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I found the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong National Museum of Play in New York. What a delight!  Their motto has to do with learning, creativity, and discovery, which are not offered to all children, either in the US or globally.

Sometimes, children are consumed by the work of sheer survival and never see a toy. The lives of other children are cut too short by tragedy. I hope the families of the children who perished in the Sandy Hook Elementary School disaster of December 2012 will donated their children’s Christmas Presents to a charity or needy family in their neighborhoods.

In writing this holiday article, I wish every child everywhere the delights of play, family  and friendship – even those children who are over 100 years old.

via Who’s In the National Toy Hall of Fame?.


175,600+ Hot Jobs are open bear the great beach and park system on the south shores of Long Island, New York.  The area is beautiful, the amenities are increasing, and sustainability and privacy or priorities.

The Top 5 Hot Best Job Listings listed moist often near the beaches of Long Island include the following high-paying business related positions: 

  1. Business Analysts
  2. Financial Analysts
  3. Investment Counselors
  4. Project Managers – IT
  5. Executive and Administrative Assistants

Another full dozen well paying positions offer hundreds of openings in the area as well. Tranportation is great, with trains, buses, and good highways; and several airports nearby.  Car rental and shuttle transporation are other big businesses on Long Island.  Travel attractions are also discussed at:

Top 10 Best Hot Jobs in New York’s Richest Cities — Beaches of Long Island.

          In 2010, I find that a number of people believe that Kitty Genovese is a serial killer or at least an active member of one of the Five Families involved in organized crime in NYC – the Genovese Family.

Did Hate Crime Play in the Kitty Genovese Murder?

Some confusion lies with the general public, as well as with college students in social science classes – especially criminology.  Kitty Genovese was slaughtered outside her apartment building in March of 1964. I studied the case under some of the top criminologists in the country a little over a decade later.  It was gruesome. It led to studies of “crowd mentality” and Bystander Syndrome and other phenomenon related to crime, observers, and later to hate crimes and hate groups.

With over 45 years of time covering the case and new evidence and new material uncovered in the 200s, the murder of Kitty Genovese is more controversial than ever and will probably lead to a number of Masters Theses and PhD Dissertations.  for work already written, check out the famous and infamous Harlan Ellison’s® mentions and reports at the link above.

          2010 World Lacrosse Championships are marred by discrimination that hurts not only Iroquois Nation, but high school, college, men’s and women’s, and professional Lacrosse around the world.

Lacrosse and its Iroquois Inventors of “God’s Game”

The Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team have Iroquois Nation Passports always recognized before 2010 for international travel and return. Not now.

Immigration officials refuse to recognize Iroquois Nation as a sovereign state any longer and the team members were barred from Flying to England for their match with the English Team to open the Championships held only once every four years.

The Iroquois Nationals stood a good chance of winner the overall title this time around. Is this part of the discrimination tactic, or not?

Lacrosse is part of the Iroquois life, not a sport. See all the pertinent history and data the link above.

The 23 members of the New York-based Nationals squad arrived at the Delta Terminal at Kennedy International Airport in team jackets and shirts and were denied boarding.

A Top 7 Industries for 2010 are most likely to create the most new jobs for us in 2010.  These are

Science and Technology,
Business/Finance, and

The Top 20 Jobs we can expect to lead employment listings form from these 7 fields.

Already in January 2010,  lists 2.4 million jobs overall, with 80,000 – 85,000 jobs in each of several of these Top 20 Jobs alone.

See the accompanying link for an analysis and discussion about the best jobs for the new year and where to find them at:

Top 20 Career Choices for 2010

Saint Baranabas Health Care is the site of the First Pediatric Robotic Transplant. The Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center is also located nearby and both of these places provided a wealth of jobs to the Warren NJ area. major insurance companies are located around the region and financial consultants are also in demand.

Job listings have increased 50 – 84% in the Healthcare sector alone in this region. Other high demand occupations include Software Engineers, Sales and Dental professionals, clerical workers, Receptionists, Accountants/CPAs, Managers, and others.

Review Job Listings, trends, and local information at:

Top 15 Hot Jobs in Warren NJ

Niagara Falls is a phenomenal set of two twin cities and three waterfalls! The make up a HOT vacation and business spot in the  United States and Southeast Ontario visited by over 12,000,000 people every year.

Many jobs are available on both the Canadian and the American sides of the falls, and new hotels, casinos, and other businesses are opening continually.

This page contains outstaning photos, videos, and job and travel information for the entire area, along with immigration information:

So You Want To Work At Niagara Falls…  

The best Culinary Artists of the world come out of Dutchess County. Don’t miss this video of “Ace of Cake’s” Geoff on acoustic guitar, Chef Duff, Cat Cora, Anthony Bourdain, and others. Financial Products, Insurance, and Computer Parts Production & IT Management are also big in this county near NYC.

Find out about scholarships at the Culinary Insitute of America at Jobs in Dutchess County.


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