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In 2013, American companies advertise approximately 1,000 anti-corruption related positions across the country;but, the number of openings advertised rose to over 1,400 positions in Spring 2015.

This is a rapidly expanding sector in the area of Criminology and should continue to produce new jobs in the next several years. Competitions between nations is rising as USA, Russia, China and other go after property tights on Mars, the Moon, and the Asteroid Belt.

In Medicine, anti-corruption work is important to control fraud in personal injury, Workers Compensation, SSI/SSDI, Medicare, Medicaid, drugs, transplant and 3D-Printer organs marketing, and many others.

Highest Demand Anti-Corruption Jobs Advertised Include:

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Senior Audit Leader
  • Litigation/Forensic Accountant
  • Audit Manager
  • Cyber Crime and Breach Response
  • Risk & Compliance Specialist
  • Anti-Money Laundering Analyst
  • Insurance Investigator
  • Claims Analyst

See many more and their locations at:

The Work of the Anti-Corruption Manager


Detroit, Michigan – Tech Jobs & Engineering, Heathcare, Sales, Over 71,000 Jobs.

Atherton/SF Jobs

Over 157,000 job listings for Atherton area, many as high paying IT positions and many for GOOGLE.

In fact, the Top 10 most frequently listed job vacancies are all in Information Technology (IT). Some Healthcare Industry jobs begin to appear among the second 10 most-listed positions, but Sales and Service dominate these numbers.

These most of advertised jobs are within a 25-mile radius of Atherton, largely in SF, San Jose, Santa Clara, Redwood City, Mountain View (home of GOOGLE). Sunnyvale, Oakland, and Palo Alto, with few thousand jobs each in other nearby locations. Approximately 18,000 jobs offered pay over $120,000 annually.

Look at Atherton more closely and yo umay want to move there for work and pleasure at

Top 10 Best High Demand Jobs for Atherton, California – GOOGLE and Other Jobs Increasing.

How to find them and move there>>>  Non-Canadians are needed in the Financial and Information Technology/Computer Information Science fields and 29 other industries! Toronto’s Top Jobs include the first two.

Seven out of the Top 10 Job Titles of the city have remained in high demand in Greater Toronto for at least one year. The first six of these are especially well paid positions.  In addition,  

 “Toronto Economy Is On a Roll”

These are the words used by the Toronto Star on Feb 11, 2011 to describe the increasing economy of the Greater Toronto Area. It’s the place to be for job seeking and is predicted to remain so until the middle of the 21st Century.  Plan your career around the seven most stable job titles in the metro area or take another job and become visible while you work your way up to the career of your dreams.  SEE LINK:

Growth and Arts Along the Ohio River

Owensboro is a town across the Ohio River from Cincinnati OH and below Louisville KY on the Beautiful Ohio (or “Big River”).

All three cities have produced a number of celebrities, not the least of these being Johnny Depp, whose birthplace is Owensboro. In January 2011, Depp was named America’s Favorite Actor in the Harris Poll.

There are High Demand Jobs in and around Owensboro in Healthcare, Dining, and Information Technology.

In fact, nursing positions are in high demand at all levels from Aide to Nursing Supervisor and make for an effective line of career advancement. Given that area hospitals may offer tuition reimbursement and time off the job to attend classes, this is a golden opportunity for a new career or a change in career. For the unemployed affected by the Recession of 2008 – 2010, this is an opportunity for On the Job Training with built-in education and advancement opportunities.

SEE Top 10 Hot Jobs in Johnny Depp’s Birthplace – Owensboro KY.

America’s Historic Triangle n Virginia includes Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown, a trio of cities in which jobs have increased by 35% from April – November 2010 and offer even more positions open in December and January 2011.

 Travel and Tourism is one major contributor to the local economy, with growing numbers of restored historical attractions connected by the local Colonial Parkway in James City and York counties and the City of Williamsburg. Anyone interested in pre-Revolutionary settlement of the Atlantic Coast, the American Revolution, the US Constitution, and the American Civil War will enjoy a vacation in this triangle. The region is full of scenic countryside as well as living history museums and working farms positioned among growing residential and commercial growth and top universities.  Healthcare position and high-paying IT careers are also available in the triangle.

Property taxes are on a steady diet of decreasing here in Chanhassen. Crime is low and friendliness is high.

Chanhassen (sugar maple tree in Sioux) is Money Magazine’s second pick for its Top 10 Best Places to Live. A suburb SW of the Twin Cities, Chanhassen houses 25,000 people on 24 square miles of land that includes a dozen beautiful lakes and a large arboretum and public gardens compound. Additional green space is great!

Visit the link to see about 24,000 job openings and what else draws people to Chanhassen.   

Chanhassen Minnesota

Computer, Healthcare, and Insurance job openings are abundant in Milton Massachusetts and within a 25 – 50 mile readius. Managers and Assistant Managers in many kinds of businesses are also in demand. On 10/27/09, over 57,000 jobs were listed online within 25 miles of Milton,  less than 10 miles south of Boston. This trend has continued over the last year and will likely continue to 2020.

Top companies needing help include Massachusetts General Hospital, Largest employer in Boston; IBM; Boston University; and two dozen others.  

Access the like feed job openings and much more information at:

Hot Jobs in Milton MA.


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