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Any link below is to one page of over 2,150 pages used by students in USA and Canada for help with their studies and homework. Book reviews and movie reviews also help studies. There are even city reviews and historical presentations, some with cutting edge new information.

Job Seekers also use the employment articles given. Middle School and High School students use the good advice about what makes a good employee.

Feel free to access these pages and quote short passages for your projects as long as you give credit to the author and include a link, if you can do so, in your papers and projects.

Have a fantastic 2015 – 2016 Academic Year!


US National Book Festival, Historic Words And Reading Education

From Native American poetry to Classics, songs, and graphic novels, how can we not be proud of America’s literary development? Come celebrate literacy and literature of all sorts in DC this September 5, 2015 from 9am – 10 pm. Free admission!

This year’s festival is a tribute to the 200th Anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s donation of all of his personal papers and books for the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress.  During the War of 1912 – 1814, the British burned 3,000 books belonging to the US Congress and took 10,000 American military and civilians captive, jailing them at Dartmoor prison in England. it was a horrible time.

Thomas Jefferson offered his personal library to replace those burned volumes, but it took us until 1815 – a full year after the war was over – to gain the release of all of our prisoners. Today, the British and filks all over the UK came to our National Book festival to speak, to sign books, and to visit the kiosks.

Times change, but books are always good.

A strange name can saddle a child for life with the inability to succeed. This may be a reason behind Odd’s feeling that he is really not very important as a short-order cook. He may work at the Pico Mundo Grille all his life and since he is only 20, that’s another 50 or 60 years.

Will he save money and buy the grille or will h find something else to do? After all, he has special powers – like may people in the new Spring TV Lineup of 2014. For some reason, new movies and  TV series this spring show trending toward the supernatural. They star people with clairvoyance, psychokinesis, healing, and other powers on television and a dozen religious movies are set to appear in close succession.

And we still have the unique show The Blacklist, which must be supernatural, because so many people say they love it, even if they cannot figure it out.

As for names – Many of my former adult education students with unusual names have felt the inadequacies that Odd feels in Book One and his movie; but,  so have some people with popular names and high IQs.He can represent all of us at some crossroads in life.

Odd may be more usual than we suspected.

via Odd Thomas, the Book and Film.

Interest eagerly spreads in America for the upcoming Christmas 2013 film by Disney called Saving Mr. Banks. We hear in movie trailers that  it’s all about Mary Poppins and her creator, but why is the film titled after George Banks, the father of the family Poppins helps in the Great Depression Era stories?

Something is afoul in the family of the author and creator of the magic nanny with the talking umbrella. Something very dark occurred in the childhood of P.L.Travers to make her the snappish spinster seen in the 2013 holiday film. She remained snappish and single until she died at the age of 96 in 2005.

Her father was an alcoholic and sadly, a stereotpyical Irish alcoholic. He was also a banker who many say bamboozled the public. That is why he is George Banks the banker instead of Travers Goff in the childrens’ book series and 1964 Disney film.

Poppins is supposed to fix Banks by teaching him a lesson. Unfortunatly, Goff was never fixed, not did he try to fix himself. He died when his daughter Helen (P.L. Travers) was only age 7.

Amateur psychoanalyses aside, Helen became P.L.Travers to act on the stage. She was lonely and abandoned (her mother ran away when Dad died and came back), and made up stories for her two sisters. The story Mary Poppins is based on some real person and we hope that the 2013 film with Tom Hanks as Walt Disney tells us who that nanny is. We do know that Travers Goff was raked over the coals every day by a nasty nanny in his own childhood.

Interestingly, Emma Thompson plays both P.L. Travers and Nanny McPhee, McPhee being a character like a much nicer Poppins that given un in the book series. The Poppins of the silly but entertaining 1964 film looks ludicrous beside McPhee.

For more insight, please visit:

via The Dark Side of Mary Poppins and Her Creator, the Abandoned Helen Travers. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition DSM-5™ 978-0-89042-554-1.

While many professionals are aghast at the changes in DSM-V, the diagnostic bible of both APAs, the new manual makes for good discussions. It may lead to fistfights. More news forthcoming as I sift through more changes than I initially expected.

