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I had a problem with some of the events on Paula Deen television shows regarding the food content of certain recipes and the whole concept of the “party” show.  Some episodes of Best Dishes I lived very much.

I also liked her volunteer work, but then became disillusioned. She seemed to be another story of a very hard life turned around to become too much spending, too much eating, and too much acting. 

My problem with Ms. Deen was her partnering with Smithfield Ham, which hired groups of undocumented workers and then turned them in to INS and hired more. They have since remedied hiring practices and I follow them on Twitter, but I’m still a bit irked.

Paul helped to provide what she called “protein” from Smithfield to poor children and families,  but the product was not ham, bacon or sausage — It was actually hotdogs and/or cheapest sausage made from pork byproducts/remains. It’s a dishonest and unhealthy thing. You remember the chicken commercial that lamented “parts is parts”? What pig parts were in that protein?

The pork-giving program to the poor may end with Chinese ownership, but perhaps Ms. Deen should not be dumped from FN because of Smithfield, racism, or pushing diabetes-exacerbating foods. All that can be pretty much fixed.

If Paul is being sued with her brother for running hostile work environments and discriminatory workplace operations, and she loses that lawsuit, then that is the reason to cancel her contract with Food Network. 


I was looking at winter vegetables tonight, because they will be on sale later this week, and was delighted at the varieties available .

All of the squash looks very good and is not as expensive as I had imagined. Many other winter vegetables are also being stocked right now: Kale, Carrots (all year), Cabbages of all colors, Broccoli, Cauliflauer, Beets, Fresh Peas, and several others.

via Best Christmas Menus: How To Prepare Winter Vegetables For Variety In Meals.

You may want to try growing some of these vegetables yourself, because parts of the United States are great for growing them right now in December and through to Spring. At any rate, you can find these delicious recipes at the link above:  1) Red Slaw and 2) Chicken and Broccoli Pie [or Ham and Swiss Cheese Pie!!]

HumanaVitality and Wal-Mart 5% Savings

October 5, 2012 became the target date for the Humana insurance company to begin offering the Wal-Mart healthy foods 5% discount.

Humana leaders planned it as a good step toward preparing for effects of the Affordable Health Care Act, popularly known by the shorter title Obamacare.

Healthier eating should lead to lower healthcare costs overall and many healthcare providers agree.

One problem with the 5% discount off healthier foods is that 5% is not very much — For example, 5% off $1.00 equals $0.95. Many people might skip that small savings and purchase a donut instead of three bananas.

Perhaps the planned extra bonuses and point-incentives that consumers can redeem for gifts and services might draw more participation of consumers!

via 2012: The Year Health Insurance Companies Began to Control Insureds’ Grocery Purchases.

The gardening and hardiness chart of America has changed because of warming climates. Many of the more northern Lower 48 United States can plant earlier this garden seas during Spring , Summer, and part of the Fall of 2012.

Some of these suggestions for the garden are fun and different for a new year of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

This is by far a tastier dish than the canned-soup-bean-canned-fried-onion bowl that some have seen overcooked for many years. Using real mushrooms, fresh green beans, and lite sour cream or Greek yogurt, this is a casserole  that takes just a little while longer to prepare than the usual fare. In fact, the longest step in the recipe is cooking for 10 minutes inside the oven.

Try this recipe and find out what tarragon has to do with a Dragon and the play Waiting for Godot!

A Fresh New Classic – The Little Dragon Alternative

And don’t miss this fascinating and delicious dessert:

Christmas and Holiday Sugar Dusted Tomato Spice Cake – Extra Moist and Delicious!

Brownies are good for any holiday and a lot of everyday affairs:

Best Unique Brownie Recipes for the Holidays – Add Fruit!

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(c) Patty Inglish MS, 1986, 1995, 2011.  

I worked with blood pressures for around 25 years, a lot of it in a medical setting and it can be pretty frustrating.

One doctor at OSU medical college told us he thinks it rises a little above 80/120 naturally as we age, so that may be a comfort. Another doc told us that some people have what we would call high pressure, but it’s natural for their particular bodies.

