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Where is the Superstition Freeway?  It is a real section of highway on Arizona’s US Highway 60 that runs past the Lost Dutchman Mine and tons of attractions in the Superstition Mountains. This area is between the Greater Phoenix Metro Area and New Mexico, where an Apache Reservation covers lands in both states.  

Truck driving jobs have grown to nearly 1,000,000 in the United States in the first two months of 2015 and they give signs of increasing even more.  Driving through the magical lands of the American Southwest is a good way to spend that truck driving time.

Phoenix itself offers an increasing number of jobs. and the city is the source of amazing IT innovations among its young people, as shown in the film Spare Parts with George Lopez. Arizona and New Mexico colleges and universities partner with business and government to come up with new products like petroleum-type oil made from algae.

Nearby and in the western suburbs of Phoenix, Surprise AZ is among the Top 10 Fast Growing Micro-Cities in America. This hows how fast the metro area and the state are growing in population, business, and jobs, although the state is still not overly crowded with people. In fact, the state needs more workers and relocating workers will find a pleasant climate, although hot in summer, and many intriguing and fun attractions.

Some of the jobs growing fast in Central Arizona include Truck Drivers, Biomedical and Healthcare jobs with the help of the University of Arizona and the Mayo Clinic, IT Engineers and Managers, Sales People and Store Managers, Finance and Insurance jobs, and positions in the Construction Trades.  Alternative energy jobs are also stable. Arizona supports well over 500 different Aerospace Industry companies and some of these appear on the listing of NASA’s Commercial Crew. Aerospace jobs are increasing.

US 60 runs through Central Arizona and hits many towns with good employment opportunities, especially the Phoenix Metro.


Certain companies and industries have a better chance of success in today;s business climate. They bring with them new suggestions for when to stay on your present job and when to change employment may help you to find one of these successful companies.

America is no longer a country in which a person graduates from high school, finds ready employment at the town’s major companies, and stays employed in the same place for 40 years.

By the late 1990s, the average worker changed jobs frequently and before that decade, mental health professionals considered changing jobs more than once every two years to be a symptom of mental illness.  So was talking to oneself, but with the new cell phone ear pieces, hundreds of people talk to “nobody” except on the other end of an invisible line. Times are changing.

New tips for success on the job include your own promotability to higher level positions (and the company’s willingness to promote from within), the company’s sustainability policies, and the important concept of whether or not there is even a system of employee review and rewards at your place of work.

I learned today that Texas does not require employers to have Workers’ Compensation insurance, so that is another concern – Do you want to continue working for a company with no safety policies or Workers’ Compensation?

Find out when to change employers here:

New Tips for When to Change Jobs


Off the Beaten Path – Alternative and Different  December Holidays

photo-montage-488177_640Whether you are looking for some refreshing alternatives to Commercial Christmas and hectic winter holidays, or just need a different sort of weekend getaway, try celebrating one of these holidays or events – or hold a themed party.

For instance, you can visit Mount Rumpke at the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill near Cincinnati, and view 30,000 lights and a gathering of 25-foot candy canes all month in December.

  • The Rumpke folks power motor vehicles commercially with the methane created by the landfill.  They are sustainable in American Made business as well as fun.

Or, you might want to visit Boogie in the Bungalow in Pennsylvania.

Or visit the oldest gorilla in captivity on her birthday – Colo seems to be in charge of the zoo.

America has a lot to do in December — Take a look at the link above.

Exciting news from Alaska is that jobs advertised throughout the state quadrupled between 2012 and 2014 to over 92,000 positions. The need for Truck Drivers has exploded and Healthcare, IT, Engineering, and Energy jobs have expanded quickly. Employers are advertising as far away as Ohio and the East Coast in order to fill these positions.

Companies that are hiring the most employees in these and other positions include the following list, but jobs are also available in the Yukon Territory, especially in Whitehorse in the southern part of the province and among the 14 First Nations reserves and settlements.

  1. Knight Refrigerated Trucking
  2. Barr Nunn Transport – Trucking
  3. C.R. England Trucking
  4. Providence Health & Services
  5. Roehl Trucking
  6. Peace Health System
  7. HDR – A global engineering, architecture, planning and consulting firm.
  8. HCA – Healthcare
  9. University of Alaska
  10. Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  11. Soliant Health
  12. Nana Regional Corporation, owned by Native Alaskans
  13. The State of Alaska.


