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Texas is steadily maintaining a sizable pool of job advertisements, with help from the Aerospace and Healthcare Industries, along with Oil & Gas. That’s despite the blocking of the last leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Trucks are carrying the oil and tar sands down from Canada and that has led to an increase in trucking jobs to just about 1,000,000 truck drivers needed in America. That is good news! These are permanent jobs, whereas the Pipeline jobs created would have lasted only a matter of several months, except for a handful of supervisors and engineers.

Texas is good news for business and workers also, because there is no state income tax, but plenty of business incentives offered. On top of that is the network available for people ages 55 and older to use free-of-charge for finding jobs, housing, and other opportunities.

It may be hot in parts of Texas, but the job opportunities are hotter.

October 1972, a Texas-New Mexico oil pipeline burst and sent 285,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment. Any pipeline might burst. Source: EPA/NARA

October 1972, a Texas-New Mexico oil pipeline burst and sent 285,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment. Any pipeline might burst.
Source: EPA/NARA

The Keystone XL Pipeline is called the Black Snake, because of its sludgy, toxic, and corrosive bituminous contents flowing down from Alberta, Canada. Without caustic additives, the stuff is so thick, it will not move.

The jobs also coming through the pipeline will last only a few months, except for a very thin skeleton crew that will be kept on the job aft the disputed pipeline is connected to the other pipes.

The caustic chemicals will eat through the pipes and leak onto the ground and into water supplies, because the metal pf the pipes is unprotected.It’s like using heavy-duty DRAINO on your bathroom pipes until they crumble away.

The pipes will not be cleaned, except to flush between oil-tar sands and oil transport, if ever.  Never, because the only type of material in the extension up for US Senate vote in 2015 is oil-tar sands.  When the material originates, it is called the Canada Cancer Corridor and special hospitals have been built there.

If you want a high paying short-term job, then go for the Keystone Xl jobs in the West, but save your money, because these will not last.  Be careful of road blockades by the local Native American Nations whose reservations you may be working upon, possibly without permission.

Read more at:

Keystone XL Pipeline and Fear of Another Cancer Corridor

Where to Find Jobs as a Legal Assistant in USA and Canada

The US and State Governments predict job openings for Legal Assistant and Paralegal  increasing much faster than most other jobs in the nation. 

 The following types of companies are predicted to hire the most new paralegals and legal assistants:

  • Corporations
  • Private Law Firms
  • Title Insurance Companies
  • Banks
  • Community Legal Service Programs – sometimes called “legal clinics” during special events. These clinics are held at community centers, schools, universities, rec centers, county jobs offices, retirement centers, etc.
  • Real Estate Companies

Find out where the jobs are offered and how to get them at the link above.

Negative Effects of Obesity

Obesity probably never results in good effects. Obese children and youth are at risk for Type II Diabetes, heart attack, and stroke; joint and bone problems; and eating disorders.

Obesity can lead to sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea. These kids often are less capable of concentrating on schoolwork –  sluggish and sometimes lethargic.

These youth can be depressed and suffer low self esteem and seem frequently targets of bullies and cyberbullies. On top of all this, some parents purposely overfeed their children as a form of abuse with all of its effects. Other effects may emerge as obesity persists among American children and youth. READ MORE:

via Childhood Obesity in Canada, Mexico and the United States: Cause and Effects.

How to find them and move there>>>  Non-Canadians are needed in the Financial and Information Technology/Computer Information Science fields and 29 other industries! Toronto’s Top Jobs include the first two.

Seven out of the Top 10 Job Titles of the city have remained in high demand in Greater Toronto for at least one year. The first six of these are especially well paid positions.  In addition,  

 “Toronto Economy Is On a Roll”

These are the words used by the Toronto Star on Feb 11, 2011 to describe the increasing economy of the Greater Toronto Area. It’s the place to be for job seeking and is predicted to remain so until the middle of the 21st Century.  Plan your career around the seven most stable job titles in the metro area or take another job and become visible while you work your way up to the career of your dreams.  SEE LINK:

          Occasionally, so much is going on in a growing city that even the down-to-earth local restaurant makes me want to relocate! The cafe/diner on the foot bridge in the middle of Downtown Winnipeg is one of these — It has become a tourist attraction all to itself, because it’s on a bridge and overlooks an archeological site, a zoo, and a park. Founded in the Great Depression, it preserves old style cafe home cooking and a Rock and Roll Era decor and feel that blue-collar neighborhoods have always loved. In fact, people from all social strata get a kick out of it. 

In the heart of the Downtown historic and business district, patrons can see all sorts of neighborhoods from the bridge, including one of the longest outdoor skating rinks in the world. 

Cafe on the Bridge, Route 57, Winnipeg

The company that owns this diner/cafe on the bridge is Salisbury House/SALS, employing at least 560 people in two dozen units and a Central Commissary that designs new dishes and meals.  SALS  has been a healthy and economically stable, growing company since its start in 1931 with the motto to match US President Barack Obama’s –  Yes We Can!

With a Rock ‘n Roll decor, good food, HUGE portions,  and part ownership by one of the members of the band The Guess Who, You can’t lose if you enjoy period diners. This one should be on TV!

Job openings in Canada for Cashiers are increasing and turnover is high. In addition, there are not enough workers to fill these jobs, so about 1,000 or more cashier jobs not able to be filled at all each year.  A number of different venues need cashiers and the work is not always over-demanding or drudgery, although at times some cashiers must do a little cleaning.

Cashiers Needed in Canada

Cashiers meet new people, make long-term friends, and hear about other employment opportunities on the job. Sometimes, they are furnished with a free meal at work. Occasionally, a summer cashier will work his or her way up through the company and become the owner.

Cashier jobs are clustered the most densely in British Columbia, Alberta, and the Golden Horseshoe Area of Ontario, along with many position open in Montreal and Quebec City.  Click the link above for descriptions, working tips, maps, and important labour market information.

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Toronto and Burlington are the hosts of  the 2015 Toronto Pan American and Parapan Games. With economy already on the upswing, these two cities in the Golden Horseshoe are set to prosper even more abundantly form 2010 – 2015 and beyond.

The Pan American Games are the “Olympics between the Olympics”, also held every four years, but nclude only Western Hemisphere nations in countries from North, South, And Central America and the Caribbean.

Top 10 Hot Jobs in Burlington, Ontario

The major job search engines for Canada that scour fine nearly  25,000+ jobs listed for Burlington, Ontario in mid-July 2010. This suburb of Toronto NUMBER 3 in the  Top 10 Places to Live in Canada and a great place to visit, work, and retire.

          2010 World Lacrosse Championships are marred by discrimination that hurts not only Iroquois Nation, but high school, college, men’s and women’s, and professional Lacrosse around the world.

Lacrosse and its Iroquois Inventors of “God’s Game”

The Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team have Iroquois Nation Passports always recognized before 2010 for international travel and return. Not now.

Immigration officials refuse to recognize Iroquois Nation as a sovereign state any longer and the team members were barred from Flying to England for their match with the English Team to open the Championships held only once every four years.

The Iroquois Nationals stood a good chance of winner the overall title this time around. Is this part of the discrimination tactic, or not?

Lacrosse is part of the Iroquois life, not a sport. See all the pertinent history and data the link above.

The 23 members of the New York-based Nationals squad arrived at the Delta Terminal at Kennedy International Airport in team jackets and shirts and were denied boarding.


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