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Do you need a well-paying job and feel willing to travel to another state in order to secure it? Even if you are a worker ages 50 and older? It’s possible and it’s all taking place in Houston, Texas.

We know that Texas was relatively unaffected by the Great Recession of 2008 – 2010, especially in its major cities. All these cities are good places for workers of any age to find employment, including our senior citizens.

Many Seniors need to work past “retirement”, the definition of which is changing.

Did you know that under the Reagan Administration, the Social Security Retirement Age for full benefits was scheduled to increase to age 75?

That’s right! Younger Baby Boomers today may not retire until age 66 already, and some of them have received letters stating that they should not retire until age 70.

Regardless, many of our nation’s older workers want and need to work past age 62. Houston is the best city in the State of Texas to do so, because of the long list of Senior Resources available and the large number of jobs open. Texas is much more than big hats, longhorn steers, and horses.

And why not work, unless you can schedule a global tour to last about five years? I met a woman long ago who was in her 70s and working in a large department store in Downtown Dayton, Ohio. Sure, her hair was white, but her demeanor was that of a joyous young woman. I want to be like that!

Here is a snapshot of jobs most often listed in Houston, where we have over 70,000 openings in Early July 2015:

  • Healthcare and Healthcare Support offer over 49,000 openings in Greater Houston- Travel health professionals are dramatically in demand and these folks earn more than average and benefit from perks like mortgage payments!
  • Engineers are needed to the tune of 15,000 openings in various field from It to Healthcare to Oil & Gas. More thousands of technician’s jobs are attached to these engineers, especially in the Aerospace Industry.
  • Officer Support, Customer Service, and Call Center jobs number over 14,000. remember Dame Judy Dench’s character in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – she became a call center consultant.
  • Business and Finance lists over 11,000 openings for auditors, accountants, and analysts.

Whatever your plans for the future and your retirement, if you need to work, you might want to get your self to Houston!


After studying labor trends and markets for about two decades, I see some business magazine estimates of workforce needs and think that I would separate Education from Civic jobs and Creative from Service careers to create a Top Seven Industries for the future.


  1. Science and Technology – Includes large numbers of Engineering and Technician positions, especially in Bioengineering, Communications, Energy and Fuel, Growing New Organs, Prosthetics, Pharmaceuticals, Anti-Aging Treatments, Aerospace Exploration and Mining, Aerospace Travel and Colonization, and others.
  2. Healthcare – Includes IT, Bioengineering, many Technician positions, and Aerospace Medicine.
  3. Service,
  4. Civic,
  5. Business
  6. Finance, and
  7. Creative.

via Top 20 Best Career Choices Through 2020.

The top job in high demand and most available for those with its related two-year degree is not on the Top 5 List of 2-year degrees mentioned by Yahoo News’ experts that missed it. 

Actually, online job searches based on city pops up results that do not including the job titles in highest demand. This seems a disservice especially to people ages 18 – 24 who are needing those jobs that do not require long term education, but offer good pay.

The top high demand jobs number in the hundreds of thousands of openings and include

  • Engineering Technicians (2-year degree) & Engineers,
  • Truck Drivers & Truck Owner-Operators (a few weeks training),
  • Physicians, and
  • 4-year degree RN Nurses/Nurse Practitioners. 

Those are the top jobs in demand for 2014 – 2016 and very likely all the way to 2020, given their fast growth.

Engineering Technician is a job that offers higher starting pay and more chance of advancement than most other jobs on the search engine freelancers Top 5 List of jobs for earners of 2-year degrees and less.

See Number One Two-Year Degree for High Pay and Advancement: Engineering Technician.

! Some very bad and strange advice is showing up on major Internet News sites and it should be avoided. Once piece of advice I just saw was that we should not wash food items in the kitchen sink, because it puts germs into the sink.  Unless we purchase all of our produce at the farmers market or grow our own, the vegetables and fruits need to be washed. Where shall we do this? Do we not always wash out sink out  daily as well? Strange advice.

