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Six Stories Of Mars That Will Affect You

Japanese Space Agency (JAXA), NASA, and US Air Force formed a combined military air force or space force (the Japanese preference) in 2015. Plans are to begin operations to remove space debris (thousands of trashed items) sometime between early 2017 and 2019 (reference:

Japanese friends in the business call the aerospace frontier The Fourth Battlefield – according to Kelsey-Campbell Dollaghan in GISMODO under a heading at “Star Wars.”

It is a good place to gather additional tourism dollars as well – the Moon, Mars, Jupiter…

How do you feel about a combined Air Force?

The two nations have several aerospace projects already in spacecraft design and spacecraft component manufacture, forecasting hurricanes, and other space age concepts.

Many projects are ongoing or set to begin in the near future in the space above Earth. Find out more here. Captain Video, Space Patrol, and Star Trek are becoming more real than ever.


A rumor is spreading that the Russian Space Agency sent a man to the moon before the Americans did (1969). The story continues that while America was actually beaten in the Space Race by Russia, the Soviet craft crashed and killed its Cosmonaut.

Interestingly, Apollo 11’s Michael Collins wrote in a children’s book that while he felt no fear or dread flying around the moon many times while his crew mates were on the surface. He also never wanted to return to the moon or to outer space again.

Mr. Collins worked for NASA a bit longer, but went to the Smithsonian to lead the National Air and Space Museum. He retired to tend to his gardens. He does not discuss space exploration much today at age 83. Buzz Aldrin is gung-ho for the Mission to Mars.

The camera or cameras carried by Apollo 11 astronauts did not return to Earth.

No Apollo astronaut cameras came back fro any mission,  except Jim Irwin’s unit from Apollo 15, a tense, strenuous geological mission on the moon. On that mission, he suffered cardiac arrhythmia, followed by a heart attack on Earth a couple of months later; he suffered three more such attacks and was the first Apollo moon-mission astronaut to die.

Irwin gave up on moon landings and began an earnest search for Noah’s Ark, finding a wooden structure of the correct size in the Himalayas, usually buried in snow. Some years, a corner of it could be seen in the spring thaw.

His moon camera was auctioned off to someone in Europe in March 2014 for about 3/4 of a million dollars (USD).

For more data and ideas, see:

Apollo 11 to Apollo 18 – NASA Cover Up? Conspiracy Theories?.

Brent Spiner and Robert Picardo are to Planetary Resources what Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura) has been to the NASA recruitment program since the 1970s.

Spiner and Picardo will help the Planetary Resources to institute a global initiative to allow teachers and students in classrooms, as well as the general public, to access their own and NASA’s volunteered resources for use in studying actual celestial bodies. Now you can visit space without leaving the ground!

Planetary Resources opened a Kickstarter initiative to raise $1,000,000 for telescopes for use by students, teachers and the public and they received half a million dollars in their first 24 hours! people are excited about this project. And soon, the American public will have access to these telescopes and data gathered from them. Author Sir Arthur C. Clarke would be thrilled that his own concept of the communications satellite has progressed to such a point.

See who else is helping with this humanitarian and educational effort: Space Exploration For All.

NASA and private aerospace companies are in such need of workers between 2013 – 2023, that NASA created a Public Service Announcement for employee recruitment, shown before ST:ID, Stare Trek: Into Darkness. At the sae time, 80,000 individuals volunteered for the One Way Ticket to Mars program, which will kickstart the Mission to Mars colonization program.  Volunteers will not be returning to Earth, but they seem excited to live their lives in a Martian experiment. They certainly will be making history.


Trailer Recruits for the NASA Edition of Starfleet


— While some political voices shout that NASA is dead and private space companies are not launching anything into space, many news media reports and recent video footage – as well as eyewitness accounts – tell us otherwise. The combined deadline to Mars landing among government and private concerns has been pushed to an earlier date more than once. The original date was sometime in 2033, pushed forward to 2023. One company plans a 2018 journey and the Google LunarX program already has Lunar Landers ready to take to the moon in 2013.

Our space program has become a partnership among government and private programs and if NASA does fall out of the mix, mix, many of the agencies astronauts and executives are already attached to Golden Spike company, which looks to become the most active in aerospace exploration and business in the 2010s. Jim Lovell of Apollo 13 is with them, but so is Michael Okuda, who has been a designer for Star Trek®. The entire coterie of Golden Spike looks like a spacefarings Hall of Fame!

Golden Spike and Buzz Aldrin’s Mission To Mars – We’re Going Up!

