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          School supplies are too expensive for most families when only specific BRAND NAMES can be purchased.  Some school families in America have been strapped for cash to pay for $65 to $100 worth of school supplies in Elementary School!  In Middle and High Schools, add an expensive calculator that is required.

Some Parent Teach Organizations are purchasing supplies in bulk at Whole sale Prices to offer large discounts to their students.  Have a look at the articles above and see what you can do to avoid financial problems at the start of the school year.

It is of incredible importance to prepare well for a job interview and to conduct your part of it with a winning combination of words, actions, emotions, assertiveness, ideas, and potential contributions.
These are the Top 10 Mistakes job candidates often make during interviews — But they can be prevented before they occur. A bonus mistake is included that is quite simple to erase and something many people never even think about. It can mean the difference between getting the job and being passed over for another candidate.  
Particularly during a recession with 19.5 million people competing for 3,000,000 jobs, don’t make these interview mistakes: 

How to Prevent the Top 10 Resume Mistakes

That’s an amazing number of job openings,  but London in the UK is an enormous city with many residents.

Matching the latest 2009 Salary Survey with job openings in the London area will yield employment opportunities for nearly all levels of work experience and salary requirements.  Most well paying employment requires at least an A-Level education certificate and many require college beyond that.

Read through excellent comprehensive the Salary Survey and Job listings and find out about successfully landing a high paying job in London through this link:

How to Find A High Paying London Job

Recent research at Ohio State University and University of Michigan-Dearborn have shown Jay Zagorsky and Patricia K. Smith the effects of the American Food Stamp Program, now called SNAP, and Body Mass Index and weight-gain over time.  Very interesting and important for the future of American health, healthcare reform, and the impact on US industry and workers.   

The Ethics of Food Stamps in the Culture of Reduced Circumstances

New jobs were increasing in Odessa and the Permian Basin BEFORE kage, the ARRA Stimulus funds were arranged, and more new jobs in 2009 – 2012.

These jobs include Healthcare in huge leaps and Management, Technologies,  Retail, and others. At the same time, stae and federal ggovernments see a large manpower need soon for TEACHERS, preschool and K-12; and additional Oil & Gas workers

See the jobs available, including Live Feed, and enjoy an episode of Rawhide at:

Top 10 Hot Jobs in Odessa – Rawhide, Oil, and Healthcare

American libraries in several cities have established new Job Search Centers in order to help people find jobs after layoffs and company closings during a recession; and after graduating from colleges and technical schools. In some US States, funding to public libraries is in danger of reduction or cancellation.  The library Job Centers and new Adult Summer Reading Programs and too important to lose. Check the link for more information and some interesting reading lists.  

What Happens When Libraries Close?

Dateline, February 2009 – There is a lot being published about the Recession of 2008-2009, Bailouts, and Layoffs, with much advice about how and where to find a job. However, job seekers need interviews with companies that will actually hire them. This two -part article will lead them in the right direction.

Recession: How to Find Companies That Will Really Hire You – Includes a sizeable list of major employers with 1000s of jobs for everybody, minority or majority demographic.

How to Find Companies That Will Really Hire You, Part 2 – Includes important links for Senior Economic Security as an official national program for seniors an dolder workers, opportunities for women, and encouragement to Diversity.

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