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Happy 4th of July, Independence Day for America!

Here are a number of places to visit to discover more about how you can enjoy the Fourth of July with fun facts, obscure details, related places to see, food, festivals, and a lot more:


Increasing numbers of assaults in American emergency rooms against healthcare professionals and medical support staff have been recorded as initiated by various patients, their relatives, and significant others. Some of these attacks are assaults with deadly weapons. This may be one reason that we have a shortage of healthcare professionals working today.

During January 2015, such an assault – a shooting – happened in Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. It caused the death of a heart surgeon, Michael J. Davidson, MD. His patient, an older woman, died and her son came into the hospital a few months later with a loaded gun to seek vengeance. He is in the legal system at this time, but that does not bring back the deceased doctor, whose patients have been added to the already heavy workload of other professionals..

This is not an isolated incident. At St. John’s Hospital in Mapplewood, Minnesota a male patient pulled a metal bar out of the railing on the side of his bed, chased a nurse down a hallway, and beat her when she fell. In Central Ohio we are hearing about patients and visitors becoming angry and violent about wait times, questions about treatment, and other irritants. Families sometimes fight among themselves and the healthcare staff is injured when they attempt to intervene to keep the hospital an orderly place.

America seems always short of nurses and doctors. Before Obamacare took effect in 2013 – 2014, estimates were that the numbers of nurses, doctors, and support staff needed after Obamacare would decrease, but the opposite has been true.

To fill medical and other health care treatment and support positions across the United States, steps must be taken to ensure safety on the job.  Everyone deserves a safe workplace.

See: Can Emergency Room Violence Toward Staff Be Prevented?

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Join us as we meet some politicians on the way to recognizing these Topics:

Topics this Week Friday 12/17 – Wed 12/23

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  3. Religion and Belief – Too many good articles to even name one!

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Lemons, Eggs, and Sauces

This article provides four easy to make recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and with variations to suit your tastes: Two of these dishes include eggs as a main ingredient, with one adapting the old Eggs Benedict to a lemony difference. it can be done with cheese or without and with meat or meatless. In any of its versions, it is delicious.

Other recipes are for a chicken soup and sauce combination, a good lamb chop dish, and some interesting comments and photos.

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Tracing Genealogical Records is becoming a paying gig for people that understand the online and offline genealogical systems in the USA, UK, and Canada. As the populations of these countries enjoy longer lifespans, their interest in tracing family histories seems to increase as well.

Some information is available fee of charge via the Internet and telephone, but other data requires payment. One very good source of information is the network of LDS Family History Centers, particularly in the western USA.

Fine out about your family history by using this example at:

Rose Bank Cemetery and Genealogical Records


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