That for employment success is equally as odd —

I ask you – would you go into a new job your first day and set your own hours without telling anyone what they are? Picture the rest of the office or the factory working set hours and becoming suspicious of yo immediately.  “What’s he going to steal?” they might ask. “Why’s HE so special?”

If you follow some of more of  the bad advice about working that is posted on the Internet, you will end up fired, sick, or dead:

Expert Advice – Don’t Follow the Bad Work Advice on the Web


This portion of Chevy Chase is a Washington DC residential suburb. it is one of several outbound just 5 miles via Connecticut Avenue at the end of a streetcar line during the second half of the 19th Century. This is a historic time and place in Maryland as well as in many American communities, like my own.

The streetcar setting is one that have sparked memories, movies, background material for Ray Bradbury’s stories, and ideas for NBCs 2010 – 2011 first season of the action show The Cape

As with many trolley lines in America, the streetcar company in the DC area built an amusement area with a carousel, ballroom, park, and other features at Chevy Chase Lake. Riders happily rode to the lake for a day of fishing and relaxation, dance in a ballroom, and opportunities to listen to the current tunes of Eubie Blake and John Phillip Sousa.

But that’s not all ! Chevy Chase villages have access to over 183,000 jobs in Washington DC, Bethesda, and nearby towns in Virginia.  Chevy Chase properties are expensive, but other locations around the DC area are more affordable and you can still visit the famous Chevy Chase Circle and Sheraton Onmi Hotel. Have a look —

via Chevy Chase, Maryland – Top 10 Best Hot Jobs In a Rich Neighborhood.

What if the POTUS threw the switch and killed the American Internet for 6 months? That is what Americans fear at this time, because they are locked in to the convenience and companionship of Social Networking and Making an Income Online.  The US federal government is looking into greater control of the Internet and that possibility frightens people – especially formally laid off people who found income online – about their future. Will their livelihood be eliminated if the switch is thrown for 6 months on an administrative decision.

Here’s What Could Happen —

The Day the Internet Stood Still 

The Scioto Mile Riverfront Complex

          Columbus’s Honorable Mayor Michael Coleman is developing the Downtown Riverfront and the abandoned areas of the downtown area and the Near East, West, North, and South Sides so fast that we cannot keep up with him. Every day we see something new. Weeds are gone and a whole new Gateway Development is standing where a vacant lot made a horrible eyesore previously.  Mr. Coleman is like Superman with the speed at which he does business in improving the community. He will relate the time and troubles it all consumes, but the results are awesome and still seem fast to most Columbusites…Columbusers…Buckeyes!

Please access the link above and read about 5 parks, a gathering of unique attractions ans a museum ship in the river that is researching the Cloaking Device in actuality – and it works!

All we need is a new Kahiki Supper Club and we’ll be set for life.

          How is it to be a child in school in the 2010s? Much different from even 10 years ago. Each decade brings so many changes that no wonder one generation clashes with the next.

Kid Culture and Today’s Schools

Students entering college in 2010 have lived with 100% digital technology for their entire lives — Computers, pagers, SmartPhones, XBOX, iPods, iPads, Kindle, Daz art programs, CAD drawing, online role-play gaming…exhausting.

Today, all of their college materials can fit into a slimline carrying case. Ours weighed 60 pounds, easily.  See the link and find out waht else is new.

iPad skins: The moment you hold your fancy new iPad in your hands, your heart  filled with that new toy glee, ..

Like college towns, planned communities often provide many more job openings than other cities and towns because of the momentum built up by city fathers in planning to succeed, effectively implementing these plans, and improving them year by year.  Revuilding the inner city urban areas or preventing decay in the first place are also important actions that succeed.

Lake St. Louis is about 10 miles west of St. Louis and the #9 Best Place to Live in America. An upscale commuity, it affords all the pleasures and opportunity of nearby St. Louis without the big-city traffic and stress.  With its own lakes, golf courses, great entertainment, and  good business incentives for building and startups, Lake St. Louis is set to continue growing for decades.

Hot Jobs in Lake St. Louis – ~ 20,000 Internet listings for November ’09.


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