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Religious Implications of “Tron Legacy”.

Tron Legacy addresses the nature and creation of life and considers: by what or by whom can life be created? Science fiction and fantasy literature and film have considered these questions since the 19th Century at least and may never be satisfied with the answers available to date. Tron Legacy raises more questions about these concepts at the end of its film than do many others in 2010.  While some viewers and critics see Legacy as much-awaited entertainment and others think it fails to live up to expections, I see parallels with the possible future of Humankind very close to the surface of this work. They are startling. 

Having believed since the Internet became popular that like patterns present themselves incyberspace, Earthly life, and outer space via fractal equations, Tron Legacy raised the hair on the back of my neck.  it is not just an entertaining film with a return of Jeff Bridges. It could be prophetic.


U of C researchers part of historic antimatter capture.

The University of Calgary in Albert Province, Canada; lays claim to the astonishing feat of capturing 38 atoms for 1/10 second as anti-matter. Star Trek® lives!

  1. What constitutes High Blood Pressure in the 21st Century?
  2. What is the effect on blood pressure of living and working in Outer Space?

These are important questions to answer as American begins to plan to reach out to Mars exploration and possibly a Moon Base via privatized space flight. A moon base may be a good place for a hypertension clinic, according to some Midwest physicians. However, blood pressure on earth is a vital part of life and health.

Definitions of the ranges of blood pressure readings among humans have changed  in practice and official guidelines from the National Institutes of Health, the American Heast Association, the Red Cross, and other professional groups are quite good in general.  However, individual differences among people can make blood pressure reading confusing and illnesses can make them scary. Find out more at:

Changing Definitions of Hypertension

          Nursing Research Studies have raised questions about how well end-of-life directives are followed in real-life situations.

A new program in America allows individuals to use a standard form signed by a physician to communicate their end-of-life care preferences on issues like 1) medical intervention, 2) tube feeding, 3) extraordinary measures, etc.  Gerontology and Nursing Research can improve the quality of life and follow the exact wishes during the last years, months, and days of an individual.

Cutting Edge Nursing Research

Nursing and Physician Research led to this program: Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.  Read more at the link above about cutting edge Nursing Research into Obesity and other major concerns for the 2010s.

          Albert Einstein worked with a former student of his in physics to invent and patent a refrigerator and several models between 1926 and 1933. This refrigerator was a green appliance before sustainability was even imagined in Industrialized Society. 

Einstein’s Refrigerator Patent – Green and Sustainable for Today

The absorption type refrigerator is perfect for sustainability and for the poor and third world countries that have few resources. It requires only some small form of heat source like a small gas or propane burner.  New models considered for the market in the 2010s may, in fact, operate on solar power. Einstein was a practical man, as well as a recognized theoretician.

Hubble Space Telescope Facts:

The Hubble Space Telescope completes a second full decade in space in April 2010.  This is 20 years of awesome photography, courtesy of the American Space program…

The career of artist is a respected profession among all professions, equal in worth and hard work. Despite some failure to understand its implications, we are nonetheless coming to understand that art and music are as important as mathematics, reading, and sciences and that all of these are related. In fact, art and musical expression help young children to develop greater capacities for learning and using language and mathematics.  Works of the Kennedy Center for the Arts has proved this and so have other studies.

Cubism is a form of art that is often misunderstood. While Picasso is credited with the inventor of this style, he was really not the first founder. Read about this in

Cubism: The Geometry of France.

Apple and other fruit production is constantly the subjects of research and design projects that intend to increase varieties that can be stored for longer periods of time and feed more people worldwide.  related to this, universities, government, and private industry are joining more regularly to produce more food and more long-term jobs in America.

“Invented” in Japan by combining two American apples, the Fuji apple is one of the subjects of research and design mentioned above.  Increasing numbers of Fuji varieties are in the works and the apple can already be kept for 30 days in the refrigerator. The trees are good producers and the apples can be sauced without the addition of any sugar.

For recipes, a video of Mount Fuji artwork pieces, and additional history, see:

Fruit of Mount Fuji

Alton Brown is my career-planning hero, a great example of success. He won the 1st PEABODY AWARD for Food Network. He writes, produces and stars in his own show for FREE. He determinedly earns a living via personal appearances, book signings, selling knives and books, and coming up with other witty projects. He is active with American Heart Assn. & his recipes are on He and his crew are great comics and actors and are joined by the son of the Addams Family’s star, Thing. Read a complete review with videos at the link. Please enjoy.

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