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Do you need a well-paying job and feel willing to travel to another state in order to secure it? Even if you are a worker ages 50 and older? It’s possible and it’s all taking place in Houston, Texas.

We know that Texas was relatively unaffected by the Great Recession of 2008 – 2010, especially in its major cities. All these cities are good places for workers of any age to find employment, including our senior citizens.

Many Seniors need to work past “retirement”, the definition of which is changing.

Did you know that under the Reagan Administration, the Social Security Retirement Age for full benefits was scheduled to increase to age 75?

That’s right! Younger Baby Boomers today may not retire until age 66 already, and some of them have received letters stating that they should not retire until age 70.

Regardless, many of our nation’s older workers want and need to work past age 62. Houston is the best city in the State of Texas to do so, because of the long list of Senior Resources available and the large number of jobs open. Texas is much more than big hats, longhorn steers, and horses.

And why not work, unless you can schedule a global tour to last about five years? I met a woman long ago who was in her 70s and working in a large department store in Downtown Dayton, Ohio. Sure, her hair was white, but her demeanor was that of a joyous young woman. I want to be like that!

Here is a snapshot of jobs most often listed in Houston, where we have over 70,000 openings in Early July 2015:

  • Healthcare and Healthcare Support offer over 49,000 openings in Greater Houston- Travel health professionals are dramatically in demand and these folks earn more than average and benefit from perks like mortgage payments!
  • Engineers are needed to the tune of 15,000 openings in various field from It to Healthcare to Oil & Gas. More thousands of technician’s jobs are attached to these engineers, especially in the Aerospace Industry.
  • Officer Support, Customer Service, and Call Center jobs number over 14,000. remember Dame Judy Dench’s character in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – she became a call center consultant.
  • Business and Finance lists over 11,000 openings for auditors, accountants, and analysts.

Whatever your plans for the future and your retirement, if you need to work, you might want to get your self to Houston!


If you are over 50 years old in America, you may be able to benefit from some of the facts and advice in the following article:

How to Cut Costs & Increase Income

Many Baby Boomers are finding that their age for receiving full benefits from Social Security Retirement has been raised to age 66 years. Some of the youngest Boomers are being pushed to wait until age 70.

A big surprise for the now-young Generation Z, though, is that Congress under the Reagan Administration passed actions that raise their age of retirement to 75.

In addition, today’s senior citizens who have no families are in a rough spot. Many are becoming homeless, with absolutely no place to go. While larger cities have a homeless services network, rural communities and many small towns usually have nothing of the sort. Some seniors are even stuck in abusive relationships, because otherwise, they would be homeless.

Employment services are senior citizens are growing, especially in places like Texas and Oregon, and adequate housing is the next step in helping our aging population to survive in America.

Jobs are increasing in Ohio, especially related to the Aerospace Industry and Oil & Gas. The Buckeye State contains 10 major workforce Metropolitan Statistical Areas around its largest cities:

Cleveland, Akron-Canton, Toledo and Lima, Columbus, Cambridge and Zanesville, Athens, and the Cincinnati-Dayton Aerospace Corridor. Columbus in 2015 is the Number one City in America for Opportunities, announced by Come visit some of the festivals this Spring and Summer and stay a while to check out the jobs and attractions at Best Ohio Arts, Car and Music Festivals.

These large metropolitan areas cover several counties that provide growing economies that are forecast to expand beyond 2106.

This directory points to specific regions of Ohio and the different careers available in those market areas. It also provides information on High-Tech work in Columbus and the growing Cincinnati-Dayton Aerospace Corridor, along with emerging Energy and Green Collar jobs in Southeastern Ohio.

Directory of Ohio High Demand Jobs and Relocation Resources

Texas is steadily maintaining a sizable pool of job advertisements, with help from the Aerospace and Healthcare Industries, along with Oil & Gas. That’s despite the blocking of the last leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Trucks are carrying the oil and tar sands down from Canada and that has led to an increase in trucking jobs to just about 1,000,000 truck drivers needed in America. That is good news! These are permanent jobs, whereas the Pipeline jobs created would have lasted only a matter of several months, except for a handful of supervisors and engineers.

Texas is good news for business and workers also, because there is no state income tax, but plenty of business incentives offered. On top of that is the network available for people ages 55 and older to use free-of-charge for finding jobs, housing, and other opportunities.

It may be hot in parts of Texas, but the job opportunities are hotter.

A young homeless mother with a toddler recently asked how to find help. It was February and very cold. Help is  available in these economic ups and downs, and with the right information, you can find it quickly. No child in America should be homeless. Share this word with others.  

