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Another teenager at work dies every 10 days all year long. See how to prevent it here:

Stop Teen Injuries and Death at Work.

Summer 2009 saw  a resurgence in work dangers in parts of the meat packing industry – for kids not old enough to be working in meat plants, most notably in the Midwest.  Does a Recession lead to such disasters? After the Great Recession, danger was still present, but teen injuries decreased in meat packing after 2010. Be careful in 2015, however —

Teens must be age 18 and over to work in meat packing and to operate any power machinery in any workplace, including meat slicers. 


Summer Jobs for Teens

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided additional funds for summer jobs programs in the USA for 2009 through 2010, with natural increases in jobs through 2015..

If you follow the link above, you can find advice for finding  these summer jobs for youth ages 14 – 24.

In some cases, even youth as young as 13 can find some work to do some work during the summertime. Otherwise, they can attend enrichment education classes and often earn a tax-free stipend.

How to Change an Internship Into Full-Time Employment and a Career 

  • Working hard,
  • Taking notes in an employment portfolio,
  • Showing good appearance and manners,
  • Being productive and cooperative,
  • Showing initiative at the most appropriate times, and
  • Becoming more visible as a good employee —


These are behaviors that lead a student or adult intern from the internship to full-time employment – right?  Unfortunately, not always.

All these items can help make your internship experience good enough to lead to an off of a job that can be the foundation for a career offer, but this does not always the case. 

Some employers use government-subsidized interns during a few months each year and do not  hire them full-time after completion. Other internships turn out to be part-time temporary summer jobs.  However, America is home to employers that maintain well-developed, ongoing internship programs that do lead to full-time work. Access the link above for the list and some other good ideas.

One of the biggest losses under Welfare Reform and Welfare to Work or W2W was the loss of the gigantic  Summer Youth Employment Programs around the USA. The legislation that provided funding for these kids expired under the Clinton Administration.

By the year 2000, the few very small summer work programs that were left could not handle the hundreds of thousands of youth ages 14 – 18 that had previously worked summers at above minimum wage. A lot of families were hurt by the loss of youth income for clothing, shoes, supplies and even groceries in some households.

In 2014, the Citi Foundation decided to donate some money to help the youth in Dallas, Texas and other cities find work: NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, St. Louis, Newark, N.J., and Washington.

The Citigroup Inc. charity division planned to donate $50,000,000 in to a program called Pathways to Progress that will begin Jun 2014.

Summer Youth Employment Opportunities

Summer Jobs For Adults



The Recession of 2008 – 2010 is reportedly over

…according to the US Federal Government, but if your state or city seems stuck in the recession and can’t get out, here are some tips for finding a job and keeping it, even during a recession.


January and February are the months to look for and secure Summer Jobs in America. Don’t wait much longer. March will bring the last round of interviewing and hiring for many local companies in your city and then the next opportunities will occur in mid-June as workers quit to go on vacation with their families or to take other jobs or similar reasons.

It’s a good bet to lock in an internship for summer or autumn semesters of the 3rd and 4th years of college as well or to find a full-time employer for after your May or June graduation.

Here are some resources to help with your searches, collected over the last five years among workforce professionals. These documents contain information I’ve used to help several thousand job seekers find Summer and Temporary Employment for over a decade.

I received a question: “Where is a good place to move to have access to more jobs?”

In January 2011, California job listings gathered from all Internet sites comprised more than 530,000 listings.  These do not include the unadvertised or hidden job market.

Where are these jobs, since many Unemployed workers are shouting THERE ARE NO JOBS!?

There are more people looking for work in many cities of America than there are jobs – probably twice as many. But, jobs exist and you have to compete for them. You may even need to move to get one.  

THE TOP 15 CALIFORNIA CITIES WITH MANY JOBS are available at the link below. You will also find the high demand job listings included.  A few of the cities are experiencing increase job openings – like Mountain View, with a 167% increase.

Read the City Reviews and lists of well-paying Job Openings throughout the State of California, available even in a Recession via Top 15 Best Hot California Cities for Jobs, Relocation, and Travel Attractions.

The many Pirates of Baltimore easily outpace those of Disney World or the movie houses. PIRATES have a long history in Charm City, especially in Fells Point where many other attaction can fill an entire vacation.

Once Baltimore became partially civilized with a seaport, in came the sailors and clipper ships, privateers and pirates. All before the American Revolution.  It was an exciting time, recreated today for your enjoyment and history education.

One pirate crew lives in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor – the Vigilant Crew may kidnap you for fun!  Baltimore’s Fells Point historical district is home to another cvrew as well. They’re a lively bunch. They’ll dress and make you up to look just like them. They will teach you to walk, dance, and talk like a pirate and fire their water cannons.  You can even schedule an adults-only pirate bash.

via Top 10 Best Things to See in Charm City – Pirates, Cakes and Song.

The Scioto Mile Riverfront Complex

          Columbus’s Honorable Mayor Michael Coleman is developing the Downtown Riverfront and the abandoned areas of the downtown area and the Near East, West, North, and South Sides so fast that we cannot keep up with him. Every day we see something new. Weeds are gone and a whole new Gateway Development is standing where a vacant lot made a horrible eyesore previously.  Mr. Coleman is like Superman with the speed at which he does business in improving the community. He will relate the time and troubles it all consumes, but the results are awesome and still seem fast to most Columbusites…Columbusers…Buckeyes!

Please access the link above and read about 5 parks, a gathering of unique attractions ans a museum ship in the river that is researching the Cloaking Device in actuality – and it works!

All we need is a new Kahiki Supper Club and we’ll be set for life.

Are you looking for a fun, family-friendly and safe place to go for Fall Festivals, Halloween Alternatives, and Halloween Hauntings? Then you need to go toi Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio. In the last 15 years it has expanding in to an entire recreation area with a number of activities and two restaurants, a Cheese Market where they sell their own cheeses; homemade ice creams – a different special flavor every week – and lots of community projects and events.

Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm in Historic Yellow Springs

Job Openings appear on the web site.

I’ve enjoyed the farm, Dairy Restaurant and Petting Zoo in the past, but now it has a driving range, giant slide, two great mini-golf courses, and many daytime activities (like a corn maze), some with a highlight on grandparents. For folks that like Halloween, nighttime weekend activities  include  Haunted Stories by Professionals and the Haunted Wagon Ride through the darkened, actor-filled corn field. The stories pre-scare the kids and the corn field will send them over the top! – Bu no one ever gets hurt.

How about Christmas? Young’s has a cut-your-own tree farm. And I forgot the great Buffet they have on Thanksgiving Day, all day!


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