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In 2013, American companies advertise approximately 1,000 anti-corruption related positions across the country;but, the number of openings advertised rose to over 1,400 positions in Spring 2015.

This is a rapidly expanding sector in the area of Criminology and should continue to produce new jobs in the next several years. Competitions between nations is rising as USA, Russia, China and other go after property tights on Mars, the Moon, and the Asteroid Belt.

In Medicine, anti-corruption work is important to control fraud in personal injury, Workers Compensation, SSI/SSDI, Medicare, Medicaid, drugs, transplant and 3D-Printer organs marketing, and many others.

Highest Demand Anti-Corruption Jobs Advertised Include:

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Senior Audit Leader
  • Litigation/Forensic Accountant
  • Audit Manager
  • Cyber Crime and Breach Response
  • Risk & Compliance Specialist
  • Anti-Money Laundering Analyst
  • Insurance Investigator
  • Claims Analyst

See many more and their locations at:

The Work of the Anti-Corruption Manager


Useful links with researched job listings:

Texas is steadily maintaining a sizable pool of job advertisements, with help from the Aerospace and Healthcare Industries, along with Oil & Gas. That’s despite the blocking of the last leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Trucks are carrying the oil and tar sands down from Canada and that has led to an increase in trucking jobs to just about 1,000,000 truck drivers needed in America. That is good news! These are permanent jobs, whereas the Pipeline jobs created would have lasted only a matter of several months, except for a handful of supervisors and engineers.

Texas is good news for business and workers also, because there is no state income tax, but plenty of business incentives offered. On top of that is the network available for people ages 55 and older to use free-of-charge for finding jobs, housing, and other opportunities.

It may be hot in parts of Texas, but the job opportunities are hotter.

Increasing numbers of assaults in American emergency rooms against healthcare professionals and medical support staff have been recorded as initiated by various patients, their relatives, and significant others. Some of these attacks are assaults with deadly weapons. This may be one reason that we have a shortage of healthcare professionals working today.

During January 2015, such an assault – a shooting – happened in Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. It caused the death of a heart surgeon, Michael J. Davidson, MD. His patient, an older woman, died and her son came into the hospital a few months later with a loaded gun to seek vengeance. He is in the legal system at this time, but that does not bring back the deceased doctor, whose patients have been added to the already heavy workload of other professionals..

This is not an isolated incident. At St. John’s Hospital in Mapplewood, Minnesota a male patient pulled a metal bar out of the railing on the side of his bed, chased a nurse down a hallway, and beat her when she fell. In Central Ohio we are hearing about patients and visitors becoming angry and violent about wait times, questions about treatment, and other irritants. Families sometimes fight among themselves and the healthcare staff is injured when they attempt to intervene to keep the hospital an orderly place.

America seems always short of nurses and doctors. Before Obamacare took effect in 2013 – 2014, estimates were that the numbers of nurses, doctors, and support staff needed after Obamacare would decrease, but the opposite has been true.

To fill medical and other health care treatment and support positions across the United States, steps must be taken to ensure safety on the job.  Everyone deserves a safe workplace.

See: Can Emergency Room Violence Toward Staff Be Prevented?

I look at employment trends and job openings every day and have done so for 12 years, as I have worked to help job seekers find stable and satisfying employment.

I have noticed an increase in driving jobs – especially in Truck Driving, CDL-licensed and otherwise, – since 2012.

Many of these advertised job listings are for CDL-licensed truck drivers and owner-operators of large trucks like semis, refrigerator trucks, logging trucks, and even tanker trucks. This increase in jobs indicates an increase in goods production and transport needs in the United States.

What goods? – Auto parts, computer parts, robots and robotic parts, aerospace related parts, spacecraft, oil, tar sands, vegetable foods, livestock, scrap metal, trash, medical devices – the list goes on.

Many of these jobs start at $50,000 and many have sign-on bonuses. Training is sometimes free to the student, while some students are paid to become truck drivers. See more information at:

Truck Driver Jobs Increase Across America – Over 900,000 Openings

US federal agencies and private companies analyze data about the workplace in America and publish their findings to help workers.Their findings are useful and sometimes shocking.

Several occupational titles are High Risk in terms of exposure to diseases.

According to the US Labor Department, an occupational disease is a chronic ailment that is the result of working at some job-related activity. As such, it is part of occupational safety and health and further, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) that guarantees American workers a safe, clean, and disease-free place of employment.

Does you job make you sick? Is it in the Top 10 Jobs that make Americans ill? Take a look and see —

via Ten Unhealthiest Jobs In America – Top 10 Jobs That Make Us Sick.

          Health and Medical, Business and Finance, Retail and Food, Information Technology. What’s the Number 1 Top Job to expand from 2010 to 2018 and probably to 2050? —


We already need more of these professionals in the Ohio Space Corridor in 2010: Fairborn, Dayton, Cincinnati, and all the space in between. In the American Southwest and elsewhere, Space Ports are  readying to accept commercial travelers and freight shipments. Space flight, public and private, requires specific medical care and prevention, but Biomedical Engineers work in a number of files, such a biomedical imaging, prosthetics, vaccines, and many others. 

Some bias in reporting represents that Nurses make up the Job Vacancies in America.  That is not quite correct, but we do have a shortage of nurses in several metro areas and rural regions of our country. It’s one reason Travel Nursing is gaining workers – they can travel and stay up to a year in another town with extra benefits of different types and bonuses.

As North American populations age and also grow in numbers, we will be needing additional health, business, and personal services at least until 2050.

          Winnipeg was incorporated into a giant Unicity in 1971 – 1972, combining several smaller communities into the Capital Region of Manitoba. This organization of cities and towns has spurred economic growth and cultural development in all of the places around Winnipeg.  It is a tourist meccas, but also attracts new businesses and residents. At the end of Summer 2010, 5000 jobs were available inteh Winnipeg area in Internet-based postings.

Winnipeg Travel and Employment

New infrastructure in the 2000s included twin bridges across the Red River and a vital archeological site in Downtown Winnipeg. One of the bridges is a foot bridge and both lead across from Downtown to the French sector called St. Boniface. Historical, entertaining, and dining attractions are excellent on either side of the bridges and in the middle of one of them as well.  Winnipeg is a must-see big city.

          Nursing Research Studies have raised questions about how well end-of-life directives are followed in real-life situations.

A new program in America allows individuals to use a standard form signed by a physician to communicate their end-of-life care preferences on issues like 1) medical intervention, 2) tube feeding, 3) extraordinary measures, etc.  Gerontology and Nursing Research can improve the quality of life and follow the exact wishes during the last years, months, and days of an individual.

Cutting Edge Nursing Research

Nursing and Physician Research led to this program: Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.  Read more at the link above about cutting edge Nursing Research into Obesity and other major concerns for the 2010s.

In 1863 during the American Civil War, futurist author Jules Verne wrote about the France he envisioned in 1960 and he was correct on almost all points. Exceptionally far-sighted in this regard, he was regarded as a mad man by his publisher and advised to forget his tale of the future. Verne locked it away in a safe, in which it was not found for about 120 years.

Verne’s great-grandson opened the safe, had the manuscript authenticated, and published in 1994.

Paris in the 20th Century

is a cautionary tale about industry, technology, and capitalism at their full combined reach, to the detriment of the humanities.

Read along with great books and films of from 1960 itself, we can be doubly cautioned in 2010.


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