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A lot of news lately speaks to the problem of torture and illegal interrogation techniques and it brings back memories!

It all causes me to recall that several years ago I was a manager for a company that locked each of its managers into a close-like small room alone, and then for an hour, attempted to interrogate each one of us illegally.

What would you do if this happened to you??

Here’s some background on the problem of illegal interrogations (at the link) and a narrative about how we handled being locked into a veritable closet by our boss. Creepy!

Thanks and have a pleasant day!


Like Elvis Presley in America, the world’s youth have a chance to be seen for their endeavors, in music and in sports especially, but in other fields when we help to recognize them.

Many poor young people can be like skater Oksana Baiyul – she gained recognition and a career through the Olympics. She displayed the Human Spirit and so did those who helped her, right down to her homemade costume.  A young person in my area is making a difference in a short video he made whn his mom and he decided to begin exercising becuase of the Olympics and Nike filmed him.

No matter what anyone says to or about anyone to discourage them, we can give them a good Word…

H.O.W. To Find Your Own Greatness


From 1906 through 1946, one African American woman worked from sunrise to sunset every day for free, because she believed she was a possession awarded her mistress in a divorce proceeding.  She was fed table scraps and made to sleep in a car among suitcases every night. Through the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and WWII, this woman was a slave.

Is this or anything like it happening in America today? Think of elderly people that never come out of their family’s home, for instance. Who knows how many slaves we have today? At any rate the last prosecuted case was heard in Southern California in 1947.

The Los Angeles California Eagle posted the story on March 6, 1947.  The Kingston NY Daily Freeman ran it on March 20. They both reported that a wealthy Boston, Massachusetts couple, Elizabeth and Alfred Ingalls, enslaved a woman on threat of imprisonment or commitment to a mental asylum. They got away with it for 40 years…

via California 1947: The Last Documented Court Case of Black Slavery In America.

Matchmakers and Matchmaking Clubs are abundant in China, but management finds that younger Chinese women are almost “too strong.”

Truly, they are not the little girls and young ladies that suffered foot binding up until the early 20th Century and had secret communications with other ladies in a special language written on folding fans, as in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. 

These are not the women that suffered forced enslavement as the first human sushi tables.

They meet society’s demands for good education and high paying employment, but government propaganda tells them they are useless unless married before age 26. The government classifies them as Sheng Nu, the unwanted, the leftovers.

One woman, aged 26, reported to an interviewer that she might go to America and continue her success. She might then return to China when she was old and broken – at age 40.

via In China, No One Wants a 27-Year-Old Sheng Nu – Female Suicide Rate Increases the Gender Gap.

Nyotaimori Body Sushi, Human Rights and Women’s Status

Increasingly, we are hearing about licking body shots of alcoholic beverages from someone’s bare body. Drinking alcohol is high risk behavior, health-wise, but still not exciting enough, so extreme drinking games and nudity have been added. Further, we are seeing such antics on the big screen – and the really big screen, IMAX – in more and more movies. For instance, Project X.

Project X is nothing like SpaceX, LunarX or the XPrize. It’s about under-aged house party drinking egged on by the older college crowd until 4 square blocks of an upscale neighborhood are demolished and then burned to the ground. It’s fiction based on a true event. But the bad part is that the teenager that was sucked into doing this was complimented on it by his dad in the film. We’ll see more and more of these kinds of films. We’ll see more of the behavior in the future, since parents took their elementary school kids to see this R-rater and they all laughed together. These families should not be surprised to see naked folks in their homes unexpectedly and their kids licking liquor from their bodies.

People eat dinner from nude people-tables, too. The practice did not catch on in the USA in 2003 and was abandoned. In 2007, it became acceptable. Nude sushi restaurants began to open around the nation with completely nude women and men lying on tables and partially covered with sushi, which was more expensive now, because it had a naked woman (or man) under it. In 2012, the practice is more widespread, but the “tables” wear skimpy clothing now.

What’s next for the human body?

