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Organized scientific projects join with Research Triangle Park professionals to link the Roanoke Lost Colonists and current descendants of early Native American peoples they met in. Some of the researchers are descendants, themselves.

The Croatan People are not extinct, either. Their descendants live in North Carolina today. 

Evidence has been found in old and new maps of the area, archaeological artifacts, a buried fort on the 42-mile long Hatteras Island, and DNA markers, as well as oral histories of the descendants of mixed marriages among the English and the Croatan and other Native Peoples beginning in the late 1580s. 

via Lost Roanoke Colony Found By Research Triangle Scientists


Any link below is to one page of over 2,150 pages used by students in USA and Canada for help with their studies and homework. Book reviews and movie reviews also help studies. There are even city reviews and historical presentations, some with cutting edge new information.

Job Seekers also use the employment articles given. Middle School and High School students use the good advice about what makes a good employee.

Feel free to access these pages and quote short passages for your projects as long as you give credit to the author and include a link, if you can do so, in your papers and projects.

Have a fantastic 2015 – 2016 Academic Year!

The world of psychology is in upheaval since in July 2015, it was revealed via international news that the American Psychological Association may have been complicit with torture used in interrogations at places such as Abu Graib. How will this affect the mental health industry in the future? First, APA immediately notified all members what had happened, as revealed in depth in an analysis known at the Hoffman report. Several top office holders in APA retired early or stepped down from their positions and an internal investigation and house straightening began. I commend the APA leadership for tackling the situation immediately. I respect the organization, especially for developing several divisions within its working to advocate and support any and all who have been marginalized, abused, and yes, even tortured in the past. APA seems always to take immediate action to right wrongs. Back in 1947 under the APA Presidency of Carl Rogers, The Ohio State University psychology department temporarily lost accreditation for irregularities in research conduct. The university department readily earned back its accreditation. APA was fast to right the problem. Current problems include a holdover of abuse and marginalization of women and minorities of several types and APA will advocate until these situations end. Psychology is still a magnificent field to enter and I hope current news stories about interrogation terrors will not harm the field. No organization or country can watch all its members all the time, though Heaven knows, some try. When a problem emerges and an organization takes care of it, give them some respect. Thanks, and happy job seeking!

Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky c. 1816

Benjamin Franklin worked with electricity and light. He noted that the French could save candles if time was rearranged during the day.

In 2015, March 8 brings us DST again on that Sunday morning at 2:00 AM.

The old proverb to help us remember which way to change our clocks works most of the time:

  • Spring FORWARD
  • Fall BACK

So on early on March 8, or before you retire for the evening, set your clock ahead one hour. In the morning, 8 o’clock will not be 9 o’clock and you may miss church. or Sunday School or Brunch.

The cycle does not revert until November 1 at 2:00 AM this year, so we will have eight months of the time change and hopefully people will like the daylight lasting until later in the evening. However, on the Summer Solstice in June, the hours of light per day are already reducing in number again, naturally, because of the positions of the Earth and the sun.

The daylight hours are incredible in Middle Michigan around Mackinac Island. Late one August when friends and I visited, it was still daylight at 10:15 PM.  The farther north one travels in the Western Hemisphere, the longer it stays light at night, until you reach the furthest climes and the Land of the Midnight Sun. There, the nights never become completely dark for six months.

Read how French candles, the British, and the American Railroads all brought Daylight Saving Time to North America and Europe:

Daylight Saving Time 2015 – History and Importance

Why Does Daylight Saving Time Change All the Time?

In an expanding and interdependent global economy, the importance of accurate education becomes a highlight of a successful life.

Inaccurate education can be one’s doom. 

Errors from teachers and assistants in the classroom will come back to hurt us in several ways, not the least of them embarrassment and loss of credibility in the workplace.. Some of these errors can hurt people emotionally and physically as well.

Teachers are being prepared better than ever to teach science in K-12, but we are hearing some astounding errors in the classroom! Has it happened to you or your children?

Look at the ongoing collection of errors that are not a comedy at:

Were there errors or myths in biology or other subjects you were taught?

See and feel free to add your own experiences.

In one instance of error, some of our American elementary school teachers said that the kiwi (bird) was extinct. It was not extinct then and it is is still living on Earth today.

Using a decades-outdated 1940s biology and health textbook, teachers went on to tells that all me and boys are missing the lowest rib on the left side. Also incorrect.

One of the worst modern education errors may come from questionable online courses, writers who allege health and medical credentials when they have none, and public reading of unreviewed biological literature on the Internet, or simply missing key phrases and punctuation in peer-reviewed literature. One error is being perpetrated on a low level in America and states that human beings have no frontal lobes until adolescence. Among medical scientists, neurologists, and the National Institutes of Health, hundreds of Medical Associations, and the body of research literature, it is well known that the brain’s frontal lobes form during gestation, in the womb.


