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Is legalization of medical and recreational marijuana a pain in the neck or is it inevitable?

In Ohio on the 2015 election ballot, voters had the chance to approve legal sales and use of medical and recreational marijuana. What you might not yet know, is that some famous people are backing the legislation with commercials and investment dollars. One is Nick Lachey of the former boy band 98 Degrees.

Only 10 marijuana farms will be licensed to grow and process marijuana in Ohio and here the the major investors:

Chosen Growth, Cultivation and Extraction (MGCE) Facilities.

  1. Nick Lachey, legendary performer with 98 Degrees.Mr. Lachey is doing commercials that urge voters to pass Issue 3. he is part owner of one of the 10 proposed monopoly partners.
  2. Paul Heldman, former General Counsel for The Kroger Co. (based in Cincinnati).
  3. Woody Taft, descendant of President William Howard Taft of Ohio. The family is connected with Taft Broadcasting and King’s Island Amusement Park (Cincinnati).
  4. Frank “Bo” Wood, founder and radio host for 102.7-FM WEBN Radio in Cincinnati. (Full owner of one MGCE entity.)
  5. Oscar Robertson, University of Cincinnati basketball player. (Part-owner of one of the entities.)
  6. Frostee Rucker, former Cincinnati Bengals football defensive end.(Part-owner of one of the entities.)
  7. Dayton pain specialist Suresh Gupta (Half-owner of one MGCE.) In 2008, Gupta was tried and acquitted (7/31/08) of assaulting four female patients in the context of pain management ( Reviews of his pain management practice on give him an average of only 1.5 stars out of 5 as of October 29, 2015.
  8. Barbara Gould, a philanthropist based in Indian Hill (Cincinnati suburb).

For the location of these farms and processing facilities that will create so many new jobs,please see

Medical Marijuana Monopoly Wielded By The Wealthy.


Some nurses in the United States and globally are retiring and quitting. The 12-hour shifts up to 5 and 6 days per week may be responsible for part of this loss, because the shortage was already under way when the wonderful system of three day’s of 12-hour shifts became popular. Now it’s 5 or 6 days with requests for additional work as well. Nurses are burning out on this schedule.

Further, nursing schools across America have difficulty expanding their capacity to meet an increasing demand for care. In fact, these schools are experiencing a shortage of nursing instructors.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections to 2022, the Registered Nurse (RN) is in the top occupations for job growth. America needs more nurses. The also country needs LPNs, LVNs, and even thousands more Certified Nursing Aides. The RN shortage is likely to be strongest the American South and the West through 2030, perhaps because many retirees move tho these locales.

What can America do about its RN Nursing Shortage?

File:2250 photo.JPG

By Boysdn (Own work) [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons

Do you need a well-paying job and feel willing to travel to another state in order to secure it? Even if you are a worker ages 50 and older? It’s possible and it’s all taking place in Houston, Texas.

We know that Texas was relatively unaffected by the Great Recession of 2008 – 2010, especially in its major cities. All these cities are good places for workers of any age to find employment, including our senior citizens.

Many Seniors need to work past “retirement”, the definition of which is changing.

Did you know that under the Reagan Administration, the Social Security Retirement Age for full benefits was scheduled to increase to age 75?

That’s right! Younger Baby Boomers today may not retire until age 66 already, and some of them have received letters stating that they should not retire until age 70.

Regardless, many of our nation’s older workers want and need to work past age 62. Houston is the best city in the State of Texas to do so, because of the long list of Senior Resources available and the large number of jobs open. Texas is much more than big hats, longhorn steers, and horses.

And why not work, unless you can schedule a global tour to last about five years? I met a woman long ago who was in her 70s and working in a large department store in Downtown Dayton, Ohio. Sure, her hair was white, but her demeanor was that of a joyous young woman. I want to be like that!

Here is a snapshot of jobs most often listed in Houston, where we have over 70,000 openings in Early July 2015:

  • Healthcare and Healthcare Support offer over 49,000 openings in Greater Houston- Travel health professionals are dramatically in demand and these folks earn more than average and benefit from perks like mortgage payments!
  • Engineers are needed to the tune of 15,000 openings in various field from It to Healthcare to Oil & Gas. More thousands of technician’s jobs are attached to these engineers, especially in the Aerospace Industry.
  • Officer Support, Customer Service, and Call Center jobs number over 14,000. remember Dame Judy Dench’s character in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – she became a call center consultant.
  • Business and Finance lists over 11,000 openings for auditors, accountants, and analysts.

Whatever your plans for the future and your retirement, if you need to work, you might want to get your self to Houston!

