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Texas is steadily maintaining a sizable pool of job advertisements, with help from the Aerospace and Healthcare Industries, along with Oil & Gas. That’s despite the blocking of the last leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Trucks are carrying the oil and tar sands down from Canada and that has led to an increase in trucking jobs to just about 1,000,000 truck drivers needed in America. That is good news! These are permanent jobs, whereas the Pipeline jobs created would have lasted only a matter of several months, except for a handful of supervisors and engineers.

Texas is good news for business and workers also, because there is no state income tax, but plenty of business incentives offered. On top of that is the network available for people ages 55 and older to use free-of-charge for finding jobs, housing, and other opportunities.

It may be hot in parts of Texas, but the job opportunities are hotter.


Interest eagerly spreads in America for the upcoming Christmas 2013 film by Disney called Saving Mr. Banks. We hear in movie trailers that  it’s all about Mary Poppins and her creator, but why is the film titled after George Banks, the father of the family Poppins helps in the Great Depression Era stories?

Something is afoul in the family of the author and creator of the magic nanny with the talking umbrella. Something very dark occurred in the childhood of P.L.Travers to make her the snappish spinster seen in the 2013 holiday film. She remained snappish and single until she died at the age of 96 in 2005.

Her father was an alcoholic and sadly, a stereotpyical Irish alcoholic. He was also a banker who many say bamboozled the public. That is why he is George Banks the banker instead of Travers Goff in the childrens’ book series and 1964 Disney film.

Poppins is supposed to fix Banks by teaching him a lesson. Unfortunatly, Goff was never fixed, not did he try to fix himself. He died when his daughter Helen (P.L. Travers) was only age 7.

Amateur psychoanalyses aside, Helen became P.L.Travers to act on the stage. She was lonely and abandoned (her mother ran away when Dad died and came back), and made up stories for her two sisters. The story Mary Poppins is based on some real person and we hope that the 2013 film with Tom Hanks as Walt Disney tells us who that nanny is. We do know that Travers Goff was raked over the coals every day by a nasty nanny in his own childhood.

Interestingly, Emma Thompson plays both P.L. Travers and Nanny McPhee, McPhee being a character like a much nicer Poppins that given un in the book series. The Poppins of the silly but entertaining 1964 film looks ludicrous beside McPhee.

For more insight, please visit:

via The Dark Side of Mary Poppins and Her Creator, the Abandoned Helen Travers.

If you have children, be aware that Chicken Pox Parties can be dangerous and even illegal, depending on what is used to infect children so that “They get it over with.”  One urban legend is that chickenpox is less severe the younger the child is in years. Well, sometimes that is true, but this  “childhood disease” can kill children as well as the adults on which it acts more severely.  It can lead to MRSA. Case examples appear At This Link.

Didn’t we or some of our ancestors infect Native Americans on purpose with smallpox-infected blankets a couple of hundred years ago? Some of these chickenpox parties are also using infected blankets, infected clothing, and even old rags that contain the disease. People are taking their infants and preschoolers to some of these parties with the thought. “Well, it’s easier on them now and vaccination is too dangerous.” Is this the 21st Century or the 17th Century? As Dr. McCoy said about 1986 in Star Trek IV -” What kind of primitive medicine is this!?”

Illegal? – Purchasing lollipops made from the spit of children suffering from chickenpox started out as a BIG BUSINESS online, but was sharply curtailed in Autumn 2011 when it was declared a Federal Crime. Be careful about chickenpox parties found on Facebook and Craigslist. If your child or you can catch chickenpox there, what else might you catch – from dirty rags and spit?

Again, here is The Link to more information and the diseases that getting well from chickenpox can give you later in life.

Let’s eradicate all “childhood diseases!”

