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Financial Discrimination

Credit checks can be discriminatory when used in pre-employment investigations for non-cash handling jobs and act in place of prejudice against age, gender, and race .

These financial background checks anger more and more long-term unemployed job seekers from before the 2008 Presidential Election. Union jobs began to disappear, plants closed down, small businesses dried up and people were out of work. There are not enough job openings yet for all the unemployed.

Analysts found in American corporate employment records, that personal credit histories do not correlate with financial and materiel handling dishonesty at work or with poor job performance. The injsistance on credit checks for job applications seems discriminatory.

For more information about legislation to end these credit checks, see:

Pre-Employment Credit Checks Eliminated Beginning in 2011 – Ending Unfair Questions.


A friend of mine who is a Bishop in the church has published a book about her search for her roots and the surprising answers she found. Both sides of her family were forced to keep racial secrets in the 1950s and 1960s and I wonder how President John F. Kennedy would feel about that and our progress in race relations 50 years after his assassination?

Kennedys work was left undone when he died and America has attempted to knit together the pieces. The book Black Coral: A Daughter’s Apology To Her Asian Island Mother shows us how long it too for one family to uncover decades of the truth and begin healing.

This is a captivating book that will not loose the reader one he or she begins to read it. Reaching the last page only stimulates a reader to begin again.

This book presents the life stories of folks in Washington DC government and society through the beginnings of the Civil Rights Era and the issues that arose around inter-race marriages.

Such marriages were illegal in part of the USA for much too long a time.  Bishop C.D. Holmes-Miller’s mother was a beautiful Filipino mix forced to declare herself “Negro.”

Read this book, for it is quite a story that you will remember. See more at:

“Black Coral” – Prejudice and the Opportunities It Causes Us To Miss.

Secret Codes are not the province only of Spy vs. Spy, Cold War missions, and Navaho Code Talkers in WWII.  A few hundred years before all of that, Christmas was ILLEGAL in the UK and the American Colonies. The authorities of the Crown decided that Christmas was decadent and a waste of time and money. If you even were in possession of a mince pie, you could go to jail!

Still, the Irish and the American Colonists kept Christmas. They did it with the secret code locked into the carol,  The Twelve Days of Christmas. Many sing it today without knowing the code and that is a shame, since it is beautiful in the story it tells and the traditions it preserves.

The Twelve Days of Christmas is more than a song. It was a lifeline when Christmas was banned and the mince pie criminalized.

While you enjoy the carol and all of its great parodies, have a look at the codes and enjoy the song anew.

What’s it all about? —

The Twelve Days of Christmas, An Irish Code and 12th Night.


Bullying manifests as the cowardice that picks on the smaller, the weaker, and the less socio-politically powerful.  Help to stop it. 

The targets of bullies are sometimes some sort of threat to the bully. The targets threaten to receive or to have the potential to receive attention, love, education, a good job, money, fame, responsibility, and authority, along with other intangibles and tangibles.

So, bullies pick on either:

  1. Smaller, weaker people or animals; and. or
  2. People that may attract larger amounts of power than the bully.

Some of the most frequently occurring and clearest cases of Number 2 in modern times are a) women abused by mates when they gather friends, are offered a job, etc. and b) children and youth that do well in school in academics; in arts, music, drama, etc.; or in all.

The research of Dr. Dan Owleus is highlighted by the American Psycholocial Association. It focuses on the bully with anger and impulse control problems, the need for power, consistent defiance toward adults, and lack of empathy. This suggests a sociopath, making bullies mentally ill. This research does not directly link to competition, although a sociopath may seem to be in competition against the world.


 How to Stop Bullying When the World Urges It On.


Best Hopes and Success of the International Committee Against Stoning

People in Iran are regularly executed by stoning, but the committee names above is having success in gather people to speak against the practice. In December 2010, A woman and her son were both released, along with two German journalists. None was stoned, making this a huge victory.  Join in voicing your opinions about stoning and other death penalties.

Do we have the right to a top notch education, either public or private?  Many people feel that we do. 

In an analysis of the  Top 10 Countries in the OECD Global Achievment Tests for 2010, we see that the highest achievement among 15-year-old in school is occurring arund the Pacific Rim . Look at the maps and read the results for Science, Maths, and Reading. You may be surprised. And USA is no where near the Top 10. What to do? 


Human Rights Day is December 10 – Make it Every Day

One large Holocaust takes in all the inhumane treatment of our world’s peoples. Extensive work for some of the groups is highlighted at the link above.


Speaking of human rights — We may not all be able to afford adequate health care in America, but we do have the right not to be abused by healthcare practices that do much more harm than good.  Every time I see a box of a certain brand of cereals, I gag, because of the healthcare history connected with the cereal giant . Read the material at the link to find out why.

Athletics and coaching can lead to a lifetime career that is lucrative and morally rewarding. Such is the case for Mr. Lee Evans. Famous for breaking two World Records in 400 m and 4 x 400 m relay, he is also famous for his part in the Black Power Movement, his work to help eliminate HIV/AIDS as well as the misinformation distributed about the conditions, and for training Nigerian Olympic runners.

All this from running!

USA Track and Field Hall of Famer Lee Evans

South Carolina Hot Spots for Travel, Jobs and Relocation.

Job openings in the Upcountry have increased since the beginning of 2006 and experienced a resurgence in Spring 2009. Many healthcare jobs are available, as well as jobs in Logistics, Tourism, and Management. 

As a travel site, this Region is filled with locations on the National Historic Register of Places in addition to Civil War and African American History installations. Set next to Northeastern Georgia, Upcountry SC enjoys large regional parks and sports activities join culture and nightlife as well as family activities to make this area perfect.  It is home to a number of working adults with children in additional to singles and is expected to continue strengthen economically for many years.


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