Whatever else may happen as a result of the DSM-V  release during the May 2013 annual APA Convention in San Francisco with Keynote Speaker, President William Jefferson Clinton, the Healthcare Industry will expand to handle the increased number of disorders threatening to bloom in US society. In addition to this, with a second Space Mining Company (besides Google’s, 2010) opening in January 2013, Space Medicine practitioners and technicians will reach high demand by 2015.

What a way to have more jobs – by having more sick people! — For example, everyday forgetfulness linked to a packed schedule or other daily stressors can now be disagnosed as a solid disorder and that might qualify it for SSDI or SSI.

Life in America just became more interesting.

Star Trek Federation – The First 150 Years

This is something I would never have imagined to create but am glad someone else did!

Television writer of 24 years, David A. Goodman, finished a greatly detailed illustrated text that provides the history of the United Federation Of Planets, its spacecraft, historical figures, events, and everything from the first 150 years.

The book is held by a display stand that at a touch of a button provides an intro by Admiral Hikaru Sulu (George Takei).

This is Star Trek Federation – The First 150 Years. It holds the printed histories and a set of original illustrations of events and people like the Great Three: Kirk, Spock, and McCoy … Khan, Zefram Cochrane, Vulcan officials, and many others. A special pocket in the book contains copies of important historical documents as well – a letter from James T. Kirk to a relative, a diagram of the first Trill joining, and three other great things.

The book is HALF PRICE here:

via Product Review: Christmas Gifts for Trekkers and Trekkies From the J.J. Abrams Reboot Universe.

This is a film I will see several more times than just once.It includes tense scenes, comedy and some real history and insight into the lives and careers pf Sir Alfred Hitchcock and his talented wife Alma Reville.

Helen Mirren is likely the best part of this movie. She is believable as Alma Reville and hilarious  great fun to watch.  She also has scenes of anger well played. Her character is the most lifelike of them all.

Anthony Hopkins is humorous and frightening by turns as Hitchcock. This is probably a true representation, considering the insights of his many biographers. The fat suit on Anthony Hopkins is too fat, however, but is it fun to see the Hitchcock silhouette everywhere in the film, especially behind screens and in shadows.

The film is part truth and part parody, but all good. You might enjoy the hallucinations of speaking with multiple murderer Ed Gein as well. See more about the film and related biographical books at:

via Alfred Hitchcock: Movie Review Of Hitchcock (2012), Spellbound By Beauty In Life and Films.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER opens tonight, June 21-22 at midnight in many theaters. Wide Release will be Friday June 22, 2012.

Preview audiences have given this film a high rating. If you are into Civil War reenactments or enjoy learning about American History, then this film is for you, because it is accurate. The vampires are extra and make for a fascinating fictional addition to an already exciting story.

If you have not already read it, read O’Reilly’s book on Abraham Lincoln as well – it is some more information that you never received in any classroom!

See the full review of ALVH at

Accuracy and Civil War Reenactors In “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter”

A boy in the Czech Republic lost his family in WWI, lost his Aunt and his home when she died, and became an apprentice to bakers at a pastry shop in grammar school.  While he learned, he was beaten by the men there until he could not walk…. but he cooked in the best mansions in Hollywood and became White House Executive Chef. His story was lost when his book went out of print.

The Lost History of Chef Francois Rysavy

His childhood will bring you to tears, as will his delicious blueberry pie. He was the White House Chef, buts hes been forgotten until now. He was an incredible world class traveler and war survivor.

The year is 2012 and it’s the 60th anniversary of a long lived rock group called The Rolling Stones.  They played in Hamburg, Germany back in the 1960s, as did The Beatles and dozens of other musicians and wannabes.

Review: “Ticket to Ride” by Graham Sclater; Hamburg Beat Central In the 1960s Reeperbahn District.

Did you know that the music business was dangerous in Hamburg and its Beat Central? Music producer Graham Sclater was one of the young British musicians there in the sixties after the Beatles toured. He has given us a story of a young band like his and others who lived through the Reeperbahn experience of the St. Pauli District. Some did not make it, but their stories are riveting.


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