Increasing numbers of assaults in American emergency rooms against healthcare professionals and medical support staff have been recorded as initiated by various patients, their relatives, and significant others. Some of these attacks are assaults with deadly weapons. This may be one reason that we have a shortage of healthcare professionals working today.

During January 2015, such an assault – a shooting – happened in Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. It caused the death of a heart surgeon, Michael J. Davidson, MD. His patient, an older woman, died and her son came into the hospital a few months later with a loaded gun to seek vengeance. He is in the legal system at this time, but that does not bring back the deceased doctor, whose patients have been added to the already heavy workload of other professionals..

This is not an isolated incident. At St. John’s Hospital in Mapplewood, Minnesota a male patient pulled a metal bar out of the railing on the side of his bed, chased a nurse down a hallway, and beat her when she fell. In Central Ohio we are hearing about patients and visitors becoming angry and violent about wait times, questions about treatment, and other irritants. Families sometimes fight among themselves and the healthcare staff is injured when they attempt to intervene to keep the hospital an orderly place.

America seems always short of nurses and doctors. Before Obamacare took effect in 2013 – 2014, estimates were that the numbers of nurses, doctors, and support staff needed after Obamacare would decrease, but the opposite has been true.

To fill medical and other health care treatment and support positions across the United States, steps must be taken to ensure safety on the job.  Everyone deserves a safe workplace.

See: Can Emergency Room Violence Toward Staff Be Prevented?

In 1863 during the American Civil War, futurist author Jules Verne wrote about the France he envisioned in 1960 and he was correct on almost all points. Exceptionally far-sighted in this regard, he was regarded as a mad man by his publisher and advised to forget his tale of the future. Verne locked it away in a safe, in which it was not found for about 120 years.

Verne’s great-grandson opened the safe, had the manuscript authenticated, and published in 1994.

Paris in the 20th Century

is a cautionary tale about industry, technology, and capitalism at their full combined reach, to the detriment of the humanities.

Read along with great books and films of from 1960 itself, we can be doubly cautioned in 2010.

For several years, a Smart2121 smartest cities in the world – is an annual list of global sites that are succeeding economically despite all obstacles.  All of these cities are using technology to the fullest extent, making sure that everyone in town has access to the Internet and Information, as quickly as possible. Fiber infrastructures are key and partnerships among government, business, and education networks are vital. Among these Smart21, the US had 7 cities honored in 2009 and a decline to 6 cities in 2010.  Which American cities made the SMART6 list?

The local Fruit Cove population was 16,077 in the US CENSUS 2000 and increased substantially through 2009 to 28,462, nearly double. This significant increase – larger than for any other Florida city, town, or village – led Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine to name it the fastest growing place in Florida for 2010.

A dozen local colleges and Universities and a US Naval Air Station just to the north about 2 miles bring a strong economy to the market area that continues to grow quickly. In May 2010, there were over 13,000 jobs openings for Fruit Cove/Jacksonville. See job trends and places to visit  on vacation at the link.

Wild West: Top 10 Hot Employment and Travel Opportunities in Wyoming

Wyoming in the historic territory and state of many firsts: National Parks, the Women’s Right to Vote, library system, park ranger stations and other interesting tourist draws. The air is healthy and invigorating and Teddy Roosevelt absolutely loved the early state of Wyoming.    When you vacation in the state, you may even find a new job and stay longer than you expected, with 40,000 openings at any given time.

O Pennsylvania – HubTrail Happenings for Your Next Hop

Pennsylvania features a huge number of museums that honor anything and anyone from guitars architecture to Jimmy Stewart and Andy Warhol.  Outdoor recreation and sports are available all year long and the romantic mountains  provide intimate getaway locations as well. Family activities are in no shortage and a large group of Amish and Mennonite farms are open to visitors for history and good food. Jobs are available all over the state as well and you can find them at the above link.  There is just too much good to say about Pennsylvania!

I Love Canada, True North and Free:

I love Canada for many reasons and it is difficult to list them all in one piece of work! 

First is the attitude of the people that I meet there: calm, helpful, relaxed. Second is a list of different favorites that fall into many categories – TV, historical sites, famous personalities, little known events…

In the 18 months to March 2010, job listings for Morgantown  increased by 82%, almost DOUBLED. Traditionally, West Virginia has been written off as a poverty-stricken backwater, but it is clearly not. An upswing in job listings continues in April, gathered from 1000s of job boards and company career pages in this article. The High Demand Jobs and Top Hiring Companies are listed for easy contact. Go Mountaineers!


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