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Any link below is to one page of over 2,150 pages used by students in USA and Canada for help with their studies and homework. Book reviews and movie reviews also help studies. There are even city reviews and historical presentations, some with cutting edge new information.

Job Seekers also use the employment articles given. Middle School and High School students use the good advice about what makes a good employee.

Feel free to access these pages and quote short passages for your projects as long as you give credit to the author and include a link, if you can do so, in your papers and projects.

Have a fantastic 2015 – 2016 Academic Year!



Some people attend Disneyland in California as children, work part-time for Disney in high school, serve an internship with Mickey, work full-time in a career at the park, and come back to work part-time in retirement. In effect, they never leave Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom in Florida, and/or several other Disney parks. it sure is good to have a long-term job!

Disney characters tell us that A dream is a wish your heart makes.  For the happy workers who keep jobs from high school through retirement, their dreams are a life-long reality.

Look at Disney jobs and internships and the movie Tomorrowland (2015).

Have you purchased a SmartWatch yet?  If so, you may have discovered that in addition to keeping you connected with the Internet, your friends, your music, and business trends, it may also connect you to cyberbullying and stalking.

Every new piece of technology seems to be an avenue for trolls and stalkers to bother people. Wouldn’t it be fun if technology could sense the troll on the other end and blow up his equipment?  Unfortunately, the is probably not going to happen. Plus, just as an incorrect Death Row execution happens now and then, some people would be picked up by sensors as “trolls” and unfairly punished.

A local Midwest mega-church pastor learned during his daughter’s high school senior year that she was pulling some pranks with her cellphone. He confiscated her phone, her car, and all of her technology for the last term of the year. I bet that hurt worse than a SmartWatch blowing up! Still, can we prevent trolls from owning technology in the future? Probably not.  We just have to be prepared to handle stalkers and trolls.

An interesting film on this subject is UNFRIENDED, which I must say was better than I expected and easy to follow on six on-screen chat windows, Facebook pages, close-ups of  emails and photo downloads with snarky captions, etc. All the while, terrified teenagers left at home alone are screaming and they cannot get he police to come over and help them.

It’s all a provocative look at how technology can be misused to hurt people, even to the extent of suicide and homicide. All this really does happen.

Jobs are going to increase in technologies, technologies will increase in type and number, and jobs will increase again.  There will be a lot of work available at high pay rates. Whoever can devise a system or a gadget to stop dangerous online trolls will become a billionaire!

Look! — Unusual Holiday Celebrations In April.

Adorable, Animal, Baby, Bird, Chick, Chicken, Cute

April is National Humor Month and it should be loaded with fun things to do and healthy laughter.

Many events and people are honored in April each year and many with good humor. Remember when Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey traded TV shows one year on April 1? That was a lot of fun!

This year you can celebrate Easter, Jesse James, astronauts, Bugs Bunny, The Lumberjack Song, and hundreds of birds. But every day in April offers something different to think about this year.

Look at April with fresh eyes and laughter at Best Strange Holidays in April.

The new film  ITHACA is based on William Saroyan’s novel and manuscript of The Human Comedy. based in stories of his youth during World War II in California. Filming is in Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia during the summer of 2014.

Director Meg Ryan chose Virginia over Ohio, which is to the northwest and not very California-like.

The amount of the Virginia Film Tax Credit awarded the movie production depends, in part, on how many local people are hired, so watch newspapers and websites for advertisements of speaking and more minor parts in ITHACA.

One of the songs the movie soundtrack was written by John Mellencamp and performed by Leon Redbone.

Find out more about the new cast, the original story, and the old black and white film with Mickey Rooney here:

Meg Ryan Directs One of the Best Films Made in Virginia


He played a notable part  in Catching Fire, but Philip Seymour Hoffman died before parts three and all of four of the film series before they were finished filming. That leaves a character gap that disappoints fans and hurts the franchise.

In February 2014,  we heard more about CGI presentation on screen as an opportunity to portray Hoffman in the continuing character

The announcement of a CGI version of the Hoffman in one major scene in the fourth Hunger Games film was welcomed news.

