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Job Listings Quadrupled in NYC in Four Years 2009 – 2013

A NYC Recovery Zone is responsible for the revitalization of Coney Island and the addition of new rides and attractions as well as new jobs for the area. More business at the amusement park means more business for merchants and hotels, restaurants and retail stores in the area.

In July 2009, 134,000 jobs were listed on Internet job search sites for New York City and its 5 burroughs, but these jobs began to increase, even during a recession. This was because of the movement to create city Recovery Zones set up to create new jobs by bringing in new businesses with tax incentives and other attractive conditions. Stimulus Funds helped with some of the costs, but after th efunds were spent, businesses and jobs continued to increase in number — By November 2013, NYC and its burroughs had over 434,500 advertised positions open for job seekers.

Since Superstorm Sandy hit the area, new Recovery Zones have been set up and jobs are increasing even more, including construction jobs necessary for the clean up and rebuilding of many local neighborhoods that include hard-hit Staten Island.

For types of jobs available and additional information, see New York City Recovery Zones.

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