The US combined space programs are alive and need workers.

Escalating Activities of the Sun, Earth and Moon

— Aerospace companies and NASA are working on ways of managing and preventing damage that occurs in the wake of super-powerful solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and asteroid impacts to the moon and Earth. These intiatives and work projects require the expertise of skilled engineers and technicians; so all of the work of space agencies does not occur in outer space. America is in needs of thousands of engineers in a number of fields, from aerospace, energy, and health to IT and manufacturing, whereas, new university graduates are more likely to be credentialed in business.

The most lucrative and jobs-filled training areas to seek for study at the college and university level, or in technical schools includes Healthcare, Engineering, Technologies, and  Computers/Information Technology. The most jobs will be advertised in these fields from 2013 – 2023. Hundreds of Spring 2013 college graduates are unemployed because they chose fields that currently demand few workers.

Work with your college counselor as soon as you enter post-secondary education and plan for a job that will be open in four or five years.

Retirement of RNs Increases Job Outlook to 2020

High Paying Job$ in Brevard County, Florida

Brevard County, Florida was named by as Worst Place for Employment (not true today, though) and the very Best Place to Retire in America.

However, I find amassing numbers of jobs in Brevard County for Healthcare, IT, and positions related to the Aerospace Industry, the US Mission to Mars, and privatized space flight . Renewable Energy jobs are coming out of Melbourne FL nearby on and around solar farms across the Southeast USA.

The federal and local governments as well as contractors and various commercial concerns are serious about advancing the role of space flight in America’s future and new businesses and jobs are emerging based on this intent.

I find that the cities and towns of Brevard County are really all good for any of the stages of life and work. Lots of Ohioans are moving there for work, retirement jobs, and just to retire. Perhaps you will as well.


The Florida southeastern coast is home to three of the 100 Best Places to live in America. Multiple thousands of jobs are available in IT, Healthcare, Sales, and Finance.

These cities have features that most other American towns do not have. This includes transportation innovations for sustainability. In fact, mass transit, good schools, wildlife and domestic animal rescue, conservation, the arts, and providing affordable housing for senior citizens are all priorities. Downtown districts are expanding under redevelopment plans and business and residential contruction is increasing in all these cities. See the link above for much more information on attractions and job listing reviews.

          Ohio’s Space Corridor develops biomedical and aerospace technologies for the world, including privatized space flight. Ranging from Cincinnati up through Dayton and Fairborn is not only anchored in aviation history, but in its extended future. The entire southeast quadrant of Ohio is receiving private and public funding for research, development and new jobs in Medicine, Aviation,  and Aerospace from 2010 – 2050.

Hot Jobs in Ohio For the Future of Mars

As a suburb of Cincinnati, West Chester is in a strategic position that draws these new business ventures and additional residents to a region halfway between Dayton and the Queen City. This region is filling up, but is still outside the big city rat race, about an hour from either metro area.

          USA! – Stop eliminating aerospace jobs just because the shuttle program is kaput! Actually, only 67 jobs are posted online for the US Shuttle Program and related work; but between 800-900 are listed for private space flight projects. There is hope for Mars, if not for the moon.

But cancelling the Constellation Program for Lunar Exploration is a slap in the face to Neil Armstrong as we remember his birthday on August 5, 1930. This American hero is 80 and still talking up the space program, because it is vital. NASA has found 200 ways it benefits mankind to be on the Moon!

One Small Step – Into a Brick Wall

Click the link to find out the 200 benefits and the Conspiracy Theory about the Moon — Lunar Bases built BEFORE Neil stepped onto Luna after going off course to miss a high-walled crater. Astounding! Privatized space flight is even more so. Get ready for the future.

In a technologically advanced world, literature and poetry are still important, as we found in Jules Verne’s futuristic novel: Paris in the 20th Century.  

In the 21st century, we can benefit from the arts still, in music, literature, and poetry.  A student asked if there is meaning in William Wordsworth ‘s lyrical poem The Daffodils.

William Wordsworth: The Daffodils

In fact, there is not only meaning, but several layers of meanings and suggestions of geometry and different dimensions of reality. Geometry is found throughout nature and more specifically, fractal geometry and fractal equations make up all of nature. Atop this, Greek and Roman legends built upon this truth through ancient art expressions. See the link for a full discussion.

Hubble Space Telescope Facts:

The Hubble Space Telescope completes a second full decade in space in April 2010.  This is 20 years of awesome photography, courtesy of the American Space program…


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