What other star would you like to see resurrected in this way?

via Mockingjay – Phillip Seymour Hoffman in CGI

Johnny Depp of Owensboro was named America’s Favorite Actor in a recent Harris Poll. See links below for dozens of other awards and nominations.

The entire state of Kentucky is rightfully proud of their current celebrity’s accomplishments in the theater and film arts.

He has taken character acting to star status as no one else has done since Lon Chaney, The Man of 1,000 Faces and father of The Werewolf’s Lon Chaney Jr.

Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera is still hideously good after nearly 100 years, but Johnny Depp’s Demon Barber is just as good. Jack Sparrow and Mad Hatter will never be forgotten, either. Johnny Depp could follow William Shatner’s example of acting vigorously into his 80s.

For more Johnny Depp Projects and information about his birthplace, see


Johnny Depp’s Birthplace – Owensboro KY.

A rumor is spreading that the Russian Space Agency sent a man to the moon before the Americans did (1969). The story continues that while America was actually beaten in the Space Race by Russia, the Soviet craft crashed and killed its Cosmonaut.

Interestingly, Apollo 11’s Michael Collins wrote in a children’s book that while he felt no fear or dread flying around the moon many times while his crew mates were on the surface. He also never wanted to return to the moon or to outer space again.

Mr. Collins worked for NASA a bit longer, but went to the Smithsonian to lead the National Air and Space Museum. He retired to tend to his gardens. He does not discuss space exploration much today at age 83. Buzz Aldrin is gung-ho for the Mission to Mars.

The camera or cameras carried by Apollo 11 astronauts did not return to Earth.

No Apollo astronaut cameras came back fro any mission,  except Jim Irwin’s unit from Apollo 15, a tense, strenuous geological mission on the moon. On that mission, he suffered cardiac arrhythmia, followed by a heart attack on Earth a couple of months later; he suffered three more such attacks and was the first Apollo moon-mission astronaut to die.

Irwin gave up on moon landings and began an earnest search for Noah’s Ark, finding a wooden structure of the correct size in the Himalayas, usually buried in snow. Some years, a corner of it could be seen in the spring thaw.

His moon camera was auctioned off to someone in Europe in March 2014 for about 3/4 of a million dollars (USD).

For more data and ideas, see:

Apollo 11 to Apollo 18 – NASA Cover Up? Conspiracy Theories?.

Dance Party

Dance Party

April 1  will forevermore be known as Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey Day. On this day in 2014, a Tuesday, the two stars swapped TV programs.

Ferguson, his robot Geoff Peterson, and his horse sidekick Secretariat took over The Price Is Right. Mr. Carey hosted The Late Late Show on CBS that night.

I hope that these shows became available on DVD, or at least the CBS homepage and/or YouTube.

You may recall that Ferguson as Mr. Wick and Carey as an HR Representative in a Cleveland, Ohio Department store were married for a short time on The Drew Carey Show. The cast and crew loved the show as much as their dedicated viewing audience.

Uncanny, Strange and Fun Holiday Celebrations In April

A strange name can saddle a child for life with the inability to succeed. This may be a reason behind Odd’s feeling that he is really not very important as a short-order cook. He may work at the Pico Mundo Grille all his life and since he is only 20, that’s another 50 or 60 years.

Will he save money and buy the grille or will h find something else to do? After all, he has special powers – like may people in the new Spring TV Lineup of 2014. For some reason, new movies and  TV series this spring show trending toward the supernatural. They star people with clairvoyance, psychokinesis, healing, and other powers on television and a dozen religious movies are set to appear in close succession.

And we still have the unique show The Blacklist, which must be supernatural, because so many people say they love it, even if they cannot figure it out.

As for names – Many of my former adult education students with unusual names have felt the inadequacies that Odd feels in Book One and his movie; but,  so have some people with popular names and high IQs.He can represent all of us at some crossroads in life.

Odd may be more usual than we suspected.

via Odd Thomas, the Book and Film.


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