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The total number of American workers that produced income at home or elsewhere offsite (with a laptop at Starbucks) at least one day monthly rose 39% just from 2006 through 2008, according to data provided by WorldatWork in 2009.

Since that time, even more people have begun lucrative work-at-home and independent contractor employment, especially during the Great Recession 2008 – 2010. None of it is Get Rich Quick, but all of it is real.

via Top 5 Work At Home Jobs That Produce Income.


Words and Expressions To Avoid In Essay and Article Writing

The Weekly HubNuggets Contest on HubPages looks at the topics of Religion and Philosophy, Health, and Home and Family this week. A total of 18 of the best articles are nominated from among our newer writers and offered for Readers’ edification and Votes. The Top 9 Winners receive help with Internet traffic increases and exposure in the HubPages Weekly Newsletter that goes out to at least 200,000 individuals and organization.

Please have a look at our nominees this week celebrate the life of Steve Jobs with us and enter a vote for your favorites. You do not have to be a member of the site to vote. Thanks!  

A Harvest of HubNuggets – Tribute to Steve Jobs

What jobs will the American Jobs Act increase long-term?

One prediction is that it will be the low-to-moderate pay ranges that will experience the most increased jobs. Is this what we need?

The largest sector of Americans does not possess the postsecondary and professional education and certification required for most of the highest paid jobs advertised during this time period when the American Jobs Act appeared:  July, August, and September 2011.  Unemployment was 9.1% in those first two months.

Will tax cuts and incentives spur the adventurous among the unemployed to open their own businesses and create jobs for others?

What specific jobs will be increased? See the link above to find out.

If we are going to make money writing online, then we need to have a source of topic material that is interesting and that will not dry up.

As readers can see from the range of writing caliber available on the Internet in the 2010s, some writers do not write at all. Posters at some writing or content web sites purchase an article from another site, run it through an article spinner and re-post all these iterations to other sites. Sometimes the spun content is grammatically awkward or makes no sense and this is particularly true when a poster chooses an article in a foreign language and has it spun into other, multiple languages.  The result is an unappetizing hash or word salad.     

In order to write, writers usually need a writing plan. Old advice that is still good  is to write about what one knows best. However, we need to take a look at what we know. Begin with your own resume and experiences and grow a network of topics that will never bore either you or your readers! Add to that some daily reading in a variety of genres and fields, and you cannot go wrong.  It all works for me 🙂

How to Find Topics for Quality Writing

Many people today are considering online writing as a means to an income while they look for work. They have been downsized, displaced, left by a spouse or partner that produced the family income, have been hit by medical misfortune, and suffered any of dozens of problems that stopped their income. They are struggling with substantial effort to make a living. Others are new high school and college graduates that enjoy writing and also seek online writing as a source of supplemental income while they look for work.

We have a weekly writers’ recognition program that  publishes the articles of writers on our site for three months are less. We nominate 18 of them each week and 9 win extra Internet traffic through a variety of means.

Please visit the round-up of this week’s writers and review the Nominees’ work and please vote. Anyone can vote, no registration required. You’ll be helping someone earn an income! And thanks very much.

A dear woman that wrote for 80 of her almost 98-year lifespan delighted many people with her sports poems (spoems), ad copy, Good Living columns in the Detroit Free Press and the hunorous antics of Koko and Yum Yum cats as they were cared for by Jim Mackintosh Qwilleran – who wrote the Qwill Pen column in Moose County, 400 miles north of everywhere.    

Lilian Jackson Braun never tried out a typewriter, computer, SmartPhone or iPad, despite living into the 21st Century. She wrote everything with a pencil on legal pads – for 80 years! She began with her sports poems in high school and had the first one published when she was just 17.  Her short stories, news columns, and novels are now a permanent part of the American scene.

Lilian was told not to try to write for a newspaper, because hate mail came in for everybody and for a woman – tons of it! She did it anyway – for years –  hate mail be damed.

She despised gratuitous violence, profanity, and sex in novels and on-screen and simply would not stoop to using it as filler material – as so many authors do today. Lilian would have none of it and simply stopped writing novels for 18 years – and I’m glad she resumed in the mid-1980s.  

My writing contest Round Up of nominees this week is dedicated to the author Lilian Jackson Braun:

Nuggets for Elephants 

Panda refit obstacles gave me a few headaches in online writing and earning, but these could be easily despatched.  

Here’s what I did, with a sense of humor, to make things work more smoothly and attract greater streams of traffic. Here’s also a weekly contest for new writers that offers artices by 18 people that have figured out Panda and how to succeed anyway!

A Nugget Of a Good Time

As you may recall from our last Nuggetscapes Adventure, the Judge Bee Court of Last Resort recessed in order to attend a novel Shakespearean play.  If you missed it, come to the link below and have a read-through with the cast.

The participants decided on yet another classic and each took a vital part.  Judge Bee herself  took over Ye Olde Costume and Wardrobe Department, much like hre friend on NCIS: Los Angeles, Hettie Lange (whose actress performed Shakespeare as well!). One just does not know where one might scrape up evidence for the Candestine Services.

At any rate, here is our new theatrical production to celebrate new writers and to give the old ones a chuckle:

LINK: A Little MidSummer’s Night Music.

First Person Experiences with Learning Disorders in the ADHD Spectrum: Part-Time Genius, Full-Time Job – This is a book detailing the daily lives of a boy and his mother, through family, divorce, a string of schools, dozens of therapists, and some techniques that actually worked. With an uplifting ending that shows progress is possible, this first-person account can help any parent that has just learned of an ADD or ADHD diagnosis in his or her child.   

Top 10 Jobs for Roslyn Estates, NY – Dedicated to Education and Sustainability. This community may hold pricey homes, but it’s wealth points to the 200,000+ jobs only half an hour away.  The highest demand jobs in the locale begin at $40,000 annually.

Make Money on HubPages via Affiliate Marketing and Other Income Streams  – Many of us make a living writing for HubPages. There’s no magic – just consistent input of well written content, participation in community projects, and some ongoing promotion. People are making a good income after only 1 year on the site. Why not try it while you look for work? 

TALK TO THE ANIMALS: African Grey Parrots – English Language and Interspecies Communications. Your bird pet may or may not be able to hold a conversation with you as do the birds in this long-term study; however, the material shows that being alone in a cage all day is not healthy.  There are things you can do – like have a small “entertainment center” for your parrot friend.


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