, and how to win the job you want.

You may be a person who needs to move to another US State to find employment and you may need a few tips to help you in that journey. We have some pointers that work here: How to Find Work in Another State.

During nearly 11 years of successful work in Employment and Training from instructing Work Readiness to making job placements to teaching ESOL and GED classes, I collected tips about job search techniques and how to match up people with jobs and careers that they will like and which will earn them a good living.

If you need advice about looking for work, see this set of tips:

Five Job Search Tips That Work For 1000s of People

You’ll find the best US States that need new workers and have new jobs in that article. The most quickly growing job clusters are in the Technologies, like healthcare, aerospace, and engineering; Healthcare Professions; and even Truck Driving – a million jobs coast to coast in February 2015.

Some people enjoy bargain shopping and discount coupons. It’s fun!

Others like to save money they can use for other necessities, luxuries, and emergencies. That’s a good reason to bargain shop in the 2010’s – especially with national economic worries.

Still other people bargain shop because they cannot afford retail prices in grocery, clothing, restaurants, and other retail places – especailly upscale establishments.

I think all bargain shoppers can enjoy bargain hunting, even those that MUST save money to make ends meet. It should not be a mark of poverty.

Let’s acknowledge that our country produces and imports some cheaply made goods at both low and high prices. Avoid  both types. 

If consumers can resist Madison Avenue and media advertisements that urge and even trick them into spending money best used elsewhere, then they have a victory. Look a the article below for links to regional bargains and tips for finding even more in your own town.

via Shopping for Bargains without a Paupers Mentality.

With some practice and preparation, employment interviewing need not be a mystery or a horror. It can go well and land you a job you never expected to be able to obtain.

One key is appropriate presentation and presence in the interview setting, and you do not need to have a big bank account or rich parents to develop these assets.

Zig Ziglar, a famous businessman and lecturer, said many times:

  The truth is, our language does betray us.

Find out how to make language work for you in the job interview at:

Top 10 Things You Should NEVER Say During a Job Interview

Job Listings Quadrupled in NYC in Four Years 2009 – 2013

A NYC Recovery Zone is responsible for the revitalization of Coney Island and the addition of new rides and attractions as well as new jobs for the area. More business at the amusement park means more business for merchants and hotels, restaurants and retail stores in the area.

In July 2009, 134,000 jobs were listed on Internet job search sites for New York City and its 5 burroughs, but these jobs began to increase, even during a recession. This was because of the movement to create city Recovery Zones set up to create new jobs by bringing in new businesses with tax incentives and other attractive conditions. Stimulus Funds helped with some of the costs, but after th efunds were spent, businesses and jobs continued to increase in number — By November 2013, NYC and its burroughs had over 434,500 advertised positions open for job seekers.

Since Superstorm Sandy hit the area, new Recovery Zones have been set up and jobs are increasing even more, including construction jobs necessary for the clean up and rebuilding of many local neighborhoods that include hard-hit Staten Island.

For types of jobs available and additional information, see New York City Recovery Zones.

Los Angeles is the largest incorporated city in the State of California.

From June 2008 to December 2009, the city experienced an increase in Intgernet based job listings across all sites of 22%, according to leading job search engines like SimplyHired and Indeed. The increases did not stop in 2009, however.

From 2010 – 2012, increasing numbers of jobs were consistent until March 2012 in California statewide, thanks in part to the growing Aerospace Industry and the rapidly expanding NASA Commerical Crew companies in California.

Job listing declined from March – December 2012, but began to increase rapidly again in January and reachinng a 39% increase, or 39,500 more jobs by August.

Top 25 Fastest Growing Jobs in California.

The Detroit Institute of Arts Museum (DIA) is a multi-billion dollar collection of 100 fine arts galleries that was named a National Historic Place in the United States.

Located at the Wayne State University, the museum is one of several installations included in the well maintained Detroit Cultural Center Historic District surrounding Woodward Avenue. The East Ferry Avenue Historic District just east of the DIA is refurbished and preserved, containing nwer townhouses among 19th-century mansions. Over 200 adults and youth manage garden plots in the professionally landscaped Community Gardens, especially around the DIA and neighborhoods to the east.

With collections worth billions of dollars, the museum earns many additional billions in income each year from agreements to show art pieces and exhibits that include historic works. The art is held in the public trust and is not permittted to be sold or auctioned to help the city pay bankruptcy debts.  In fact, citizens, artistis, and auction houses are outraged at the thought. See some of the selections and history at:

via Detroit Institute of Arts Museum: National Historic Sites In Michigan.

Legislators that approved the 2009 Federal Minimum Wage increase and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) during Barack Obama’s first presidential term did not intend for Unemployment Benefits to be reduced. However, because of employer workarounds to offset the new legislation and its costs, this is what is occurring some places in the USA. It may happen again in 2013.

via How Increases In Minimum Wage and the Impact of the Affordable Care Act Inadvertently Decrease Unemployment Benefits.

Campaign 2012 for President of the United States was the closest race in 76 years. It was likely the most expensive in billions of dollars spent, and the most bitter, scandal-filled, propagandist campaign to date.

Some Americans turned off their TVs and radios and stopped answering their doors when campaign workers came knocking as late as 8:30 PM in my metro area. Corporations seemed to be behind the hard campaigning, as depicted in the 2012 Will Ferrell film The Campaign.

Mail boxes and front porches were filled with slick campaign handbills. It was a win-at-any-cost election and we’d seen an eerie foreshadowing in the late 1980s  —

MAX HEADROOM (1987 – 1988), A Prophetic TV Series

In a dystopian future (like 2012) we are ruled by TV networks & CEOs. Every home must have a TV that plays retail ads and propaganda 24/7/365 and the street corners are full of blaring TVs. Off switches are illegal. Edison Carter (Matt Frewer) is a reporter for Network 23, who uncovers things that the CEOs want to cover up. Max is an Artificial Intelligence and talk show host who helps Edison.

Read more about it at

via Media Influence, the US Stock Market and Jobs in America Before Election 2012.


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