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A strange name can saddle a child for life with the inability to succeed. This may be a reason behind Odd’s feeling that he is really not very important as a short-order cook. He may work at the Pico Mundo Grille all his life and since he is only 20, that’s another 50 or 60 years.

Will he save money and buy the grille or will h find something else to do? After all, he has special powers – like may people in the new Spring TV Lineup of 2014. For some reason, new movies and  TV series this spring show trending toward the supernatural. They star people with clairvoyance, psychokinesis, healing, and other powers on television and a dozen religious movies are set to appear in close succession.

And we still have the unique show The Blacklist, which must be supernatural, because so many people say they love it, even if they cannot figure it out.

As for names – Many of my former adult education students with unusual names have felt the inadequacies that Odd feels in Book One and his movie; but,  so have some people with popular names and high IQs.He can represent all of us at some crossroads in life.

Odd may be more usual than we suspected.

via Odd Thomas, the Book and Film.

Advertisements Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition DSM-5™ 978-0-89042-554-1.

While many professionals are aghast at the changes in DSM-V, the diagnostic bible of both APAs, the new manual makes for good discussions. It may lead to fistfights. More news forthcoming as I sift through more changes than I initially expected.

Whatever else may happen as a result of the DSM-V  release during the May 2013 annual APA Convention in San Francisco with Keynote Speaker, President William Jefferson Clinton, the Healthcare Industry will expand to handle the increased number of disorders threatening to bloom in US society. In addition to this, with a second Space Mining Company (besides Google’s, 2010) opening in January 2013, Space Medicine practitioners and technicians will reach high demand by 2015.

What a way to have more jobs – by having more sick people! — For example, everyday forgetfulness linked to a packed schedule or other daily stressors can now be disagnosed as a solid disorder and that might qualify it for SSDI or SSI.

Life in America just became more interesting.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER opens tonight, June 21-22 at midnight in many theaters. Wide Release will be Friday June 22, 2012.

Preview audiences have given this film a high rating. If you are into Civil War reenactments or enjoy learning about American History, then this film is for you, because it is accurate. The vampires are extra and make for a fascinating fictional addition to an already exciting story.

If you have not already read it, read O’Reilly’s book on Abraham Lincoln as well – it is some more information that you never received in any classroom!

See the full review of ALVH at

Accuracy and Civil War Reenactors In “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter”

How the Irish Saved Civilization:

The Untold Story of Ireland’s Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europ e- By Thomas Cahill, 1995


Researcher Thomas Cahill uses his education and experiences in the Church and the Classics as he shows that the Irish were critical in preserving Western Civilization in the Classics at a time in which the Huns and Germanics – Visigoths, Franks, Angles, Saxons, Ostrogothsm, and others – wanted to destroy it.

Irish monks preserved of Roman and Greek texts during the fall of the Roman Empire. it was the Irish that carefully copied the texts by hand in illuminated manuscript, a lengthy and worthy process, and added annotations in the margins. Each monk added what he knew from his own education, whether it referenced languages, history, customs, traditions, or whatever else he could add for the edification of new readers. Read more about this and see some illustrations at the link above.

First Person Experiences with Learning Disorders in the ADHD Spectrum: Part-Time Genius, Full-Time Job – This is a book detailing the daily lives of a boy and his mother, through family, divorce, a string of schools, dozens of therapists, and some techniques that actually worked. With an uplifting ending that shows progress is possible, this first-person account can help any parent that has just learned of an ADD or ADHD diagnosis in his or her child.   

Top 10 Jobs for Roslyn Estates, NY – Dedicated to Education and Sustainability. This community may hold pricey homes, but it’s wealth points to the 200,000+ jobs only half an hour away.  The highest demand jobs in the locale begin at $40,000 annually.

Make Money on HubPages via Affiliate Marketing and Other Income Streams  – Many of us make a living writing for HubPages. There’s no magic – just consistent input of well written content, participation in community projects, and some ongoing promotion. People are making a good income after only 1 year on the site. Why not try it while you look for work? 

TALK TO THE ANIMALS: African Grey Parrots – English Language and Interspecies Communications. Your bird pet may or may not be able to hold a conversation with you as do the birds in this long-term study; however, the material shows that being alone in a cage all day is not healthy.  There are things you can do – like have a small “entertainment center” for your parrot friend.

Mr. Schneider is known as The Chicken Whisperer™ and produces a radio show, a blog, and an ongoing tour of the country in promotion of back yard chickens. I don’t have chickens, but I follow The Chicken Whisperer™ on Facebook. Interestingly, livestock scientist Dr. Temple Grandin feels that the domesticated chicken is the next animal the nation should highlight as one needing better and more human living conditions. Andy Schneider is the man to see about that. He is the spokesman for USDA – APHIS Bio-Security for Birds

The Chicken Whisperer Recommends Backyard Chicken Keeping.

The estates of deceased authors sometimes grant permission to new authors to continue a series of novels. Agatha Christie forbade this to occur, permanently, so we will have no more of the entertaining Hercule Poirot.

Perry Mason mysteries continued for a time after the death of Erle Stanley Gardner and even Raymond Burr, with the permission of Gardner’s wife Jean. 

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate screens authors and ideas today and grants permission to the best to use the Sherlock Holmes series characters in pastiche, some of them very good.

However, YA (for young adults) author Anthony Horowitz received permission in January 2011 to write a new Holmes novel and seems to present his story ideas as a first in a series of a reboot rather than a simpler continuation in pastiche.

I can hardly wait! Meanwhile, four others have done an astounding job as well…

via Anthony Horowitz Reboots Sherlock Holmes.


SFBook (SciFi & Fantasy Books) held a Book of the Year reader vote for 2010 and the results publilshed at the website show the following top picks. Votes from #4 below decline to under 7% of total votes and fewer.

  1. The Road to Bedlam by Mike Shevdon. 24.4% of the vote.
  2. Pink Noise by Leonid Korogodsk. 21.8%
  3. Amortals by Matt Forbeck 18.2% “Man wakes up in new clone body and must solve his own murder.” Set in the future in Washington DC.
  4. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. 15.1%

11. While the gods sleep by Johhny Fincham. — This writer says he was the oldest of 5 dyslexic, deranged, and dysfunctional siblings. He has studied English Literature and writes also about palmistry. Odd and interesting.

12. The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan (1948 – 2007). Decorated Viet Nam Conflict veteran and writer.

Some of these authors are living and writing new hits for 2011, even contributing to charities for children. Others are classic novelists, long deceased.

Look at all 12 Top Picks for 2010 and read about the authors and where to find discounted books as well as retail and First Editions via “SciFi and Fantasy Books” Book of the Year 2010 – Top 10 and Authors to Watch in 2011.

If you’re a Blogger or a member of any writing community, try this –

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Tales from the White Hart by Arthur C. Clarke

Id been searching for this book across the world for a couple of years and finally found one on I rceived it quickly and in Good shape for readability. Since then, I have enjoyed reading it more than once.  The book seems to be one of a few in a set of sci-fi classics by diffefrent authors of the Golden Age, all dealing with “space bars.” It’s fun and very entertaining.    

Takes From the White Hart has given me additional insight into the world of the the Star Trek novels’ The Captains Table series. Of the Trek series, my favorite is Fire Ship, set in the ST:Voyager time line, for its story, new universe, and characterizations. Clarke’s White Hart would be a good book to enjoy before reading the Trek Series.  

Visit for more of My Reviews.


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