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Do you need a well-paying job and feel willing to travel to another state in order to secure it? Even if you are a worker ages 50 and older? It’s possible and it’s all taking place in Houston, Texas.

We know that Texas was relatively unaffected by the Great Recession of 2008 – 2010, especially in its major cities. All these cities are good places for workers of any age to find employment, including our senior citizens.

Many Seniors need to work past “retirement”, the definition of which is changing.

Did you know that under the Reagan Administration, the Social Security Retirement Age for full benefits was scheduled to increase to age 75?

That’s right! Younger Baby Boomers today may not retire until age 66 already, and some of them have received letters stating that they should not retire until age 70.

Regardless, many of our nation’s older workers want and need to work past age 62. Houston is the best city in the State of Texas to do so, because of the long list of Senior Resources available and the large number of jobs open. Texas is much more than big hats, longhorn steers, and horses.

And why not work, unless you can schedule a global tour to last about five years? I met a woman long ago who was in her 70s and working in a large department store in Downtown Dayton, Ohio. Sure, her hair was white, but her demeanor was that of a joyous young woman. I want to be like that!

Here is a snapshot of jobs most often listed in Houston, where we have over 70,000 openings in Early July 2015:

  • Healthcare and Healthcare Support offer over 49,000 openings in Greater Houston- Travel health professionals are dramatically in demand and these folks earn more than average and benefit from perks like mortgage payments!
  • Engineers are needed to the tune of 15,000 openings in various field from It to Healthcare to Oil & Gas. More thousands of technician’s jobs are attached to these engineers, especially in the Aerospace Industry.
  • Officer Support, Customer Service, and Call Center jobs number over 14,000. remember Dame Judy Dench’s character in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – she became a call center consultant.
  • Business and Finance lists over 11,000 openings for auditors, accountants, and analysts.

Whatever your plans for the future and your retirement, if you need to work, you might want to get your self to Houston!

Advertisements  bamed the Top 100 Best Places In America to Retire for 2012 that includes cities like Austinn, Texas and Beaufort, South Carolina for their attractions, hospitals, housing options, retirement jobs available, standard of living, and a number of other criteria.

Topretirements also chose Best Places grouped by states and one of the best places in Washington is among the tranquil San Juan Islands. Lonely Plant also named the area one of the best desitnations to visit and enjoy good food and drink.

SEE Best Places To Retire In Washington State

High Paying Job$ in Brevard County, Florida

Brevard County, Florida was named by as Worst Place for Employment (not true today, though) and the very Best Place to Retire in America.

However, I find amassing numbers of jobs in Brevard County for Healthcare, IT, and positions related to the Aerospace Industry, the US Mission to Mars, and privatized space flight . Renewable Energy jobs are coming out of Melbourne FL nearby on and around solar farms across the Southeast USA.

The federal and local governments as well as contractors and various commercial concerns are serious about advancing the role of space flight in America’s future and new businesses and jobs are emerging based on this intent.

I find that the cities and towns of Brevard County are really all good for any of the stages of life and work. Lots of Ohioans are moving there for work, retirement jobs, and just to retire. Perhaps you will as well.

Nobody Wants a 50-Year-Old Woman!

A continuing problem has no easy answer. A growing number of  women – and some men – ages 50 to 64 – cannot find work and do not qualify for any type of public assistance. Social Security for a portion of these folks age 62+ is pretty low unless they work to age 70, so many of them would willingly work if they could be hired.

In the past, full-time employment of individuals over age 50 was a burden to employers, because of the significantly higher health and medical  insurance premiums required for this age group. Older workers have been downsized out of the employment pool for many years, with a spike to this event in the Recession of 2008 – 2010.

Under Obamacare, however, this is to end and should make hiring older workers more palatable. Older workers in good health, with flexible attitudes, creativity, and experience are valuable to the workplace. Hopefully, insurance premiums will be removed as an obstacle to their work.

At the same time, even the Unemployment Department of many US States urge workers to start businesses of their own. This is growing easier in the 2010s with Internet business and telecommuting for work, but is an obstacle for those who are not technology-oriented.     

Employment is partially based on appearance, so how old is “too old?” This is especially pertinent for women. A remnant band of employers in the US feel that woman should be paid less than men for equal work, probably should not work at all; and if they are single or widowed, should live with and be supported by family. At the same time, the number of women between ages 50-64 who no longer have any living family and also have no job and no chance for financial aid is growing. What will become of them?

For a look at Aging and Beauty and how the two are compatible, see   

Nobody Wants a 50-Year-Old Woman!

Author Lilian Jackson Braun worked from the ages of 17 to 97 – 80 years.  She wrote novels in the late 1960s and from the mid-1980s to just recently with a thick pencil on legal pads, shunning electronic technology.

Producing one or two Cat Who mysteries per year from about 1896 – 2006, the author did not likely worry about a monthly Social Security check, but most of America does or will. Even with changes in Social Security regulations for 2011, most of us will not need to work to age 97 to collect full benefits; but some of us already must work to age 70.

The goal of our nation is to retire Americans at age 75 and ages are increasing with every new generation after the Baby Boomers.  Lilian Jackson Braun  made all that a moot point by writingt to age 97, but some other changes likely make her shake her head today.

Read the following piece for half a dozen excellent resources for saving money for and during retirement. You may even find a writing opportunity that will help.

via Cutting Costs for Senior Citizens.

The local Fruit Cove population was 16,077 in the US CENSUS 2000 and increased substantially through 2009 to 28,462, nearly double. This significant increase – larger than for any other Florida city, town, or village – led Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine to name it the fastest growing place in Florida for 2010.

A dozen local colleges and Universities and a US Naval Air Station just to the north about 2 miles bring a strong economy to the market area that continues to grow quickly. In May 2010, there were over 13,000 jobs openings for Fruit Cove/Jacksonville. See job trends and places to visit  on vacation at the link.

Jensen Beach is one of the Top 20 most affordable cities for retirement in the State of Florida. Recommended by several economic publications, Jensen Beach offers lower property tax rates, low crime rate, no state income tax, and other benefits.

One area in the middle of the town is a city unto itself, all modular housing with lower property taxes and its own large shopping mall: Ocean Breeze Park. It’s mayor is still physically active at 101 years old.

Learn more about affordable Florida retirement on the Treasure Coast at:

Best Florida Retirement Cities: Jensen Beach

Thousands of Americans will retire in 2010, but many will remain actively working and even seeking a 2nd or 3rd career field. Some of the retired will go back to work as well.  

Increasingly, Americans are working larger and larger numbers of years before retirement, with full benefits not being possible until age 70.

It is possible to retire to an affordable city and find work to keep you busy and economically healthy as well. Melbourne, Florida is the Number 1 Recommended Retirement City recognized by several economy experts. It offers affordable housing, a large Higher Education complex, jobs, and prioximity to NASA installations and other attractions. It can be a dream come to reality for those that love outer space, beaches, parks, golf, boating, and a number of other offerings. For details about Florida’s top retirement cities, see:

 Top 10 Places to Retire in Florida

Naples, Fort Myers and Cape Coral

are all located just north of The Everglades in southwest Florida and offer about 6,000 job openings within a 25 mile range. 

This is a quickly expanding area of Florida in terms of new businesses and residents moving in from elsewhere in the country. Peak tourist and relocation season is often autumn and winter, when additional jobs will open. 

The page at the link above offers Live Feed jobs openings and all the resources you’ll need to secure a Dream Job in Florida.


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