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Some people enjoy bargain shopping and discount coupons. It’s fun!

Others like to save money they can use for other necessities, luxuries, and emergencies. That’s a good reason to bargain shop in the 2010’s – especially with national economic worries.

Still other people bargain shop because they cannot afford retail prices in grocery, clothing, restaurants, and other retail places – especailly upscale establishments.

I think all bargain shoppers can enjoy bargain hunting, even those that MUST save money to make ends meet. It should not be a mark of poverty.

Let’s acknowledge that our country produces and imports some cheaply made goods at both low and high prices. Avoid  both types. 

If consumers can resist Madison Avenue and media advertisements that urge and even trick them into spending money best used elsewhere, then they have a victory. Look a the article below for links to regional bargains and tips for finding even more in your own town.

via Shopping for Bargains without a Paupers Mentality.

With so many people in America still unemployed in the winter of 2011, bargain shopping is not only a good hobby, but also a necessity.

A few consumers fall victim to constant advertising. They seem to me to spend too much money, eat too much, waste too much, and accumulate too much credit card debt — Why? – Perhaps lack of awareness, boredom, a desire to make themselves look more prosperous than they are, or an obsession/addiction.

I don’t know about your reactions, but I’ve never experienced a “high” from shopping (or chocolate… or shoes) and I don’t want to do so. Shopping should be fun without being some type of “drug.” 

Frugality can help a consumer to stay within a budget, have a small accumulation of on-hand savings for an emergency or a special occasion, and to be less dependent on the larger Retail Industry. This can lead to smart investments in the future out of the savings realized.  See how I do it at:

Shopping for Bargains without a Pauper’s Mentality


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