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While California has several “top cities”, job listings, employment trends, tourist attractions, and other attra ctions, many cities are highlighted only if named “Best Cities” or “Fastest-Growing Cities” by a variety of organizations and financial magazines. These are, CNNMoney, Kiplinger, and several others. California also is home to several cities that provide equally good options, but have not yet, or least often, been pronounced “best” cities.

MOUNTAIN VIEW is one of these cities, with a 167% increase in job listings since 2009. It’s also home to Google. For more cities with real jobs in California, see 

via Top 15 Best Hot California Cities for Jobs, Relocation, and Travel Attractions.


A Forum Post asked about 40% of American physicians closing their practices as Obamacare comes to fruition in 2010. This information originated from News and Analysis. However, I saw the beginnings of adjustment back in 1990 and 2010’s senior citizens have likely seen related changes before that.

In Central Ohio dozens, quickly becoming hundreds, of physicians have 1) already closed their practices before their retirement ages or 2) refused to see and eliminated from their practices entirely:

  1. All Medicare and Medicaid patients
  2. All patients without health and or major medical insurance other than in No. 1 above. This includes “self pay” patients that can afford to pay 100% costs out of pocket.

Top physicians, surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals in Columbus volunteer at a series of free health clinics any one of 4 nights per week and some weekend afternoons. These clinics are seeing longer and longer lines of the waiting ill. See what might happen next.

Franklin is among the 100 Best Cities for Living in America.
Some of the most common job openings listed in Franklin NJ are in Healthcare, Sales, and Office Jobs.  Production and transportation jobs are also available within a 25-mile radius.  About 80% of residents work at private companies, but 10% or more work for the government. A full city review for jobs, travel, and relocation is available at this link.


IT jobs, such as Software Developer/Engineer and related position are also growing in Franklin and nearby cities. increases in jobs overall have been evident from February through May 2010 and again in October.  Jobs in Healthcare, Transportation, and IT especially are predicted to increase through 2016.

One of the Top 10 Fastest-Growing American Careers through 2020.

Financial Examiners under a variety of job titles are in high demand, because of funding bailouts and accountability in the USA and the world since the Recession of 2008 -2010.  Financial and inventory transactions are under a microscope and are likely to stay in that position or several years. In addition, Stimulus Funds must be accounted for in grant administration across the United States.

Today, I see that Governor Elect Kasich not only wants forbid the 3C Rail project, but to cancel all studies currently ongoing into high-speed transportation AND endanger ANOTHER $400,000,000 in Education funds received already. He wants to scrap the RFP grant-proposed and federally-approved program for education reform in Ohio, meaning that the money will be rescinded because the grant-based contract was not followed.

That’s $800,000,000 of money he refuses to let Ohioans have. Our mass transit system(s) is almost nonexistent, businesses and college grads are leaving the state and middle income folks without automobiles are stuck in Ohio.  The loss of $800 Million (yes, eight hundred million) also loses Ohio a load of jobs.

What will the new governor do to target and reduce the child sex trafficking in Toledo? Will he pull plans for that project and send back the money?

Ohioans voted for him. I wish they had not.

What if the POTUS threw the switch and killed the American Internet for 6 months? That is what Americans fear at this time, because they are locked in to the convenience and companionship of Social Networking and Making an Income Online.  The US federal government is looking into greater control of the Internet and that possibility frightens people – especially formally laid off people who found income online – about their future. Will their livelihood be eliminated if the switch is thrown for 6 months on an administrative decision.

Here’s What Could Happen —

The Day the Internet Stood Still 

Best American Cities – Hot Jobs in Yorba Linda CA

Job listings have increased significantly from 2009 – 2010 in Orange County, California. In fact, jobs in Irvine doubled to 59,000 listings in October 2010. Yorba Linda jobs (79,000) nearby increased by 25%. All this is happening after the federal  Stimulus Funds were applied at the county level and in Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, IT, and Retail Sales jobs – not government make-work jobs.   

Assertions that the Stimulus did not work, at least in this part of California, are incorrect and may be political ploys to swing the mid-term elections on November 2, 2010 to too-conservative candidates. infrastructure and several other programs are increasing the economy of the OC through real private sector jobs.

This NE suburb of Dallas on Lake Ray Hubbard with its upscale shoreline neighborhoods, great family-oriented areas, night life, and recreational activities is growing fast. Mass transit in the form of new highways, rail line extensions, and additional bus services not only keeps up with the population, but affords easier, more efficient commercial and passenger transport.

Rowlett is home to a number of families, young professionals and mid-careerists as well, with 15,000 job vacancies in October 2010. Jobs have increased by a large margin since 2008 and are continuing to rise.

Top 100 Cities in America – Rowlett TX

Rowlett offers its own enjoyable attractions and is only 20 minutes from Dallas, which is full of dozens more. Lake Ray Hubbard is like an Oasis in a hot country and local Bed and Breakfast inns are highly recommended. For more information, see the link above.

          America may have 6 or 7 million people vying for 4 million jobs, but specific metropolitan area are actually short of workers. From looking at Top 10 and Top 100 lists researched and presented by economic analysts in online magazines like Money, Forbes, and US News and World Reports, I am seeing a trend — Not a hard and fast formula, but a trend that might help job seekers.   

The suburbs of dozens of large cities are expanding around the perimeters of their larger neighbors as these metros also increase in physical size, population, and economic activities. Some of this is attributable to the Stimulus fundings provided by the Obama Administration, but some to other sources as well.  It appears that the areas between the suburbs and the major cities are filling in with residences, businesses, industrial parks, shopping malls, new highways interchanges, government contracted companies, and all sorts of ventures.

Some of the fastest growing and Top 100 Best Cities to look at for jobs and relocation are the following places where 1,000s of job vacancies appear:

In addition, some high-to-moderately paying jobs are increasing very quickly during the first half of this century: 

J. Robert King The RPG King

pun intended – brought back Carnacki the Ghost Hunter and put him the start of his career, in Switzerland.  He then made Professor James Moriarty into a lovable and reasonable person with a genius wife and daughter before they all met Jack the Ripper.

All of this is like holding an RPG in your hands, because Mr. King is a top role-playing game designer of a legion of entertaining and popular games. The fact that he can write a witty horror and sci-fi novel is killer.

The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls

The most humorous sections lie, in part, in Sherlock’s amnesic state.  He takes the name of the tailor on the tag inside his suit coat – Mr. Silence.  Hilarious! – He doesn’t know who he is, but he can still deduce everything else in the universe.

Carnacki is funny as well — His manipulation of the press in order to goad the Paris Ripper is side-splitting. One of Carnacki’s article made me laugh so far loud that I dropped the book.  There’s more and you must find this book and read it if you are looking for something familiar, yet fresh and madcap.

This book is historical fiction, spread thickly to fiction and a rollicking good time. There is a gateway left wide open for a sequel and I hope we get one soon. Cheers!


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