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Offer the world your POETRY, your CREATIVE PROSE, and your PHOTO GALLERIES with TEXT & CAPTIONS.

Daily Prizes run through November 22, 2011 and a  final winner will have the opportunity of a collection of his/her work formatted, published, and distributed by Smashwords.

Please visit

HubPatron Of the Arts Contest

for full details and free sign-up.


Many people today are considering online writing as a means to an income while they look for work. They have been downsized, displaced, left by a spouse or partner that produced the family income, have been hit by medical misfortune, and suffered any of dozens of problems that stopped their income. They are struggling with substantial effort to make a living. Others are new high school and college graduates that enjoy writing and also seek online writing as a source of supplemental income while they look for work.

We have a weekly writers’ recognition program that  publishes the articles of writers on our site for three months are less. We nominate 18 of them each week and 9 win extra Internet traffic through a variety of means.

Please visit the round-up of this week’s writers and review the Nominees’ work and please vote. Anyone can vote, no registration required. You’ll be helping someone earn an income! And thanks very much.

Panda refit obstacles gave me a few headaches in online writing and earning, but these could be easily despatched.  

Here’s what I did, with a sense of humor, to make things work more smoothly and attract greater streams of traffic. Here’s also a weekly contest for new writers that offers artices by 18 people that have figured out Panda and how to succeed anyway!

A Nugget Of a Good Time

I’ve mentioned online community participation as an effective means to promoting your writing in How to Drive Traffic to Your Hub with Participation. One of feature on HubPages is the 30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge that is ongoing and here is my start page:

The Sunforged 60-Day Hub Challenge – My Log

A new twist is the 60 Day Challenge: 30 days writing, 30 days promoting together. If you’re not a member,  join HubPages for Free  — With more new members, we’ll have much more content to choose from for HubNugget Wannabe Hubs Weekly Contests.

Have fun with your writing.

The weekly HunNuggets recognition contest at HubPages helps new writers with extra traffic and recognition. We choose 10 great articles out of 2500+ submitted to HubPages by newbies every week. Form those 10, we take a popular vote via an Internet Poll and let the reading public choose the Top Five for these awards.

Some of winners have been offered freelance and permanent work through professionals that read our pages. If you have not joined HubPages, why not give it a try?

Signs That You May Be a HubNugget

One way to make extra cash is to write for Hubpages and earn money through affiliates  and Google Ads. The good people at HubPages launched a weekly writing contest for new writers that rewards them with recognition and increased visitor traffic at no cost to them. This weeks offerings are presented at

Vacation Nuggets for Fun and Adventure

10 new writers are featured with their latest works and an explanation of  the weekly contest and HubPages is provided along with some humor.  It is a fun place to make good friends and supplement your income, especially in a recession.  You’ll enjoy the articles, stories, art, and cartoons.

Nuggets Beneath the Green Corn Moon  

It is the month of the Green Corn Moon, a month of creativity and growth when the corn stalks begin to rise in preparation for the autumn harvest.

Here is a list of new writers that have grabbed the attention of the folks over at HubPages with their insight, wit, and  informative writing styles.  No other list of works there has included the diversity of topic materials as we see today.  It’s a hallmark of growth and creativty.

A contest is on to award the Top 5 with a chance for increased traffic and incentives, so please go over and read and vote for your favorites. It’s like American Idol for writers, only there are more winners and they’re not all from America.

Have a greet weekend!


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