Wherever you are located, find the local social services referral network, which has been called CalVac, FirstLink, Helping Hands, and other names in Franklin County Ohio.

If you have a cell phone, can borrow one, or can get to a payphone (which are dwindling in numbers in the USA), dial O for Operator, answer the question about your city and state, then ask for the number of the social services referral network in your city. If the operator does not understand, tell him or her that you have children and are homeless, are in trouble, and need help. Ask what emergency agency can help you. You should receive a toll-free number to the social services network. Call them and ask for help.

See the complete listing below of resources, how-tos, and hotlines.

How to Find Services For the Homeless When You are Single, With a Young Child.

How to find them and move there>>>  Non-Canadians are needed in the Financial and Information Technology/Computer Information Science fields and 29 other industries! Toronto’s Top Jobs include the first two.

Seven out of the Top 10 Job Titles of the city have remained in high demand in Greater Toronto for at least one year. The first six of these are especially well paid positions.  In addition,  

 “Toronto Economy Is On a Roll”

These are the words used by the Toronto Star on Feb 11, 2011 to describe the increasing economy of the Greater Toronto Area. It’s the place to be for job seeking and is predicted to remain so until the middle of the 21st Century.  Plan your career around the seven most stable job titles in the metro area or take another job and become visible while you work your way up to the career of your dreams.  SEE LINK:

Best Cities Fighting Domestic Violence

Cyberbullying techniques are cunning and imaginative and cyberbullies sometimes become victims themselves in a cutthroat competitive cyber-reality. This part of the virtual world is a blood bath overflowing into the lives of children that do not know how to handle it. Piscataway has planned additional awareness sessions in a drive to help youth and their families and to prevent cyberbullying.

Piscataway’s Domestic Violence Awareness project is another arm of this anti-bullying/anti-violence program. The entire anti-violence priority of this community helps make this township a Best Place for

Amazingly, more and more of the suburbs of Denver and Boulder, Colorado are growing so fast and developing their own business and industry as such a rate successfully that they are becoming the Best Places to Live In America.

Best 100 Cities in America – Top 10 Jobs in Loveland and Arvada

Arvada and Loveland have become the 38th and 58th Best Places in the US in 2010.  They are amidst dozens of interesting tourist attractions, outdoor sports and recreation,  National Parks, forests,  lakes, the Rocky Mountains, great transportation media and over 50,000 jobs in October 2010.  Homes are affordable as well, by local reports.  In addition, Top Hot Jobs in these two cities match at least half of the government projections for fastest-increasing jobs in Colorado for 2009 – 2019 already.

On October 8, 2010, my evening news informed me that over 14 Million people in the USA are unemployed. During that day, I’d found a total of 6 Million job openings on the Internet  among all the sites spidered by and, my two favorite job search and trending engines in America, Canada, and many other nations worldwide.  Include about 2 Million jobs not advertised on the Internet and in the hidden job markets, and we might have 8 Million jobs listings total.

Despite the recession of 2008 – 2010 and a lack of at least 6 Million MORE JOBS needed in America. certain metro areas are growing and offering more jobs rather than fewer.  America is not an Etch-A-Sketch® that you can shake up to evenly distribute the jobs like you can the magic mirror dust in the drawing toy, so some unemployed and underemployed individuals and families must move to these larger cities.

Best US Cities: Top 10 Hot Jobs in Expanding Missouri Suburbs

Missouri is a pleasant state with diverse economies and its suburbs on the western and easter borders are growing along with the major metros Kansas City and St. Louis. These clusters of cities and towns are becoming larger megalopolises and the place to be for work, good schools, fine colleges, expanding cultural activities, nightlife, and historic preservation. Families, young singles, and even seniors and retirees looking for work can be happy in these Missouri cities.

          Unbelievable plans in two Salt Lake City suburbs will bring the Southwest Metro Area to nearly 250,000 people before the year 2030.  This is solidly planned and the community planners are not taking “No” for an answer. The median age is under 30 in these two towns, so this is the place to go for business, careers, and tending a family.

Fast growing since 2,000, there seems to be no stopping South and West Jordan since they receive ARRA Stimulus and other public and private funds for Infrastructure improvements, new Water Systems, Residential Planning, and wide Transportation leaps – new highways, new rail stops, new Amtrac rail lines, and rapid transit, along with new college campuses, businesses, and residential communities. 

 Over  17,00o jobs are open in this area that offers dozens of city parks, green spaces, golf courses, ski areas, fishing birding area, National parks, and outdoor activities of all kinds. Antelope Island State Park is right in Great Salt Lake, not far from West Jordan, and offers a State Marina besides.  Huge shopping malls, historic areas, and good schools serve the families and visitors to these suburbs.


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