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An enlarging technical college in Dayton, Ohio is offering a Short-Term Technical Certificates in 24 to 25 hours of class time.This is all part of the growing business in the Ohio Space Corridor that is now stretching into Indiana.

The certificate allows its holders to quickly secure entry-level technical positions in the field of the Helper Drone manufacturing and operation – search and rescue, agriculture, medicine and other supply deliveries, and other positive uses of drones.

Take a look at:

Developing Drones For Deliveries And Rescue In Indiana And Ohio


Many job seekers are frustrated!

They survive job search and employment interviews, but  learn that the interviewing companies will not hire them.

Why not?

HR may be adding applications and resumes for future use, jobs already may have been filled, or these jobs may need to have been advertised outside the company by law, even though internal applicants were hired.

It’s frustrating!

Some businesses, however, really need to hire more people, a lot more – So try them. Find them at:

How to Find 60 Companies That Will Really Hire You


What is networking and the other four ways to get a real job now? Find out here.

Today, you may need to move to a different state in order to earn a livable wage. Luckily, America has several states that are good for your move.

At least 10 states have low unemployment rates, which usually means that they have not enough workers to fill advertised positions. They need more people to come into their cities to work.

Another several states are low in job competition, meaning that not so many are fighting for the same job there.

If you would like to move to another US State or from Canada to America, you may like the extensive information on how to begin and how to succeed at your quest, all presented at:

How to Find Work In Another State

Santa Fe Springs is one of the Top 10 Micro-Cities (under 100,000 residents) for the Future in North American. Chosen out of over 400 cities from Canada to Mexico, Santa Fe Springs offers great HR operations and Business Friendliness. It also has recongized the Tongva Nation as official Indigenous People and os helping to restore their lands.  Several colleges are located nearby and an abundance of jobs are available in Government, Finance, Health, Sales, and Accounting.  


Hot Jobs in and Business in Santa Fe Springs CA

Another teenager at work dies every 10 days all year long. See how to prevent it here:

Stop Teen Injuries and Death at Work.

Summer 2009 saw  a resurgence in work dangers in parts of the meat packing industry – for kids not old enough to be working in meat plants, most notably in the Midwest.  Does a Recession lead to such disasters? After the Great Recession, danger was still present, but teen injuries decreased in meat packing after 2010. Be careful in 2015, however —

Teens must be age 18 and over to work in meat packing and to operate any power machinery in any workplace, including meat slicers. 

Summer Jobs for Teens

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided additional funds for summer jobs programs in the USA for 2009 through 2010, with natural increases in jobs through 2015..

If you follow the link above, you can find advice for finding  these summer jobs for youth ages 14 – 24.

In some cases, even youth as young as 13 can find some work to do some work during the summertime. Otherwise, they can attend enrichment education classes and often earn a tax-free stipend.

Have you experienced this quandry? —

“I gave [my employer] 6 weeks notice so that I could find and train my replacement, but no one except me seems to feel this major urgency to hire someone. My 6 weeks are almost up, and there’s no one to take over my many and complicated responsibilities. What should I do?”

Find the answer from top Career Guru Alexandra Levit and read this great Blog article to discover more good advise at Careers and How to Make them Great


Other Material You Can Use

How Recent Grads Can Find Jobs – What’s the Secret?

Career Coaches You Can Use for FREE Online!

Glassdoor employment search engine is fast becoming the leader in gather job postings from all across the Internet, interviewing employees and managers and revealing their opinion, sparking trends, and serving job seekers and employees very well. This engine offers a larger number and much fresher daily job listings than the previous leaders SimplyHired and Indeed. 

Glassdoor compiles lists of Best Jobs annually, based upon

1) a worker’s earning potential depending on average base salary,

2) a career opportunities potential rating, and

3) the actual number of job openings available.

Taken together, a list of best jobs that results is solid information for America. You can find the Top 10 Best Jobs, along with another 15 jobs that can make awesome careers. The compilations are presented at:

via Best 10 Jobs for High Pay, Chance for Advancement, and Real Job Openings.

The Aerospace Industry is beginning an upsurge during QT2 2015 that includes plans for new drone-related businesses and jobs.

The Ohio Space Corridor through Cincinnati – Dayton – Columbus  already brings in $8 billion to Ohio every year and expects to increase this by 3,000 jobs and millions of new revenue dollars. Meanwhile, the national forecast is for 100,000 new jobs and $90 billion of business.

Drones have gone into the private sector, too, for commercial and non-profit uses.

The FAA is writing rules for flying drones that weigh under 55 pounds, specifically for civilian airspace. The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International believes that adding drones into the civilian arena can offer thousands of jobs by 2025 in Ohio and tens of thousands to the USA.

See what jobs are coming available at:

via Ohio Space Corridor Creates 100,000 Drone Jobs and $90 Billion Revenue.


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