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Organized scientific projects join with Research Triangle Park professionals to link the Roanoke Lost Colonists and current descendants of early Native American peoples they met in. Some of the researchers are descendants, themselves.

The Croatan People are not extinct, either. Their descendants live in North Carolina today. 

Evidence has been found in old and new maps of the area, archaeological artifacts, a buried fort on the 42-mile long Hatteras Island, and DNA markers, as well as oral histories of the descendants of mixed marriages among the English and the Croatan and other Native Peoples beginning in the late 1580s. 

via Lost Roanoke Colony Found By Research Triangle Scientists


Any link below is to one page of over 2,150 pages used by students in USA and Canada for help with their studies and homework. Book reviews and movie reviews also help studies. There are even city reviews and historical presentations, some with cutting edge new information.

Job Seekers also use the employment articles given. Middle School and High School students use the good advice about what makes a good employee.

Feel free to access these pages and quote short passages for your projects as long as you give credit to the author and include a link, if you can do so, in your papers and projects.

Have a fantastic 2015 – 2016 Academic Year!

Where is the Superstition Freeway?  It is a real section of highway on Arizona’s US Highway 60 that runs past the Lost Dutchman Mine and tons of attractions in the Superstition Mountains. This area is between the Greater Phoenix Metro Area and New Mexico, where an Apache Reservation covers lands in both states.  

Truck driving jobs have grown to nearly 1,000,000 in the United States in the first two months of 2015 and they give signs of increasing even more.  Driving through the magical lands of the American Southwest is a good way to spend that truck driving time.

Phoenix itself offers an increasing number of jobs. and the city is the source of amazing IT innovations among its young people, as shown in the film Spare Parts with George Lopez. Arizona and New Mexico colleges and universities partner with business and government to come up with new products like petroleum-type oil made from algae.

Nearby and in the western suburbs of Phoenix, Surprise AZ is among the Top 10 Fast Growing Micro-Cities in America. This hows how fast the metro area and the state are growing in population, business, and jobs, although the state is still not overly crowded with people. In fact, the state needs more workers and relocating workers will find a pleasant climate, although hot in summer, and many intriguing and fun attractions.

Some of the jobs growing fast in Central Arizona include Truck Drivers, Biomedical and Healthcare jobs with the help of the University of Arizona and the Mayo Clinic, IT Engineers and Managers, Sales People and Store Managers, Finance and Insurance jobs, and positions in the Construction Trades.  Alternative energy jobs are also stable. Arizona supports well over 500 different Aerospace Industry companies and some of these appear on the listing of NASA’s Commercial Crew. Aerospace jobs are increasing.

US 60 runs through Central Arizona and hits many towns with good employment opportunities, especially the Phoenix Metro.

October 1972, a Texas-New Mexico oil pipeline burst and sent 285,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment. Any pipeline might burst. Source: EPA/NARA

October 1972, a Texas-New Mexico oil pipeline burst and sent 285,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment. Any pipeline might burst.
Source: EPA/NARA

The Keystone XL Pipeline is called the Black Snake, because of its sludgy, toxic, and corrosive bituminous contents flowing down from Alberta, Canada. Without caustic additives, the stuff is so thick, it will not move.

The jobs also coming through the pipeline will last only a few months, except for a very thin skeleton crew that will be kept on the job aft the disputed pipeline is connected to the other pipes.

The caustic chemicals will eat through the pipes and leak onto the ground and into water supplies, because the metal pf the pipes is unprotected.It’s like using heavy-duty DRAINO on your bathroom pipes until they crumble away.

The pipes will not be cleaned, except to flush between oil-tar sands and oil transport, if ever.  Never, because the only type of material in the extension up for US Senate vote in 2015 is oil-tar sands.  When the material originates, it is called the Canada Cancer Corridor and special hospitals have been built there.

If you want a high paying short-term job, then go for the Keystone Xl jobs in the West, but save your money, because these will not last.  Be careful of road blockades by the local Native American Nations whose reservations you may be working upon, possibly without permission.

Read more at:

Keystone XL Pipeline and Fear of Another Cancer Corridor

The Big Ohio River Becomes a National Scenic Byway in 1996, one of the 14 National Scenic Byways first chosen in the United States.

This honor gives the river a distinction not unlike that of being one of the 13 Original Colonies.

The Ohio River passes through 14 different counties between Indiana and Pennsylvania. In West Virginia and Kentucky, it has sometimes been called Big Sandy River.