In other countries, women are forced to become sushi serving tables in a form of human trafficking —

Nyotaimori Body Sushi, Human Rights and Women’s Status

In researching New York State and the jobs and housing available on Long Island, I’ve found a number of serious organizations there that are promoting the end of attitudes, verbal abuse, and prejudices that brought out not only the Jewish Holocaust, but the atrocities done to Blacks,  Muslim women, Native Americans, Aborigines, and anyone that is bullied and threatened at work and at school. This adds up to millions of people and it can be ended. The Holocaust Museum and Tolerance Center is one of these organizations that links all abuses together.  I agree with that organization

Personally, I am tired of the small core of people in each of the maltreated groups that shout they their group’s holocaust was worse than any other. This is an odd attitude of prestige and entitlement that does not sit well.  It is a sickness unto itself.  No one is more maltreated than a 6-month old baby caught up and sold in a sex trafficking scheme.  Read about these groups at:

The Holocaust Continues – Former and Current Abuses of Human Rights


Best Hopes and Success of the International Committee Against Stoning

People in Iran are regularly executed by stoning, but the committee names above is having success in gather people to speak against the practice. In December 2010, A woman and her son were both released, along with two German journalists. None was stoned, making this a huge victory.  Join in voicing your opinions about stoning and other death penalties.

Do we have the right to a top notch education, either public or private?  Many people feel that we do. 

In an analysis of the  Top 10 Countries in the OECD Global Achievment Tests for 2010, we see that the highest achievement among 15-year-old in school is occurring arund the Pacific Rim . Look at the maps and read the results for Science, Maths, and Reading. You may be surprised. And USA is no where near the Top 10. What to do? 


Human Rights Day is December 10 – Make it Every Day

One large Holocaust takes in all the inhumane treatment of our world’s peoples. Extensive work for some of the groups is highlighted at the link above.


Speaking of human rights — We may not all be able to afford adequate health care in America, but we do have the right not to be abused by healthcare practices that do much more harm than good.  Every time I see a box of a certain brand of cereals, I gag, because of the healthcare history connected with the cereal giant . Read the material at the link to find out why.

          Sexual harassment/Gender Discrimination is a problem in the workplace in all major industrialized countries and with increasing frequency, cases of this violation are brought to high courts and won successfully by the plaintiffs.

Not only is this violation of law and human rights unacceptable, but it is expensive in lost productivity on the part of targets and lost revenues by sued individuals and companies.

Case Results in Sexual Harassment

Major cases in and out of the court system are discussed at the link. Some of the results may not sound like punishment at all. Feel free to leave your comments.

Toledo, for its delivery of teen and child prostitutes to the rest of North America and Asia, was found to be the No. 1 Gateway City for Teen Prostitution. It has supplied points in Canada and Las Vegas with teens and even infants. Aside from the global delivery of these children, Toledo has been Number 3 by itself in child sex trafficking.

Toledo is the third largest gateway city for child sex tourism and child sex trafficking in America, but supplies all the rest. The City of Toledo has run aground of some hard economic times in recent years and the Underground Economy has grown a bit larger in response — This includes anything from hair braiding without a cosmetology license to neighborhood auto mechanics working on a cash-only basis, to selling children as young as 6 months old into sex slavery.

Professor Celia Williamson of the University of Toledo chaired a task force for research into Ohio’s contribution to the child sex trafficking industry. Initial results estimated Toledo in 4th place in this trafficking in America, that this result was conservative, that it may be actually worse. At least 1,800 people at any point in time in Ohio are held in trafficking bondage. Miami Fl, Portland OR, Las Vegas NV, and Toledo OH are the top 4 US gateway cities, but the Las Vegas child sex victims come mostly from Toledo, pushing it up to third place overall. It is incredible. Also incredible is that 6-month-old infants are used sexually and that men pay $1,000 for 20 minutes to use girls ages 6 months to 12 years in sex tourism.

One of the reasons that child abuse is not reported and the tormented children are not always recused is the unwillingness of the public to see women in as harsh a role as ABUSER. Actually, girls and women have been able to participate in violence for many generations. Even serial killing has been proved among certain women perpetrators. since at least 1826 in America.

Author and historian Caleb Carr explains the role of some women in the world of violence and serial killing in American History through his novel Angel of Darkness.  It is as good as his The Alienist series. All are based in American History.

On September 1, 2009 I am most pleased and honored to recognize and promote Grandmaster Emmanuel Ikpeme to 9th Dan in Jidokwan Taekwondo through The New International Jidokwan Federation. We also recognize the achievements of his martial arts and sporting associates in Nigeria, Western Africa, and across the continent as well as other regions of the Earth. GM Ikpeme’s advocacy for global Human Rights is also well known.

Read more about GM Ikpeme and about arts and music in the martial arts at

Martial Arts as Art 


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