Yukon Territory employment advertisements target professionals able to deliver health services to the Aboriginal populations among 14 First Nations reserves and other settlements. However, the provincial capital of Whitehorse advertises other jobs as well.

See the links below for locations, hiring companies, and jobs needing effective workers:

Job Boom in Alaska 2012 – 2014… Advice on Jobs through 2020

Aboriginals and Cities in Canada;s Yukon Territory


Some of the highest paid jobs in America require advanced education in the form of a 2-year or 4-year college degree, but are themselves entry level positions. No experience in the job is required.

While the high paying jobs listed at the link do not require experience, potential employers will look at other qualifications See what they are and how to meet them here:

High Paying Entry Level Jobs and How to Get Them

Delicious and Beautiful!

Have you seen the 3,000 Plants That Are Black Instead of Green? – How About the Black Plant Scandal? It’s all at the link.

Great Lakes Heirloom Tomato Project – Best and Tastiest Tomatoes

Health Benefits and Best Recipes For Green Tomatoes

Pennsylvania Dutch Country – Simple, Fun Experiences and Heritage Seeds

The City of San Jose is also a college town named to the list of Top 20 College Towns in America.

Such towns enjoy partnerships among colleges, businesses, and city/county agencies that work to increase incentives for business to move to the city, for residents to develop new businesses, and for businesses to create new jobs. Because of this, college towns often suffer less catastrophe during economic downturns.

At the end of 2009, over 41,100 job listings were active, bur jobs continued to increase through 2014. During March 2014, over 99,600 job listings were active for San Jose.

See which jobs are highest demand and well paying at:

via Jobs and Culture in San and Silicon Valley.


Millions of pounds of food fish are thrown back into the ocean, dead, when fishing quotas are surpassed.


Reasonably, we know that 100% of all waste cannot be eliminated on Earth or even in outer space, which is filling up fast with expensive space debris. But, where will waste end?

Do you know anyone that throws out a full refrigerator of good food every week and buys more? If you do, then you have an idea of what five major fisheries in America do every day.

Even though water covers more surface area of the planet than does land, that water has limits to how much it can hold. Reach a saturation point and you have the Dad Sea, on which you can sit down and read a book.

Our bodies of water on Earth are filling with trash-bag islands in all the several gyres of the oceans, oil spills, toxic wastes, human wastes, organic runoffs from food production, cruise ship wastes, and aluminum soda pop cans from the US Navy.

The current largest problem is the multi-billion pound waste every year that is tossed into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico by five now-notorious fisheries. This includes mammals like seals, sea lions, dolphins, and whales. Turtles also die.

For more information about these problems, see

Something Fishy In the States of California, Alaska, and Florida and What to Do About It.

Truck Driving, Owner-Operator Trucking, and Warehousing jobs in America are increasing in several large metropolitan areas. USA has over 9 Million job openings, plus Holiday Season part-time work. This is not enough for everyone, but we’re improving.

Warehousing is becoming increasingly sustainable as large companies move more of their logistics operations underground in major cities like Springfield and Kansas City, Missouri. Food related businesses are Number One in this movement.

Conspiracy Theories proliferate about the use of old limestone mining operations as warehouses – people suspect a Shadow Government and plans for the White House to move west in event of the End of Days. However, businesses cost less to operate underground, because heating and cooling costs are slashed by a constant 60-degree F environment.

Dozens of huge underground warehouses are located in massive limestone deposits several states, many in the Midwest. Warehousing below ground is saving American businesses a lot of money every year and some of these subterranean systems are expanding.A single facility recently televised has over 300 trucks delivering goods every day.

In some locations, mining operations operate next door to underground warehouses without encroaching on them – the noise is not even evident.

The Springfield Underground – Missouri’s Businesses In Caves.

A problem has arisen in the popularity of Greek yogurts in America and it may open the way for new jobs creations. Specifically, the industry creates too much acid whey waste to dispose of properly and methods of recycling and disposal are needed. This will likely result in more jobs, especially in New York State, which is one center of production.

Many small farmers describe feeding whey from home-made yogurt to their livestock and this works well. However, Greek yogurt’s acid whey is as acidic as orange juice and contains lots of sugar. This is not good for cows especially.  Cheese whey is also usually fine for livestock, because it is not acidic, but what is termed sweet whey (meaning high pH).

Som Greek yogirt made in America is not even greek style and is fulll of additives and filler. Compare the most famous brands of American-made Greek yogurt HERE. You may be surprised.


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