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The Big Ohio River Becomes a National Scenic Byway in 1996, one of the 14 National Scenic Byways first chosen in the United States.

This honor gives the river a distinction not unlike that of being one of the 13 Original Colonies.

The Ohio River passes through 14 different counties between Indiana and Pennsylvania. In West Virginia and Kentucky, it has sometimes been called Big Sandy River.

The place farthest to the south in the state is a city called South Point. At the western end is a GHOST TOWN and at the eastern end is the place where a famous criminal died. In between are incredible archaeological and historical sites, concerts and other entertainment venues, sports, fishing, places to relax, paddle boat cruises, hiking & biking, great diners and restaurants, museums, art galleries, and a series of bridges to Kentucky and West Virginia natural wonders.


via Ohio River Scenic Byway Tours from Shawnee Lookout to East Liverpool.


Ever hear of a leather ice cream cone? Keep reading ūüôā

The wintertime farms in eastern Ohio, families made ice cream from the snow, adding sugar, or honey when they kept bees, vanilla, and some milk or fresh farm cream. This tradition went back before the American Civil War and probably farther.

For a big treat, they dribbled honey over fresh vanilla ice cream. For me, the ice cream sundae was invented the first time someone made ice cream from snow and put something on top: honey, home-canned friut, dried fruit, molasses, maple syrup, homemade mincemeat yes, and probably some other condiments.

We cannot place a date on that, but I know it was done at least as far back as 1840 in my fathers family, when the men were working on the National Road, Route 40.

When did the commerical ice cream sundae and cones first appear?

Ice Cream Sundaes and Cones РFact or Fiction?.


Today, I see that Governor Elect Kasich not only wants forbid the 3C Rail project, but to cancel all studies currently ongoing into high-speed transportation AND endanger ANOTHER $400,000,000 in Education funds received already. He wants to scrap the RFP grant-proposed and federally-approved program for education reform in Ohio, meaning that the money will be rescinded because the grant-based contract was not followed.

That’s $800,000,000 of money he refuses to let Ohioans have. Our mass transit system(s) is almost nonexistent, businesses and college grads are leaving¬†the state and middle income folks without automobiles are stuck in Ohio.¬† The loss of $800 Million (yes, eight hundred million) also loses Ohio a load of jobs.

What will the new governor do to target and reduce the child sex trafficking in Toledo? Will he pull plans for that project and send back the money?

Ohioans voted for him. I wish they had not.

The Secret English Spice Cake

I’ve come up with a recipe that approximates the a spice cake my father enjoyed very much, and believe¬†it is part of the English and¬†Irish traditions of spice cakes preserved¬†in his family line back to the late 1600s and early 1700s.¬† The cake was served on Easter Sunday to break the fast of Lent that included things like fat and sugar,¬† and it was enjoyed on Easter Monday as well.¬† That holiday is not celebrated as¬†much now as in the first half of the 20th Century. The recipe can be modified to your liking and the link includes photos and the history of the cake as well.¬† It reminds me of gingerbread with raisins and Spanish bar cakes you can barely find at the grocery any longer.

Easter Monday in the farmlands of Eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York State and other regions settled by the British, Irish, and Germans is still celebrated in some cities and towns.  Washington DC is one of them.

Celebrating Easter Monday in England –

Run, Rabbit, Run!

Part of Easter Monday traditions come from England, specifically Hungerford and their festivals of Hocktide or Tutti Day, actually the Second Tuesday after Easter there.¬† However or wherever¬†you celebrate Easter Monday, it is still real in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland¬†— a bank holiday at least, but a full week of celebration in Hungerford.

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Ohio has returned to its earlier roots back in 10,000 BC, in the quest to improve healthcare and to reduce related costs.  In fact, this movement has been growing in intensity since the late 1980s and showing increasing postive results ever since.  The state has increased its use and protection of native plants and herbs. Since the early 1980s, Ohio had supported and grown a number of  leading herb farms, herbalist schools, herbalist practices, and Native American groups interested in preserving nature and tradition.  


is one of a group of articles that examines effective herbal remedies and herbal medicine as part of Health Month in March 2010. 

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources helps to promote culinary and medicinal herbs by encouraging conservation and native gardening among residents, planting native grasses at highway entrances, exists, and rest stops; and promoting and protecting a list of endangered plants. Access the particular link above and find a list of helpful healthly herbs in Ohio six pages long – from 1910.

Ohio is a state with many Made In America products. One product includes several lines of toys from Ohio Art Company near Toledo OH. Not all of their toys are manufactured in Ohio, but many are still made here.

Older toys from Ohio Art are collector’s items worth large sums of money, particularly tin drums.

Read about Ohio Art’s Disney tin drums at the link below.¬† A 6″¬†diameter¬†drum¬†starts at¬†near $300 on eBay:¬†

Ohio Art Company

Apples are coming into harvest already this summer and we will have tons of them in many states by autumn. Johnny Appleseed AKA John Chapman (1774 Р1845) was an orchard man that move west from the East Coast to Pennsylvania at age 18, then went on to Ohio to start 100s of nurseries and orchards.  Kentucky and Indiana also have John thank for this good food and prosperous apple industry in the Midwest.

Click the link for three awesome recipes, incuding Crab-Apple Slaw with crab and apples, Cheesy Applecakes, and Grilled Applecheese. If you like apples, crab and cheeses, you will like these dishes.  They are all easy to make. More about Johnny Appleseed can be found among the recipes.

Crab-Apple Slaw and Others Suprises


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