I am not extinct!

Dance Party

Dance Party

April 1  will forevermore be known as Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey Day. On this day in 2014, a Tuesday, the two stars swapped TV programs.

Ferguson, his robot Geoff Peterson, and his horse sidekick Secretariat took over The Price Is Right. Mr. Carey hosted The Late Late Show on CBS that night.

I hope that these shows became available on DVD, or at least the CBS homepage and/or YouTube.

You may recall that Ferguson as Mr. Wick and Carey as an HR Representative in a Cleveland, Ohio Department store were married for a short time on The Drew Carey Show. The cast and crew loved the show as much as their dedicated viewing audience.

Uncanny, Strange and Fun Holiday Celebrations In April

Some people think that the physically challenged, or people with disabilities or the differently-abled are almost non-entities that can be ignored or pushed aside. 

If these thinking folks watched the 2014 Winter Paralympics and it’s men and women skiing at 75mph while BLIND or flipping black flips on sit-skis at X-Games while their legs don’t work would choose another opinion of these athletes. They’re just people with some different parts.  However, they have such determination and concentration, that a spectator may develop fear when watching them perform tricks that would leave most of the rest of us dead.

It is not going to be far into the future when we see the first person who does not walk, strap herself or himself onto a snowboard and do a half-pipe routine. Watch for that and let me now if you see it before me!

Our Wounded Warriors from many wars globally participate in larger and larger numbers every year in paralympic training and the actual Games. The US Armed Forces actively recruit them for the training at present. The world is following in that activity.

Read about some Paralympians and coaches in their Hall of Fame and see what you think.

Who is your hero?


Jungle Jack Hanna is so serious about his job he wears his Jungle Jack clothing at all times in public, even to attend church. I admire him and his work and agree with many of his opinions. His view on the wasteful kill of healthy animals is one of those.

Jack reiterated his and the zoo’s position on the John Korby Show on 610 WTVN Radio, He and his family had been awake all night after he heard about the culling of Marius the Giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo.

Marius was not a wild carnivore loose in a human neighborhood like the animals Jack helped control in Zanesville a few years ago.  The giraffe was only a gentle 18-month-old, but the eldest of the youth, so he was killed for lion food. He was a crop animal

If there were “too many” of him, why did the Copenhagen Zoo not eliminate him at birth?Becuase he was a crop animal, killed when big enough.

Copenhagen staff speaks of natural parenting and animal life cycles, but tricking the animal with favorite foods and killing it is not natural. It smacks of poaching. Neither American nor Australian zoos cull healthy animals, according to the and their national associations’ written regulations.

Copenhagen Zoo did not participate in the “circle of life”. They turned it into a cyclotron.

via Jungle Jack Hanna, re: Marius the Giraffe: “Give Me a Friggin’ Break!”.

Many in Canadian First Nations communities are starving because of the long distance to cities with grocery producers – conservation measures of been cut by the federal government and food animals and fish are declining around the Hudson Bay. In addition, peoples in Northern Ontario Province live in ramshackle huts covered with plastic sheeting on the shores of James Bay, part of the Arctic Ocean.  They have no school for their children. Companies can come in and rent reservation lands without the permission of the tribes throughout Canada– Where does the money go?

Canada supports 600+ First Nations reserves, since a British royal proclamation in 1763. The related $11 Billion given by the Canadian federal government is not enough to relieve hunger and joblessness among peoples whose lands were confiscated illegally and rented illegally in some places even today.

Aboriginal protests of the Idle No More movement peaked January 11, 2013 with the promise to the federal government that all transportation routes to and from the Alberta oil tar sands would be blockaded.

Pictures already show 1000s of native people and their supporters crowding onto highways and streets to completely block traffic. Semi trucks have been driven onto major railroad tracks and parked. In South Dakota, natives have blockaded highways to stop illegal tar sands transport from Canada that was enabled by illegal waiver of trucking fees by a state official. Residents all along the Keystone pipeline route protest, because they were promised that only crude oil, not tar sands with their greater possibility of leakage would be transported through the pipe.

Read more about a national action day to be held in late January 2013:

via Historic First Nations Protest Against Broken Treaties In Canada 

Sunspots and solar storms were predicted to black out the 2012 London Olympic Games. The Olympiad was not affected by these phenomena, but the American Midwest certainly was affected by them instead – to the extreme! It was the hottest and longest period of summer power outages we’d had in decades. On the eve of 2013, more solar uprisings occurred.

A giant solar eruption exploded during New Year’s Week 2013 and scientists are anxious to photograph the aftermath and await weather changes possibly associated with the eruption. The Mayan Doomsday prediction proved untrue, but some negative aspects of solar activites may be damaging to our weather and communications on Earth in 2013 and the go-forward. What will happen next?

via Weather Changes to 2020 and 2013 Solar Explosions.


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