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Look! — Unusual Holiday Celebrations In April.

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April is National Humor Month and it should be loaded with fun things to do and healthy laughter.

Many events and people are honored in April each year and many with good humor. Remember when Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey traded TV shows one year on April 1? That was a lot of fun!

This year you can celebrate Easter, Jesse James, astronauts, Bugs Bunny, The Lumberjack Song, and hundreds of birds. But every day in April offers something different to think about this year.

Look at April with fresh eyes and laughter at Best Strange Holidays in April.


As you may recall from our last Nuggetscapes Adventure, the Judge Bee Court of Last Resort recessed in order to attend a novel Shakespearean play.  If you missed it, come to the link below and have a read-through with the cast.

The participants decided on yet another classic and each took a vital part.  Judge Bee herself  took over Ye Olde Costume and Wardrobe Department, much like hre friend on NCIS: Los Angeles, Hettie Lange (whose actress performed Shakespeare as well!). One just does not know where one might scrape up evidence for the Candestine Services.

At any rate, here is our new theatrical production to celebrate new writers and to give the old ones a chuckle:

LINK: A Little MidSummer’s Night Music.

While the volunteer HubNuggets Team members have narrowed down the picks to a Semi-Final 18 HubNugget Wannabes, it is only YOU, the reader, that has the power to make 3 wannabes in each of 3 topic categories below into actual HUBNUGGETS (HN) with your VOTES.

So, please vote for your One Favorite in each of the 3 topic categories farther below and the Top Three in each will be declared Hubnuggets, experience more Hub traffic, and appear in the HubPages Weekly Email Newsletter to over 80,000… THIS JUST IN – over 120,000 PEOPLE. And Thanks!

If you love or hate the NBC series The Cape and Lady Gaga, you will enjoy

HubNugget in Black – A Trolley Park Mystery.

A Deadly Habit (A Penelope Santucci Mystery)A Deadly Habit by Andrea J. Sisco
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Refreshing, different sort of mystery story; engaging and funny as well. See my full review “Andrea Sisco Has a Deadly Habit” at

View all my reviews

          Watch the hilarious video of Jack Hanna and his crew celebrating the end of Number Two in more ways than one.

Remember the elephant that used to pelt people passing by with elephant dung? That has been remedied, but in addition, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the Number One Zoo in America.  Watch the video and see Jack Hanna and his crew explain it all.  The Columbus Zoo came back from a struggling mud hole in the 1950s to become a huge wild life conservation and family-friendly development with voter help.

The Best! Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Zoo has set many, many records, including one all the way back in 1956 with Colo the Gorilla, who is still living at the Zoo as a grandmother.  We have the longest snake – Fluffy – and the largest Fruit Bat. We have WildLights Wonderland each winter, concerts, sleepovers, knowledgeable Docents, animal-friendly living areas, breeding programs that are saving wildlife, and a hundred other features to entertain and awe you on your travels to Columbus, Ohio. If you are looking for a job, the Zoo provides listings of job vacancies online. Access the link above for all the information.

Please come and be part of the fun!

MOTTO: Waste Not, Read a Lot!

Half Price Books, Records, and Magazine, Inc. is nearly 40 years old, has stores in 16 US states, and several in Columbus, Ohio that are a great place to send a few hours or an entire day. People love working here as well –  a company dedicated to sustainability, literacy, First Amendment Rights, and fun. Shop, work in the store, sell your already read and viewed books and films.

At libraries have suffered budget cutbacks and other places have closed, Half Price Books has kept expanding and developed a new following in adult and youth readers and film buffs. Puzzles? — They’ve got ’em. Musical greeting cards, DVDs, old cassette tapes, signed first editions, real pulp fiction, calendars, comics, art kits, mugs, T-shirts, shopping bags, and a whole lot more.  No place else compares.  And they have free coffee!

Our Weekly Writing Contest is up again and we have 18 winners competing for 9 spaces on the HubNugget List this week. See these testimonials:

     It is so hard to choose. You have so much good material there and it is not fair to choose just one. – by Hello, hello

     Love the Falls, the casinos in the Falls and Poker Face. It’s all here in one well-written package, what a terrific hub! – by Admiral Shirley Anderson

     Awesome – read, voted, rated, and (shudder) “‘Booked” – yes folks, you saw it here first…FaceBook has now achieved the immortal status of being both noun and verb (shudder)FaceBook n. social networking site; v. “to Book” past tense “‘Booked”: to post a link on the site (requires use of capital “B”) 😉 – by RedElf, a published author!

Join us at:

The Next Historic Episode – Niagara a GaGa

And vote for your favorites – THANKS!


Chicken Leg Pie or Chicken Thigh Pie

is an old recipe that is making a new appearance in restaurants around the nation and chefs are adding their own flavorful touches.  Home cooks are discovering the recipe in the back of their Grandmas’ recipe boxes while looking for something new and making a grand time of it.

Chicken Leg Pie

sounds like a joke to “city folk”, but it is a legitimate dish. It was most probably developed as a different way to use the abundant chicken on US farms, especially in the Great Depression. After fast food became a way of life, the recipe was put away until the 1970s, when it resurfaced. In the 1980s, it seemed to disappear again, but is visible again in the 2010s as a novelty dish.

How to Cook a Jabberwock and Do the Futterwacken.

Has anyone seen 2010’s Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp? The Mad Hatter’s Futterwacken is a fun dance to do after you’ve cooked a Jabberwock up just right (see the film!). Alice can surely cook, as in cook the Jabberwock’s goose. After that, she becomes a successful career woman and though the film did not reckon so, she likely hired a personal chef.

If you or your significant other likes to hunt for game animals for food, here are some recipes that are easily made from the game meat.  If you’ve no wild game handy, chicken, turkey, duck, and pheasant are readily available at many markets, along with rabbit and frogs legs. A recipe for a Wild Rice Casserole is perfect for serving with any of these.

For the kids and any of us that still love Alice and the Mad Hatter, or the Who’s and their Feast, we have a recipe for the Omelet of Wild Beast.  I love it!

J. Robert King The RPG King

pun intended – brought back Carnacki the Ghost Hunter and put him the start of his career, in Switzerland.  He then made Professor James Moriarty into a lovable and reasonable person with a genius wife and daughter before they all met Jack the Ripper.

All of this is like holding an RPG in your hands, because Mr. King is a top role-playing game designer of a legion of entertaining and popular games. The fact that he can write a witty horror and sci-fi novel is killer.

The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls

The most humorous sections lie, in part, in Sherlock’s amnesic state.  He takes the name of the tailor on the tag inside his suit coat – Mr. Silence.  Hilarious! – He doesn’t know who he is, but he can still deduce everything else in the universe.

Carnacki is funny as well — His manipulation of the press in order to goad the Paris Ripper is side-splitting. One of Carnacki’s article made me laugh so far loud that I dropped the book.  There’s more and you must find this book and read it if you are looking for something familiar, yet fresh and madcap.

This book is historical fiction, spread thickly to fiction and a rollicking good time. There is a gateway left wide open for a sequel and I hope we get one soon. Cheers!


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