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Chicago, home of Second City and the First Family – the Obamas,  offers oceans of opportunities for career and education seekers. A very progressive city, it hosts green initiative projects with hundreds of green collar jobs and research opportunities, a respected tradition of criminology based in change through rehabilitation and prevention, cutting edge healthcare, famous architecture styles, amazing culinary training, and successful social services and women’s organizations.

During Welfare to Work (W2W) years under President Bill Clinton, Chicago agencies helped 100s of folks obtain a car to drive to work, rather than to sit home without transportation or a job. Right now, thousands of jobs are available – on average, 150,000 to 250,00+ each month since 2012.

Have a look —

via The Best Universities & Jobs In Chicago.


“You must have all your teeth pulled immediately.”

That’s what a friend of mine was told when that person presented an Insurance Card and underwent an oral examination. Extractions were covered, but other services were not – not even a cleaning.

Residents of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio were pleased when governors accepted the option of expanding Medicaid coverage to state residents of higher income levels, but they learned that coverage is not very good. Someone is paying a lot of money in taxes for these covered persons to receive nothing.

A dentist advised the patient mentioned above to have all teeth pulled, because root canals, caps, and bridges would not be a covered expense. But, one set of dentures every two years would be covered.

See what else is up with some of the Obamacare cases at

via Obamacare Choice Falls Flat and Ohio Sues.

Underground warehouses take up the space of abandoned limestone mines in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri in the Midwest and Pennsylvania, New York, and Kentucky.

This warehousing below ground saves American businesses a lot of money every year and creates more jobs for truck drivers. In fact, those trucking jobs are increasing as fast as IT engineer & manager jobs and as fast as healthcare openings.

Mining operations can operate directly beside underground warehouses without encroaching on them, even their noise levels being contained by thick stone walls.

Look for businesses to increasingly move underground, because of drastically reduced energy costs and increasing spaces available.

Conspiracy Theory

Springfield Underground in Missouri is rumored to be an end-of-the-world survivalist bunker. It surely contains a lot of packaged and frozen food! Even food manufacturing happens in those limestone caves.

The Underground doubled in size around the time President Barack Obama took office: 2009 and thereafter. Currently, rumors circulate that the tunnels of the  subterranean warehouse site connect to a mega-mansion  in Missouri that may be planning for survivalist and governmental use after a nuclear holocaust.

Look at what’s happening under our feet at:

The Springfield Underground – Missouri’s Businesses Housed In Caves.

Financial Discrimination

Credit checks can be discriminatory when used in pre-employment investigations for non-cash handling jobs and act in place of prejudice against age, gender, and race .

These financial background checks anger more and more long-term unemployed job seekers from before the 2008 Presidential Election. Union jobs began to disappear, plants closed down, small businesses dried up and people were out of work. There are not enough job openings yet for all the unemployed.

Analysts found in American corporate employment records, that personal credit histories do not correlate with financial and materiel handling dishonesty at work or with poor job performance. The injsistance on credit checks for job applications seems discriminatory.

For more information about legislation to end these credit checks, see:

Pre-Employment Credit Checks Eliminated Beginning in 2011 – Ending Unfair Questions.

Read this ongoing daily drama about the Ebola Crisis in the United States. Keen insights added every day with a variety of updates, opinions and comments. Suggestions welcomed! We can do better than we have so far in the treatment and containment of this insidious infectious disease.

The only positive outcome in this drama of many snafus may be the fact that healthcare workers will become even more highly in demand, Physicians have been called out of retirement to help and one doctor infected and cured is supplying blood plasma for treatment of the sick in America.

Ebola Is Coming to a Town Near You

To begin with, recent international business research showed that in 2012, American businesses as a whole lost $134,000,000,000 just from time wasted by employees.That is an unimaginable amount of wasted time —  Who is running these companies?

Reference: International Business Times.

But what about time lost because of stress related health disorders? –

  • A full 41% of American workers reported that they feel stressed out at work and in the early 2000s, we learned that work-stress illnesses cost American companies $300,000,000,000 (Three Hundred Billion USD) every year year.
  • Now, many US companies are dropping health insurance for their employees.

Reference: American Psychological Association.

At the same time, employees across the UK – 20% of them and fewer percent than in America – lose from 1 to 5 days a year because of stress-caused sicknesses. An, 10% lose over 6 days every year.

See the details and charts at:

MetLife Insurance: 1 In 5 Workers Loses Work Days Yearly Because Of Stress.

A friend of mine who is a Bishop in the church has published a book about her search for her roots and the surprising answers she found. Both sides of her family were forced to keep racial secrets in the 1950s and 1960s and I wonder how President John F. Kennedy would feel about that and our progress in race relations 50 years after his assassination?

Kennedys work was left undone when he died and America has attempted to knit together the pieces. The book Black Coral: A Daughter’s Apology To Her Asian Island Mother shows us how long it too for one family to uncover decades of the truth and begin healing.

This is a captivating book that will not loose the reader one he or she begins to read it. Reaching the last page only stimulates a reader to begin again.

This book presents the life stories of folks in Washington DC government and society through the beginnings of the Civil Rights Era and the issues that arose around inter-race marriages.

Such marriages were illegal in part of the USA for much too long a time.  Bishop C.D. Holmes-Miller’s mother was a beautiful Filipino mix forced to declare herself “Negro.”

Read this book, for it is quite a story that you will remember. See more at:

“Black Coral” – Prejudice and the Opportunities It Causes Us To Miss.

Legislators that approved the 2009 Federal Minimum Wage increase and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) during Barack Obama’s first presidential term did not intend for Unemployment Benefits to be reduced. However, because of employer workarounds to offset the new legislation and its costs, this is what is occurring some places in the USA. It may happen again in 2013.

via How Increases In Minimum Wage and the Impact of the Affordable Care Act Inadvertently Decrease Unemployment Benefits.

I’ve pulled a good sample of the diversity of petitions put to the Obama Administration in the White House from September to mid-November 2012.

This list and some comments are informative and entertaining.

One petition is a demand for PIZZA, another is about a college mascot, and another is about who should win a sports trophy. Still, plenty of petitions are about leaving or staying in the Union. You’ll get a laugh or two.

If kept in place, We the People could become an immensely popular and effective means of sharing opinions and venting to the Administration while submitting some credible petitions.

You can start your own petition as well!

via Recession and 21st Century State Secession – Reasonable, Outrageous, and Odd Petitions Sent To the White House.

They didn’t mean to do it —

Legislators that passed the last increase in Federal Minimum Wage in 2009 and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) did not intend for Unemployment Benefits to be reduced in response., but that’s what we all received.

Because of employer workarounds to offset the new increased labor costs, Unemployment Benefits are being decreased because fewer people will be eligible in some industries. Further increases in minimum wage may cause additional wage, hour, and benefits cuts to employees in 2013 and 2015.

via How Increases In Minimum Wage and the Impact of the Affordable Care Act Inadvertently Decrease Unemployment Benefits.


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