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February 20, 2012 is the 50th Anniversary of Colonel (then Major) John Glenn’s first American space-faring orbit of Earth. In addition, 2012 is the 50th Anniversary Year of the Kennedy Space Center that is next to Cape Canaveral US AF Station in Florida. From the Wright Brothers first flight in 1903, America orbited the Earth in 1962, just 59 years later. In just 66 years after the Wright Flyer succeeded at Kitty Hawk NC, we were on the moon.

Retired US Senator John Glenn is 90 years old and an adjunct professor at The Ohio State University. He will participate in NASA’s Future Forum there on February 20-21 in 2012 to celebrate his Anniversary of Orbit and to advocate for science and space business in the future of America.  Senator Glenn and former Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter visited with Kennedy Space Center staff and over a hundred people that used to work on the Mercury Project in the 1960s.

From now on, Ohio Governor John Kasich has ensured that John Glenn has his own holiday, signing the proper legislation to enact John Glenn Friendship 7 Day for every February 20.

Some History of the Friendship 7 and the incredible Discovery 7, some 36 years later.

John Glenn Friendship 7 Day Is February 20 – Looking to Mars and Science

High Paying Job$ in Brevard County, Florida

Brevard County, Florida was named by as Worst Place for Employment (not true today, though) and the very Best Place to Retire in America.

However, I find amassing numbers of jobs in Brevard County for Healthcare, IT, and positions related to the Aerospace Industry, the US Mission to Mars, and privatized space flight . Renewable Energy jobs are coming out of Melbourne FL nearby on and around solar farms across the Southeast USA.

The federal and local governments as well as contractors and various commercial concerns are serious about advancing the role of space flight in America’s future and new businesses and jobs are emerging based on this intent.

I find that the cities and towns of Brevard County are really all good for any of the stages of life and work. Lots of Ohioans are moving there for work, retirement jobs, and just to retire. Perhaps you will as well.

With the approaching final shot of US Space Shuttle Atlantis into the space of the International Space Station during early July 2011, the dreams of President John F. Kennedy and his nation come to a giant segue. 

This final shot during the week of Independence Day celebrations will be our last manned space flight until we reach out tentative tendrils to Mars and the asteroid belt full of natural resources that we need on Earth.  We have space probes and unmanned vessels at the ready to explore new worlds, while American astronauts take up other occupations within and without the aerospace sector.   The Mars Society is still training people to live out there. Many people Want to Go.

With privatized space flight taking root now and a giant Space Corridor in SE Ohio joining the Florida Space Coast, new jobs are emerging and expanding in aerospace and aeronautics. An important aspect of this is the rise of space-related Biomedical jobs and their potential for increasing the quality of life on Earth. Going “out there” makes living down here better.

 While mentioning natural resources, I find that we still have a few US States that have tremendous natural resources reserves and/or technology advancements for a variety of endeavors:


  1. What constitutes High Blood Pressure in the 21st Century?
  2. What is the effect on blood pressure of living and working in Outer Space?

These are important questions to answer as American begins to plan to reach out to Mars exploration and possibly a Moon Base via privatized space flight. A moon base may be a good place for a hypertension clinic, according to some Midwest physicians. However, blood pressure on earth is a vital part of life and health.

Definitions of the ranges of blood pressure readings among humans have changed  in practice and official guidelines from the National Institutes of Health, the American Heast Association, the Red Cross, and other professional groups are quite good in general.  However, individual differences among people can make blood pressure reading confusing and illnesses can make them scary. Find out more at:

Changing Definitions of Hypertension

          USA! – Stop eliminating aerospace jobs just because the shuttle program is kaput! Actually, only 67 jobs are posted online for the US Shuttle Program and related work; but between 800-900 are listed for private space flight projects. There is hope for Mars, if not for the moon.

But cancelling the Constellation Program for Lunar Exploration is a slap in the face to Neil Armstrong as we remember his birthday on August 5, 1930. This American hero is 80 and still talking up the space program, because it is vital. NASA has found 200 ways it benefits mankind to be on the Moon!

One Small Step – Into a Brick Wall

Click the link to find out the 200 benefits and the Conspiracy Theory about the Moon — Lunar Bases built BEFORE Neil stepped onto Luna after going off course to miss a high-walled crater. Astounding! Privatized space flight is even more so. Get ready for the future.

Ponderosa Steak Houses in the late 1960s – 70s purchased the first spot on the first space station for a restaurant, but time ran out before it could even be started in construction. It was a good idea, though, and 40 years later, there will be that restaurant in space – in a hotel, but it will not a Ponderosa.

Related to this, new lines of work are emerging very quickly during the Obama Administration, but began well before the Ansari X Prize was first awarded in 2004.  The Mars Society has long advocated for space exploration by private as well as government agencies and it is coming ever closer to this realization.  

America, right now, has almost a dozen SPACEPORTS. A major runway at Spaceport America in New Mexico will be completed in about 9 months. Half a dozen spacecraft design companies have already perfected some models and are ready to profit form the lucrative Space Tourism and Privatized Space Freight industry sectors beginning in 2012 with the new space hotel to open at that time. 

 See al the info at:

Privatized Space Flight

What will the market be for commercial space travel from 2010 – 2040?  Some experts predict privatized space flight trade and fortunes to be made.  those interested should read the information on the NASA and commercial space companies’ websites and determine whether such work is suited to them.

Will there be upper age limits on space travel and further, working in outer space? That is an interesting question not yet considered.  Read on for more:

A Poet Laureate and Space Travel


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