In researching New York State and the jobs and housing available on Long Island, I’ve found a number of serious organizations there that are promoting the end of attitudes, verbal abuse, and prejudices that brought out not only the Jewish Holocaust, but the atrocities done to Blacks,  Muslim women, Native Americans, Aborigines, and anyone that is bullied and threatened at work and at school. This adds up to millions of people and it can be ended. The Holocaust Museum and Tolerance Center is one of these organizations that links all abuses together.  I agree with that organization

Personally, I am tired of the small core of people in each of the maltreated groups that shout they their group’s holocaust was worse than any other. This is an odd attitude of prestige and entitlement that does not sit well.  It is a sickness unto itself.  No one is more maltreated than a 6-month old baby caught up and sold in a sex trafficking scheme.  Read about these groups at:

The Holocaust Continues – Former and Current Abuses of Human Rights

In the 1990s, a major cause of death among “infant to 5-years” in America was murder. In school districts in my Midwest county during those years, the major issue reported by interviewed parents and teachers in schools from daycare to grade 12 was violence.

Toledo OH, although additional legal efforts have been directed toward the problem, is the gateway city for distributing children across North America for the sex trade. This includes Canada, but Canada already suffered child abuse and exploitation. Lynda Martin draws inspiration from years of caseload and personal experiences in abusive treatment to bring us This Bird Flew Away.

This Bird Flew Away by Lynda M. Martin

“A Journey from Neglect, Betrayal and Abuse to a Life Dedicated to Helping Others”

FULL REVIEW: This Bird Flew Away

Negative Effects of Obesity

Obesity probably never results in good effects. Obese children and youth are at risk for Type II Diabetes, heart attack, and stroke; joint and bone problems; and eating disorders.

Obesity can lead to sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea. These kids often are less capable of concentrating on schoolwork –  sluggish and sometimes lethargic.

These youth can be depressed and suffer low self esteem and seem frequently targets of bullies and cyberbullies. On top of all this, some parents purposely overfeed their children as a form of abuse with all of its effects. Other effects may emerge as obesity persists among American children and youth. READ MORE:

via Childhood Obesity in Canada, Mexico and the United States: Cause and Effects.


Bullying manifests as the cowardice that picks on the smaller, the weaker, and the less socio-politically powerful.  Help to stop it. 

The targets of bullies are sometimes some sort of threat to the bully. The targets threaten to receive or to have the potential to receive attention, love, education, a good job, money, fame, responsibility, and authority, along with other intangibles and tangibles.

So, bullies pick on either:

  1. Smaller, weaker people or animals; and. or
  2. People that may attract larger amounts of power than the bully.

Some of the most frequently occurring and clearest cases of Number 2 in modern times are a) women abused by mates when they gather friends, are offered a job, etc. and b) children and youth that do well in school in academics; in arts, music, drama, etc.; or in all.

The research of Dr. Dan Owleus is highlighted by the American Psycholocial Association. It focuses on the bully with anger and impulse control problems, the need for power, consistent defiance toward adults, and lack of empathy. This suggests a sociopath, making bullies mentally ill. This research does not directly link to competition, although a sociopath may seem to be in competition against the world.


 How to Stop Bullying When the World Urges It On.

A regional church in Central Ohio paid a $2 Million settlement in 2009, because a toddler in their daycare center was beaten with a metal-edged ruler over the torso, back, and genitals, leaving cuts and emotional trauma in 2005. Months before, another toddler suffered a fractured skull at the site. However, in 1994, we found that the top problem in local schools and daycare centers throughout our county, from infants to grade twelve, was VIOLENCE.

Read more about violence in America, how far reaching it is, and how we can raise awareness about causes and be ready to diffuse it.

National Violence Awareness Month

In many US States, the jobs of social services and mental health services workers are increasing in numbers.

People that work in domestic violence services want to reach more people in effective ways. The following link provides background on some of the most prominent catalysts toward domestic violence today, along with a directory of places to go for real help.

Men are abused as profoundly as woman and so are other groups of people, including MR/DD populations, the mentally ill, the elderly, GLBT, ethnic minorities, the obese, and others.

Where to Get Help for Domestic Violence

If we can solve some of these healthcare reform issues in America, we can save enough money to provide additional jobs, insurance, and even more jobs to many more people. I’m speaking of Insurance Fraud, the costs of Identity Theft and Licensing Scams, and the increased costs incurred because of long-term child and elder abuse.   

We see a lot on the news and in blogs about healthcare reform and what I mention are only a few of the issues involved, but the following book makes the case for reform crystal clear in the form of a well written murder mystery. Please read

T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton


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