In an injury and chronic pain rehab clinic, we found that these things could raise body blood pressure beyond the range desired, pretty often:

• Consistent and intermittent chronic pain. A lot of people that were sick or injured seemed to have HPB. Workers Compensation clients had it the worst – chronic pain, long legal proceedings, family members badgering them to return to work.

• Overexertion in rehab exercises (at least at first).

• Changing work demands or constant demands to increase work production or sales. Also, bosses or companies changing rules too often; and sending mixed messages, especially to those in pain. Personally, I always thought an uncooperative work group – or study group at school – did it over time.

• The stress of poverty and low income.

• The sounds of sirens particularly, and some loud, sustained noises and music.

• Certain medications and supplements (differed by the person; could be any of them)

• Too high a salt intake – that’s common and it included just about all say and related sauces and cooking sauces. We also found many people allergic to MSG and some of them had headaches and slightly elevated BP when they ingested it.

• Coffee and other caffeine – but not everyone is affected

• Alcohol intake too high (2 drinks a day, docs say is average).

• Overweight, although I knew and know heavier people with lower BP numbers

• Being around abusive people

• Clothes that are too tight – especially after eating; and this caused a few headaches for some (actually this is particularly true for women with too-tight bras)

• Too many bright lights

• Too much noise

• Too many visitors; being in crowds

• Too much clutter, but if a patient could make one small area at home that was rather open and full of fresh air for relaxation, they were pretty good on BP

• Anger in some individuals

• African, Hispanic, and Native American heritage

Here’s what raises mine for a short time:

  • As a restaurant manager, too many hours worked per shift and only 6 hours between shifts did it.
  • Landline loud-ringing telephones did it.
  • Now: too much noise, too many people, not having at least 2-hours of alone time in a quiet place nearly every day. Hearing a long string of profanity or hearing profanity every other word from someone – other than the low-level “damn” or “hell” raises it. I don’t eat much salt, but eating too much at a meal will raise it.

Management Techniques:

  • Relaxation done every day, in addition to enough sleep. Deep breathing, stretching, and relaxing music are good. There are some visualization techniques that sometimes work.
  • Diet changes and Exercise increases – especially range of motion and flexibility.
  • Sometimes drinking more water or herbal tea flushes out retained water and reduces blood volume, reducing BP.
  • I don’t hold to Feng Shui, but it works in arranging living spaces sometimes to lower BP in some people. It can work.
  • Blood pressure medications – there are a lot now. Clonidine is used for BP originally, but also helps OCD, ADHD, Tourette’s and some other neurologically-based conditions, so there may be a connection with all the conditions it treats well.

It is time for some new kitchen inventions, because we are mixing up the names of the ones we have – whisks, beaters, mixers — who can tell the difference any more?  

Inventions can lead to more jobs – like the  green algae that makes oil. Like plastic bottles made from corn.

I’d  like a table top that disposes of your empty meal vessels when you’re done eating — Just press a button and the items vaporize. A vent overhead could collect the vapors and redirect them to some other appliance that might recycle them into other items.

We are headed in such a direction with the plastic water bottles made from corn — they disintegrate easily in landfills or they can be recycled. Taco salad bowls are made of taco shells and soup in a bread bowl is entirely edible, so we as a people are approaching cup and plate extinction to a small degree already.

For some kitchen data and a movie of the Abracadabra Egg Beater Museum, read the following piece:

The Manual Egg Beater, A Museum Piece.

CW Post – Alternatives to “Wellville” Addictions

Don’t fall for health fads when you make up your list of New Year’s Resolutions this coming year! Enemas and colonics may not help as much as you think and they definitely can harm you if used too often.

See the stories of enemas, Marilyn Monroe’s addiction, and the Kellogg Insitute at the link above.

Reverse Aging for Better Health with Best Nutrition and Fitness

Telomeres (end pieces of chromosomes that shorten every time a cell divides) have been examined for a few years in health research (aging) and Dr. DePinho has found that preventing telomere-shortening eliminates aging issues in mice bodies and organs. Will it eliminate human dementia, macular degeneration, and other conditions? The operator of this miracle is the addition of extra of the enzyme aptly named telomorase by injection. Mice became younger in 30 days. The brains even grew new neurons. Read more at the link.


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