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An enlarging technical college in Dayton, Ohio is offering a Short-Term Technical Certificates in 24 to 25 hours of class time.This is all part of the growing business in the Ohio Space Corridor that is now stretching into Indiana.

The certificate allows its holders to quickly secure entry-level technical positions in the field of the Helper Drone manufacturing and operation – search and rescue, agriculture, medicine and other supply deliveries, and other positive uses of drones.

Take a look at:

Developing Drones For Deliveries And Rescue In Indiana And Ohio


What we need this Christmas and Holiday Season is a little laughter and a little faith. The world is not always nice to people, but we can be nice to one another! Try a Laughter Club:

Find A Certified Laugh Leader, Try Laugh Yoga And Use The Telephone Laugh Line

Is legalization of medical and recreational marijuana a pain in the neck or is it inevitable?

In Ohio on the 2015 election ballot, voters had the chance to approve legal sales and use of medical and recreational marijuana. What you might not yet know, is that some famous people are backing the legislation with commercials and investment dollars. One is Nick Lachey of the former boy band 98 Degrees.

Only 10 marijuana farms will be licensed to grow and process marijuana in Ohio and here the the major investors:

Chosen Growth, Cultivation and Extraction (MGCE) Facilities.

  1. Nick Lachey, legendary performer with 98 Degrees.Mr. Lachey is doing commercials that urge voters to pass Issue 3. he is part owner of one of the 10 proposed monopoly partners.
  2. Paul Heldman, former General Counsel for The Kroger Co. (based in Cincinnati).
  3. Woody Taft, descendant of President William Howard Taft of Ohio. The family is connected with Taft Broadcasting and King’s Island Amusement Park (Cincinnati).
  4. Frank “Bo” Wood, founder and radio host for 102.7-FM WEBN Radio in Cincinnati. (Full owner of one MGCE entity.)
  5. Oscar Robertson, University of Cincinnati basketball player. (Part-owner of one of the entities.)
  6. Frostee Rucker, former Cincinnati Bengals football defensive end.(Part-owner of one of the entities.)
  7. Dayton pain specialist Suresh Gupta (Half-owner of one MGCE.) In 2008, Gupta was tried and acquitted (7/31/08) of assaulting four female patients in the context of pain management ( Reviews of his pain management practice on give him an average of only 1.5 stars out of 5 as of October 29, 2015.
  8. Barbara Gould, a philanthropist based in Indian Hill (Cincinnati suburb).

For the location of these farms and processing facilities that will create so many new jobs,please see

Medical Marijuana Monopoly Wielded By The Wealthy.

In an expanding and interdependent global economy, the importance of accurate education becomes a highlight of a successful life.

Inaccurate education can be one’s doom. 

Errors from teachers and assistants in the classroom will come back to hurt us in several ways, not the least of them embarrassment and loss of credibility in the workplace.. Some of these errors can hurt people emotionally and physically as well.

Teachers are being prepared better than ever to teach science in K-12, but we are hearing some astounding errors in the classroom! Has it happened to you or your children?

Look at the ongoing collection of errors that are not a comedy at:

Were there errors or myths in biology or other subjects you were taught?

See and feel free to add your own experiences.

In one instance of error, some of our American elementary school teachers said that the kiwi (bird) was extinct. It was not extinct then and it is is still living on Earth today.

Using a decades-outdated 1940s biology and health textbook, teachers went on to tells that all me and boys are missing the lowest rib on the left side. Also incorrect.

One of the worst modern education errors may come from questionable online courses, writers who allege health and medical credentials when they have none, and public reading of unreviewed biological literature on the Internet, or simply missing key phrases and punctuation in peer-reviewed literature. One error is being perpetrated on a low level in America and states that human beings have no frontal lobes until adolescence. Among medical scientists, neurologists, and the National Institutes of Health, hundreds of Medical Associations, and the body of research literature, it is well known that the brain’s frontal lobes form during gestation, in the womb.


I am not extinct!

October 1972, a Texas-New Mexico oil pipeline burst and sent 285,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment. Any pipeline might burst. Source: EPA/NARA

October 1972, a Texas-New Mexico oil pipeline burst and sent 285,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment. Any pipeline might burst.
Source: EPA/NARA

The Keystone XL Pipeline is called the Black Snake, because of its sludgy, toxic, and corrosive bituminous contents flowing down from Alberta, Canada. Without caustic additives, the stuff is so thick, it will not move.

The jobs also coming through the pipeline will last only a few months, except for a very thin skeleton crew that will be kept on the job aft the disputed pipeline is connected to the other pipes.

The caustic chemicals will eat through the pipes and leak onto the ground and into water supplies, because the metal pf the pipes is unprotected.It’s like using heavy-duty DRAINO on your bathroom pipes until they crumble away.

