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US National Book Festival, Historic Words And Reading Education

From Native American poetry to Classics, songs, and graphic novels, how can we not be proud of America’s literary development? Come celebrate literacy and literature of all sorts in DC this September 5, 2015 from 9am – 10 pm. Free admission!

This year’s festival is a tribute to the 200th Anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s donation of all of his personal papers and books for the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress.  During the War of 1912 – 1814, the British burned 3,000 books belonging to the US Congress and took 10,000 American military and civilians captive, jailing them at Dartmoor prison in England. it was a horrible time.

Thomas Jefferson offered his personal library to replace those burned volumes, but it took us until 1815 – a full year after the war was over – to gain the release of all of our prisoners. Today, the British and filks all over the UK came to our National Book festival to speak, to sign books, and to visit the kiosks.

Times change, but books are always good.


Bob Abdou is Mr. Puppet.  His wife is Mrs. Puppet, but also an ordained minister with a great congregation in Ohio.

Mr. Puppet performs at many schools at which in Anti-Bullying campaigns that are successful across the nation. He and all of his puppets also make people laugh through ventriloquism. His rock and roll Beatles Shows are like being at an actual concert.

National tours include the annual Beatlesfest in New York City for Beatles Fans. Since 1974, the tribute festival was begun by Beatles fan Mark Lapidos when he was a young music store manager in New Jersey. Today it is iconic and set in three mega-super cities in the USA. Bob Abdou attends them all and pleases large crowds.

Read ore about the Beatles Puppets and the only Paul McCartney marionette at  The First Beatles Puppeteer In the World Lives In Ohio.

The real Baker Street in London UK is not like that of the Arthur Conan Doyle novels, but it is fully decorated with memorabilia concerning Holmes, Watson, and Moriarty. Even the tube terminal and tunnels in Baker Street are fully decorated as if Sherlock Holmes and company were the most important business and cultural incomes in London. People believe that he lived or is still living today – and that is the premise of a new mystery series that is sure to attract new fans.

Business owners in Baker Street run two(2) museums, several pubs, hotels, restaurants, and a transportation terminal (the tube) all decked out like the 19th Century and covered with Holmes and Watson materials. You can make a full vacation tour just visiting these sights, seeing the pictures, quotations, artifacts and other items. This is glorious for Sherlockians, especially since the new season of BBC’s SHERLOCK comes around again in autumn 2011 on PBS in America.

Watson and Holmes seem very like two very real gentlemen, as does James Moriarty, Inspector Lestrade and many others. Some like them better than their real friends.

Read on about the new mystery novel series:

The Brothers of Baker Street, 221B

As you may recall from our last Nuggetscapes Adventure, the Judge Bee Court of Last Resort recessed in order to attend a novel Shakespearean play.  If you missed it, come to the link below and have a read-through with the cast.

The participants decided on yet another classic and each took a vital part.  Judge Bee herself  took over Ye Olde Costume and Wardrobe Department, much like hre friend on NCIS: Los Angeles, Hettie Lange (whose actress performed Shakespeare as well!). One just does not know where one might scrape up evidence for the Candestine Services.

At any rate, here is our new theatrical production to celebrate new writers and to give the old ones a chuckle:

LINK: A Little MidSummer’s Night Music.

What’s Hot?

What is the most popular type of music in America? During the last week of each year, radio stations ready their Top 100 Hits for the ending twelve months. Radio stations specializing in genres from Classical to Rock and Roll, Alternative Jazz, and Country will produce a Top 100 List for their radio stations to play on New Year’s Eve, backwards from 100 to 1. Some stations even put together a Top 100 Novelty Songs.

Billboard Magazine publishes a weekly Hot 100, along wiht at least 50 Music Charts 

Top 10 Most Popular Hits from the Billboard Hot 100 at the end of 2010 are at  Top 5 Hot Music Genres.

Tales from the White Hart by Arthur C. Clarke

Id been searching for this book across the world for a couple of years and finally found one on I rceived it quickly and in Good shape for readability. Since then, I have enjoyed reading it more than once.  The book seems to be one of a few in a set of sci-fi classics by diffefrent authors of the Golden Age, all dealing with “space bars.” It’s fun and very entertaining.    

Takes From the White Hart has given me additional insight into the world of the the Star Trek novels’ The Captains Table series. Of the Trek series, my favorite is Fire Ship, set in the ST:Voyager time line, for its story, new universe, and characterizations. Clarke’s White Hart would be a good book to enjoy before reading the Trek Series.  

Visit for more of My Reviews.

Religious Implications of “Tron Legacy”.

Tron Legacy addresses the nature and creation of life and considers: by what or by whom can life be created? Science fiction and fantasy literature and film have considered these questions since the 19th Century at least and may never be satisfied with the answers available to date. Tron Legacy raises more questions about these concepts at the end of its film than do many others in 2010.  While some viewers and critics see Legacy as much-awaited entertainment and others think it fails to live up to expections, I see parallels with the possible future of Humankind very close to the surface of this work. They are startling. 

Having believed since the Internet became popular that like patterns present themselves incyberspace, Earthly life, and outer space via fractal equations, Tron Legacy raised the hair on the back of my neck.  it is not just an entertaining film with a return of Jeff Bridges. It could be prophetic.

Franklin is among the 100 Best Cities for Living in America.
Some of the most common job openings listed in Franklin NJ are in Healthcare, Sales, and Office Jobs.  Production and transportation jobs are also available within a 25-mile radius.  About 80% of residents work at private companies, but 10% or more work for the government. A full city review for jobs, travel, and relocation is available at this link.


IT jobs, such as Software Developer/Engineer and related position are also growing in Franklin and nearby cities. increases in jobs overall have been evident from February through May 2010 and again in October.  Jobs in Healthcare, Transportation, and IT especially are predicted to increase through 2016.

Come people wonder of The Situation and Snookie really work. Others – the unemployed looking hard for jobs – wonder why the stars of MTV’s Jersey Shore are so lucky as to be given television contracts.

The 8 cast members of the show are not all employed full-time outside of the TV series. In fact, only 4 seem to hold down jobs, all of them somewhere in New York City. Their Seaside Heights vacation spot is near enough to NYC to afford residents of the area about 150,000 job openings; mostly in Healthcare, Supermarket, and Department Store jobs nearest to Seaside Heights. Other, better paying jobs are available within 15 to 20 miles.     

Find out here what the stars of Jersey Shore do for a living, and what it’s like to live in and around Seaside Heights.

Jimmy Dean died gently 06/13/2010

while he was watching TV in his favorite chair at home. His wife had walked out to the kitchen for something and upon her return, found that he was gone.

I think this is a fitting, gentle way to go for a man that brought many smiles to kids and adults with his skits on TV in the early 1960s. These sketches featured the first Muppet many of us ever saw – Rowlf, the piano playing down. It was funny then and a good memory now. Rowlf was always calling, “Hey, Jimmy!”

JIMMY DEAN [1928 – 2010]

I don’t remember much about Jimmy Dean, except he was an adult that would play with a talking puppet to make kids laugh. That made him a hero to me and we need heroes in every generation. Hey, Jimmy!


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