The place farthest to the south in the state is a city called South Point. At the western end is a GHOST TOWN and at the eastern end is the place where a famous criminal died. In between are incredible archaeological and historical sites, concerts and other entertainment venues, sports, fishing, places to relax, paddle boat cruises, hiking & biking, great diners and restaurants, museums, art galleries, and a series of bridges to Kentucky and West Virginia natural wonders.


via Ohio River Scenic Byway Tours from Shawnee Lookout to East Liverpool.

Some Texans want to close the northern border of the state at the Red River as well as the southern border at the Rio Grande. So many people are moving to Texas because of lower taxes and the lack of a state income tax, that some feel that Texas will become crowded.  Plenty of good jobs are available, however, because several major cities in Texas are among the fastest growing in population and jobs in America.

So, will Texas close its borders and secede fro the USA or not? Border wars have been prolific for about 300 years on both north and south borders, so citizens and official may indeed become tired of the commotion.

On February 4, 2014 a Texas news commentator on y local Midwest newscasts mentioned that the immigration problem called for tighter border patrols. We hear that every day, do we not? However, he said that the state was thinking about closing off the Red River Border between Oklahoma and Texas in order to stop so many people from moving in from New York.

See aso Texas Threatens to Close Northern Border at the Red River.

The small town of Mertzon is 30 miles SW of booming San Angelo. Mertzon has 839 residents,  including children, and 235 job vacancies. That is a much bigger number of jobs open than people looking for them

If that were not enough, jobs more than doubled from June 2013 to June 2015.

In the picturesque San Angelo. Actor Matthew McConaughey owns a successful Longhorn ranch and visitors can see him visiting San Angelo occasionally. Sheep are a big item for ranchers in the area, but Longhorns are still thriving. You can see them when you drive by the ranches and a few allow visitors.

Many advertised jobs in Oil & Natural Gas, including water hauling and the adjunct jobs that appear as businesses grow  – retail, hotel accommodations, construction, restaurants, health and medical facilities, and other services.

An interesting history is maintained in San Angelo, its Fort Concho being the home to the Buffalo Soldiers in this area long ago; and you can see reenactments of battles and visit a number of related museums. Arts and culture are big draws as well.

via Attractions and Oil Jobs In San Angelo, West Texas Ranching Area.

Many in Canadian First Nations communities are starving because of the long distance to cities with grocery producers – conservation measures of been cut by the federal government and food animals and fish are declining around the Hudson Bay. In addition, peoples in Northern Ontario Province live in ramshackle huts covered with plastic sheeting on the shores of James Bay, part of the Arctic Ocean.  They have no school for their children. Companies can come in and rent reservation lands without the permission of the tribes throughout Canada– Where does the money go?

Canada supports 600+ First Nations reserves, since a British royal proclamation in 1763. The related $11 Billion given by the Canadian federal government is not enough to relieve hunger and joblessness among peoples whose lands were confiscated illegally and rented illegally in some places even today.

Aboriginal protests of the Idle No More movement peaked January 11, 2013 with the promise to the federal government that all transportation routes to and from the Alberta oil tar sands would be blockaded.

Pictures already show 1000s of native people and their supporters crowding onto highways and streets to completely block traffic. Semi trucks have been driven onto major railroad tracks and parked. In South Dakota, natives have blockaded highways to stop illegal tar sands transport from Canada that was enabled by illegal waiver of trucking fees by a state official. Residents all along the Keystone pipeline route protest, because they were promised that only crude oil, not tar sands with their greater possibility of leakage would be transported through the pipe.

Read more about a national action day to be held in late January 2013:

via Historic First Nations Protest Against Broken Treaties In Canada 

The Mayans and their descendants made a recent film to explain the truth and eliminate all the Doomsday talk.

The world will not or did not end on December 21, 2012, because that month and year mark the very center point of a 40-year Mayan Cycle. We have art least another 20 years to go. Probably more.

Logically, if the world were going to end or be conquered or carried away by aliens, then either event would not occur until circa 2032, about the time we establish a Mars Colony. The 40-year cycle mentioned is one of turmoil, chaos and bad events, but many four-decade periods of history have been just so.

Fine out the whole story at:

via How the True Meaning of the December 2012 Mayan Prophecy Was Explained By Mayans On PBS.

This is the woman that created the myth of Pilgrims at Thanksgiving. She wrote the story as a retail advertisement in 1840. Read about this writer and the actual first Thanksgiving at:

The First “Thanksgiving” – Original Recipes From 1621, But There Was No Pie Or Pilgrims


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