The pipes will not be cleaned, except to flush between oil-tar sands and oil transport, if ever.  Never, because the only type of material in the extension up for US Senate vote in 2015 is oil-tar sands.  When the material originates, it is called the Canada Cancer Corridor and special hospitals have been built there.

If you want a high paying short-term job, then go for the Keystone Xl jobs in the West, but save your money, because these will not last.  Be careful of road blockades by the local Native American Nations whose reservations you may be working upon, possibly without permission.

Read more at:

Keystone XL Pipeline and Fear of Another Cancer Corridor

Most diseases associated with the workplace concern skin cancers; the lungs: black lung, silicosis, cancers, etc.; and a miscellaneous group: carpal tunnel syndrome, vision problems of computer use, lead poisoning, radiation sickness, brain cancer, and even lupus.

Smoking?? –  While smoking is unhealthy by itself, smoking in the presence of smog or heavy fumes from motor vehicles in frequent traffic jams or as a mechanic increases the smoker’s risk of cancer by 8,000%.

Top 10 Unhealthiest Jobs In America

During 4th QTR 2013, Business Insider used O*NET statistics on workplace injuries and diseases to find the top 10 unhealthiest jobs in America. Some Healthcare professions were ranked at the top of the list.

See Ten Unhealthiest Jobs In America – Top 10 Jobs That Make Us Sick.

Some people enjoy bargain shopping and discount coupons. It’s fun!

Others like to save money they can use for other necessities, luxuries, and emergencies. That’s a good reason to bargain shop in the 2010’s – especially with national economic worries.

Still other people bargain shop because they cannot afford retail prices in grocery, clothing, restaurants, and other retail places – especailly upscale establishments.

I think all bargain shoppers can enjoy bargain hunting, even those that MUST save money to make ends meet. It should not be a mark of poverty.

Let’s acknowledge that our country produces and imports some cheaply made goods at both low and high prices. Avoid  both types. 

If consumers can resist Madison Avenue and media advertisements that urge and even trick them into spending money best used elsewhere, then they have a victory. Look a the article below for links to regional bargains and tips for finding even more in your own town.

via Shopping for Bargains without a Paupers Mentality.

Impact of Ice Hazards

The US National Safety Council tells us that at least 17,000 US residents die each year from falls of all kinds, including slip-and-fall injuries on ice.

Can you walk safely on the ice in winter?

Can you walk safely on the ice in winter?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report the number of deaths at 17,000 annually – a lot of fatalities.

Further, one in every three people ages 65+ fall each year on all surfaces throughout the United States and Canada.

Aging populations that fall more often than average make ice safety more important in terms of pain and suffering, along with rising healthcare costs. Lots of children fall and become injured on the ice as well.

According to the Workers Compensation Fund, slip and fall injuries on ice and snow account for 80% of all slip and fall deaths in America. These fatal ice falls rank as the second most frequent cause of accidental deaths in the nation, A full 50% of falls happen in parking lots and on sidewalks during morning hours.

The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute supports a dedicated WinterLab to study falling in subzero temperatures and in moderate gusts of wind.

The mission of the lab is to reduce the number of slip and fall injuries and deaths across Canada, with intent to share this inforation with the USA.

For safety checklists and simple, inexpensive safety devices for yourself, your family, or your employees, check out the facts at:

Winter Safety Tips – Walking On Ice and Snow.

US federal agencies and private companies analyze data about the workplace in America and publish their findings to help workers.Their findings are useful and sometimes shocking.

Several occupational titles are High Risk in terms of exposure to diseases.

According to the US Labor Department, an occupational disease is a chronic ailment that is the result of working at some job-related activity. As such, it is part of occupational safety and health and further, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) that guarantees American workers a safe, clean, and disease-free place of employment.

Does you job make you sick? Is it in the Top 10 Jobs that make Americans ill? Take a look and see —

via Ten Unhealthiest Jobs In America – Top 10 Jobs That Make Us Sick.

The US Department of Labor officials state in their manual of job that the job titles Claims Adjuster, Claims Examiner, and Claims Investigator at the entry level require only a high school diploma.

In the real world, employers prefer job candidates for these positions that possess bachelor’s degree or at least insurance-related work experience or some sort of training certificate. However, not all employers are i this category and about  3 or 4% of these jobs overall don’t require a college degree. That sounds like few jobs,  but it amounts to about 1,000 openings in the USA.

Companies that do hire people with high school diplomas and offer on-the-job training OJT are listed at the link below for quick reference.The largest number of total job listings in these job titles that do not require a college degree fall under Claims Investigators.

via Insurance Jobs: Claims Adjusters, Examiners and Investigators Often Need 4-Year Degrees – But Not Always.


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