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Do you need a well-paying job and feel willing to travel to another state in order to secure it? Even if you are a worker ages 50 and older? It’s possible and it’s all taking place in Houston, Texas.

We know that Texas was relatively unaffected by the Great Recession of 2008 – 2010, especially in its major cities. All these cities are good places for workers of any age to find employment, including our senior citizens.

Many Seniors need to work past “retirement”, the definition of which is changing.

Did you know that under the Reagan Administration, the Social Security Retirement Age for full benefits was scheduled to increase to age 75?

That’s right! Younger Baby Boomers today may not retire until age 66 already, and some of them have received letters stating that they should not retire until age 70.

Regardless, many of our nation’s older workers want and need to work past age 62. Houston is the best city in the State of Texas to do so, because of the long list of Senior Resources available and the large number of jobs open. Texas is much more than big hats, longhorn steers, and horses.

And why not work, unless you can schedule a global tour to last about five years? I met a woman long ago who was in her 70s and working in a large department store in Downtown Dayton, Ohio. Sure, her hair was white, but her demeanor was that of a joyous young woman. I want to be like that!

Here is a snapshot of jobs most often listed in Houston, where we have over 70,000 openings in Early July 2015:

  • Healthcare and Healthcare Support offer over 49,000 openings in Greater Houston- Travel health professionals are dramatically in demand and these folks earn more than average and benefit from perks like mortgage payments!
  • Engineers are needed to the tune of 15,000 openings in various field from It to Healthcare to Oil & Gas. More thousands of technician’s jobs are attached to these engineers, especially in the Aerospace Industry.
  • Officer Support, Customer Service, and Call Center jobs number over 14,000. remember Dame Judy Dench’s character in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – she became a call center consultant.
  • Business and Finance lists over 11,000 openings for auditors, accountants, and analysts.

Whatever your plans for the future and your retirement, if you need to work, you might want to get your self to Houston!


Texas is steadily maintaining a sizable pool of job advertisements, with help from the Aerospace and Healthcare Industries, along with Oil & Gas. That’s despite the blocking of the last leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Trucks are carrying the oil and tar sands down from Canada and that has led to an increase in trucking jobs to just about 1,000,000 truck drivers needed in America. That is good news! These are permanent jobs, whereas the Pipeline jobs created would have lasted only a matter of several months, except for a handful of supervisors and engineers.

Texas is good news for business and workers also, because there is no state income tax, but plenty of business incentives offered. On top of that is the network available for people ages 55 and older to use free-of-charge for finding jobs, housing, and other opportunities.

It may be hot in parts of Texas, but the job opportunities are hotter.

The Keystone XL Pipeline has been branded the Black Snake, because of the sludgy, toxic, and corrosive bituminous contents it will carry if it is completed.

The tar sands to be transported in the pipe can be hazardous to human, animal, and plant health and the environment overall.

However, a 2014 federal report stated that the proposed Keystone XL northern leg from Montana through Nebraska would not harm the environment – but it is highly corrosive. The federal stance reminds me of the Sugar Council stance through the 1980s that sugar is not harmful.

Find out how many illnesses tar sands can cause:

Nebraska and South Dakota Block Keystone Pipeline

The small town of Mertzon is 30 miles SW of booming San Angelo. Mertzon has 839 residents,  including children, and 235 job vacancies. That is a much bigger number of jobs open than people looking for them

If that were not enough, jobs more than doubled from June 2013 to June 2015.

In the picturesque San Angelo. Actor Matthew McConaughey owns a successful Longhorn ranch and visitors can see him visiting San Angelo occasionally. Sheep are a big item for ranchers in the area, but Longhorns are still thriving. You can see them when you drive by the ranches and a few allow visitors.

Many advertised jobs in Oil & Natural Gas, including water hauling and the adjunct jobs that appear as businesses grow  – retail, hotel accommodations, construction, restaurants, health and medical facilities, and other services.

An interesting history is maintained in San Angelo, its Fort Concho being the home to the Buffalo Soldiers in this area long ago; and you can see reenactments of battles and visit a number of related museums. Arts and culture are big draws as well.

via Attractions and Oil Jobs In San Angelo, West Texas Ranching Area.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Is experiencing the largest increase in job openings in the Greater Tulsa Area.  Part of this increase is the result of an upswing of Tourism in the region.  However, Healthcare Occupations are increasing in demand as well. Not only this, but additional jobs are arising from university-business partnerships in this sector of the state.


Historic Tours, Native American Indian Country attractions, universities and colleges, great sports to watch and play,   sustainability and conservation all contribute significantly in the growth of Broken Arrow/Tulsa economies.

When you take a look back at the Great Depression, piece by piece, from 1929 – 1941, a number of similarities and parallels show forth. Only World War II could produce the manufacturing and related industrial step-ups to ignite the American economy again.

People starved to death and transient workers died on the road across the American South and West – often straight across Route 66 to California, where archives tell the tale in screamingly dramatic black and white still shots.  Ohio was a nother state particularly devasted in the Great Depression, was was New York and the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma and Texas.

Following the pertinent Time Line from Stock Market Crash to Pear Harbor infamy, war almost seemed planned for 1941, if not a big coincidence. It was fortunate that the US instituted the military draft the year before…

Some feel that ratcheting up the Afghan War and perhaps another with Yeman or Syria will be the final act of the Recession of 2008 – 2009/10.  for more insights:


A Top 7 Industries for 2010 are most likely to create the most new jobs for us in 2010.  These are

Science and Technology,
Business/Finance, and

The Top 20 Jobs we can expect to lead employment listings form from these 7 fields.

Already in January 2010,  lists 2.4 million jobs overall, with 80,000 – 85,000 jobs in each of several of these Top 20 Jobs alone.

See the accompanying link for an analysis and discussion about the best jobs for the new year and where to find them at:

Top 20 Career Choices for 2010

21st Century Cowhands

Cowboys and cowgirls are alive and working in America. That is one great  reason that Americans still wear 10-gallon cowboy hats in Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies. They will likely do so again in the Vancouver Winter Olympics of 2010. Canadians will likely wear them, too.

If you’d like to findout about the training, the pay, and the location of  ranching, cattle, and horse handling jobs, visit the link  above.  It is all more interesting than most folks imagine.

Lonesome Dove, the book and film, were named after Lonesome Dove Baptist Church, near Keller TX and the Goodnight-Loving Cattle Trail. It’s an exciting place in history and in future growth!

Keller is just north of Fort Worth and Dallas and has access to 50,000 job openings at one given time.  In additional to nursing, physical and occupational therapy jobs, and other health positions, you can find seasonal and permanent work at Six Flags Over Texas.

The number of job openings has increased 200% during the last 15 months and there’s more to come.

Find out about Keller,Texas and the other fast growing suburbs nearby that want you to move in now:

Keller Texas and Lonesome Dove Jobs

The business focus in Round Rock just outside Austin is Industry focus in Round Rock centers on Life Sciences, Computers and IT Technologies, Clean Energy, and Manufacturing. These fast-growing industries are offering over 15,000 job listings in and around Round Rock. Crime and cost of living are low and quality of life is high in Round Rock. Please visit the link for information on the Top 10 Jobs, Dell Computers HQ and a vigorous award-winning education and sports focus in the community.



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