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I found the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong National Museum of Play in New York. What a delight!  Their motto has to do with learning, creativity, and discovery, which are not offered to all children, either in the US or globally.

Sometimes, children are consumed by the work of sheer survival and never see a toy. The lives of other children are cut too short by tragedy. I hope the families of the children who perished in the Sandy Hook Elementary School disaster of December 2012 will donated their children’s Christmas Presents to a charity or needy family in their neighborhoods.

In writing this holiday article, I wish every child everywhere the delights of play, family  and friendship – even those children who are over 100 years old.

via Who’s In the National Toy Hall of Fame?.


The American Psychological Association has examined the large body of research behind all the disorders that landed on the new Autism Spectrum published by the Other APA (Psychiatric) in the DSM-V diagnostic manual effective May 2013.

Public input was taken into account by the psychiatric professionals. The stricter criteria may cut tome people out of a diagnosis, but some experts see it the other way. Regardless, some private citizens may be unhappy with the findings. On the other hand, some treatments work amazingly well in very early childhood. It is hoped that symptoms can be eliminated by age 5.

Early Childhood Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD, and Diagnostic Changes

How to Act at The Public Library

Although they are public facilities, public libraries are workplaces for staff,  volunteers, researchers, and tutors. Personal and professional etiquette is important for good customer service to patrons and to have a place conducive to work. Even though you as a patron are not usually purchasing something at the library, you are a customer. Read some of the horror stories at local libraries above at the link – cars driving through buildings, fistfights, all sorts of things.

Children in Restaurants – How to Have A Friendly Meal

Have you ever been knocked down by toddlers running through the aisles and under tables in a nice restaurant? have you ever sat down in a chair smeared with condiments? While many good parents train their children on how to behave in a restaurant, some other parents do not, and still others do not watch their kids at all in these establishments – when they are ready to leave, they don;t even know where their toddlers are. Some really simple ideas would help us all to have a friendly meal, if they were followed.

In the 1990s, a major cause of death among “infant to 5-years” in America was murder. In school districts in my Midwest county during those years, the major issue reported by interviewed parents and teachers in schools from daycare to grade 12 was violence.

Toledo OH, although additional legal efforts have been directed toward the problem, is the gateway city for distributing children across North America for the sex trade. This includes Canada, but Canada already suffered child abuse and exploitation. Lynda Martin draws inspiration from years of caseload and personal experiences in abusive treatment to bring us This Bird Flew Away.

This Bird Flew Away by Lynda M. Martin

“A Journey from Neglect, Betrayal and Abuse to a Life Dedicated to Helping Others”

FULL REVIEW: This Bird Flew Away


Bullying manifests as the cowardice that picks on the smaller, the weaker, and the less socio-politically powerful.  Help to stop it. 

The targets of bullies are sometimes some sort of threat to the bully. The targets threaten to receive or to have the potential to receive attention, love, education, a good job, money, fame, responsibility, and authority, along with other intangibles and tangibles.

So, bullies pick on either:

  1. Smaller, weaker people or animals; and. or
  2. People that may attract larger amounts of power than the bully.

Some of the most frequently occurring and clearest cases of Number 2 in modern times are a) women abused by mates when they gather friends, are offered a job, etc. and b) children and youth that do well in school in academics; in arts, music, drama, etc.; or in all.

The research of Dr. Dan Owleus is highlighted by the American Psycholocial Association. It focuses on the bully with anger and impulse control problems, the need for power, consistent defiance toward adults, and lack of empathy. This suggests a sociopath, making bullies mentally ill. This research does not directly link to competition, although a sociopath may seem to be in competition against the world.


 How to Stop Bullying When the World Urges It On.


Japanese Baby Boomers are retiring, leaving fewer taxpayers to replace them. Japan reprots some of the highest life expectancies globally, but low birth rates. There were 1.19 million deaths in 2010, the most since 1947 when the records started. Japan is almost at Zero Population growth.

In 2010, Japan contracted by 123,000 people, losing population numbers in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 to cancer, heart disease, stroke, and others. Age 65+ = 25% of Japan’s population in December 2010. Younger people are putting off marriage and children. [NOTE from Careerping: In fact, young women in 1980s’ Japan began to rebel against marriage and children, a trend that has extended 30 years. Japan is becoming a nation of Senior Citizens.]

The year 2010 showed 706,000 recorded marriages, the lowest figure since 1954. Unwed pregnancies are an insignificant number, so fewer marriages = fewer children = fewer Japanse.

via Major Causes Of Divorce — Japan Gaining on USA and Canada 2005 – 2020.

          The history of dreams and their importance is often neglected by modern people. “Dream Interpretation” and fortune-telling are entertaining but they fully miss the point. Dreams are a projection forward to which you  can travel, passing over your obstacles.

Dream Guessing and Fulfilling in Native American Cultures

During the MidWinter Festivals of the Eastern Woodlands nations in America,  Dreamguessing is called the Ceremony of the Great Riddle.  Some dreams are shared outright and interpreted, but others are related vaguely.  These are guessed by the community, which then does everything it can do to make those dreams come true – especially of good dreams. 

Bad dreams are acted out symbolically with appropriate consequences also delivered symbolically so that the dreamer can be released from old concerns and make new accomplishments in the New Year unfettered by the past.  Livelihood and marriages often come into important play in these celebrations, amid community support. Friendships are often restored.

          School supplies are too expensive for most families when only specific BRAND NAMES can be purchased.  Some school families in America have been strapped for cash to pay for $65 to $100 worth of school supplies in Elementary School!  In Middle and High Schools, add an expensive calculator that is required.

Some Parent Teach Organizations are purchasing supplies in bulk at Whole sale Prices to offer large discounts to their students.  Have a look at the articles above and see what you can do to avoid financial problems at the start of the school year.

Toledo, for its delivery of teen and child prostitutes to the rest of North America and Asia, was found to be the No. 1 Gateway City for Teen Prostitution. It has supplied points in Canada and Las Vegas with teens and even infants. Aside from the global delivery of these children, Toledo has been Number 3 by itself in child sex trafficking.

Toledo is the third largest gateway city for child sex tourism and child sex trafficking in America, but supplies all the rest. The City of Toledo has run aground of some hard economic times in recent years and the Underground Economy has grown a bit larger in response — This includes anything from hair braiding without a cosmetology license to neighborhood auto mechanics working on a cash-only basis, to selling children as young as 6 months old into sex slavery.

Professor Celia Williamson of the University of Toledo chaired a task force for research into Ohio’s contribution to the child sex trafficking industry. Initial results estimated Toledo in 4th place in this trafficking in America, that this result was conservative, that it may be actually worse. At least 1,800 people at any point in time in Ohio are held in trafficking bondage. Miami Fl, Portland OR, Las Vegas NV, and Toledo OH are the top 4 US gateway cities, but the Las Vegas child sex victims come mostly from Toledo, pushing it up to third place overall. It is incredible. Also incredible is that 6-month-old infants are used sexually and that men pay $1,000 for 20 minutes to use girls ages 6 months to 12 years in sex tourism.

One of the reasons that child abuse is not reported and the tormented children are not always recused is the unwillingness of the public to see women in as harsh a role as ABUSER. Actually, girls and women have been able to participate in violence for many generations. Even serial killing has been proved among certain women perpetrators. since at least 1826 in America.

Author and historian Caleb Carr explains the role of some women in the world of violence and serial killing in American History through his novel Angel of Darkness.  It is as good as his The Alienist series. All are based in American History.

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