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What we need this Christmas and Holiday Season is a little laughter and a little faith. The world is not always nice to people, but we can be nice to one another! Try a Laughter Club:

Find A Certified Laugh Leader, Try Laugh Yoga And Use The Telephone Laugh Line


Like Elvis Presley in America, the world’s youth have a chance to be seen for their endeavors, in music and in sports especially, but in other fields when we help to recognize them.

Many poor young people can be like skater Oksana Baiyul – she gained recognition and a career through the Olympics. She displayed the Human Spirit and so did those who helped her, right down to her homemade costume.  A young person in my area is making a difference in a short video he made whn his mom and he decided to begin exercising becuase of the Olympics and Nike filmed him.

No matter what anyone says to or about anyone to discourage them, we can give them a good Word…

H.O.W. To Find Your Own Greatness


Downtown Talkeetna, ALASKA is an official National Historic Site full of  commercial buildings dating from the early 1900s. These include Nagley’s General Store where Mayor Stubbs (a yellow tomcat!) receives visitors.

Lots of people feel that the TV show Northern Exposure was based in Talkeetna and its local radio station and bush pilots, but I was surprised to learn that the show was filmed in Washington State.

I’m not so surprised that a cat has been mayor for 15 years and that in Japan on a Tokyo island, dolphins are registered human citizens. See it all here, with an accompanying video:

Animals Are People Too – Disgusted With Humans, Voters Write In Cat for Mayor, Register Dolphins as Human.

The History of Doo-Wop Not Found In Late Night Infomercials

Some people say that their favorite style of music – doo-wop – began in the 1950s or even the 1960. It began in 1931 with the original group of four male singers in the Ink Spots.

Not long after their inception as a vocal and quick radio fame around the Midwest and NYC, the  Spots’ promoter put in a hot-hot from the Savoy Ballroom talent show, Bill Kinney, and the group began a gradual downhill slide. One of the originals left and formed the Brown Spots, while another of the first of the original quartet won rights to the name Ink Spots and created a new Ink Spots with some new singers.

Despite the drama and outside attempts to grab money, control and power, the Ink Spots influenced small-group vocal music as no one else came close to doing.

Today, you can hear the Spots’ influence continuing in such a Capella groups as Street Corner Symphony and others that entertain the world on the annual show called The Sing Off. On late night television, you can see the dozens of original doo-wop groups in infomercials and PBS telethon.

Doo-wop is still alive. Just be careful of the imposter groups out there and read more at the link above.


For Spring 2011, nearly 200,000 jobs are available within 25 miles of Muttontown – less than 30 minutes from Manhattan on the Long Island Railroad. Summer internships are appearing at this time as well in local educations, research, and busness organizations. Summer seasonal jobs related to Travel and Tourism should increase soon.

Muttontown is a village inside Oyster Bay in Central Nassau County. One of the wealthiest 25 towns in the US, it sits between two others:  Brookville and Oyster Bay Cove.

These places are clustered on  sheep herding lands from the early Dutch and English settlement of New York State. Horses, ducks, and other animals have been a big part of the local industry. Today’s popular industries include Business Services, Investment/Finance, Information Technology, and Healthcare.   Attractions include a well developed arts, culture, and entertainment foundation, education and research, and a number of beaches and park complexes as well as historical landmarks.

via Top 10 Best Hot Jobs in Wealthiest Long Island Towns.

Little Muttontown is full of wealth and surrounded by job opportunities. If you live nearby, you will benefit from better highways and public transportation, less crime, and a large number of free scenic spaces to enjoy. You can even take a driving or bike tour of historic mansions.


Several false reports about the history of Indigenous Peoples in North America are drawing attention from misinformed readers that accept anything on the Internet as true. The fault lies with the educational systems failing to teach individuals how to read historynews, and sales literature and how to recognize the difference.

Much of these come from a tourist guidebook written for commercial gain and the promotion of tourism. While entertaining and longer than usual guidebooks for tourists, it remains limited in that it is not based on the facts gathered by archeology during the past several hundred years and does not include any interviews or other data from the ethnic groups involved.  It was written without them. Better information is readily available here:

Totem Poles in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, New Zealand and Japan before 1700

CONFLICT WITHIN A NATION: Traditions vs. Commercial Gain:

The Kahniakenhaka Mohawk Nation Council vs. the St. Regis Council of Akwesasne Mohawk

Temple Grandin, PhD has been called the most accomplished person with autism in the world. She credits close educational mentoring with her parents from an early age, the accumulation of life experiences that she retains mentally and accesses like an Internet repository, and her development of her own characteristic “thinking in pictures” in choosing a career in industrial design applied in animal science. She also advocates problem-solving education and play time for children at an early age, and focusing on each child’s natural inclinations in talents and gifts and developing those.

 Dr. Temple Grandin, Autism, and How Animals Make Us Human.

Elephant with a Heart

Several species of animals communicate with humans on purpose.

Most recently, in March 2011, a group of dolphins alerted humans to a half-drowned dog caught on a sand bar near the shore. The dolphins raised a ruckus of vocalizations in the direction of the man and woman walking along the shoreline, until the people noticed the dog and helped.

Whales in the Atlantic learned Amazing Grace by swimming beneath the hulls of slave ships in the 1500s and hearing the inmates singing it to an African lyric. They reproduced the melody in their vocalizations and passed it to their offspring for several generations. 400 years later, scientists recorded whale song. Playing it back, they heard Amazing Grace.

If scientists cannot talk to extraterrestrials through the SETI project yet, they can search out other species to speak with on earth.  By 2003, they found 70 words and phrases used by Elephants in their own language. And in 2010, a South Korean elephant began to learn to repeat Korean words.

A new film about the Elephants is out in 2011 and many videos of language and emotional research with these animals are available online at:

Elephant with a Heart – How Elephants Communicate

How “Bad” Was the Earthquake?

Within about 12 hours, I heard several differing Richter Scale values placed on the Japanese earthquake of 2011: 4.9, 7.2, 7.9, and 8.8, and 8.9. I think the highest number may be correct. The AP reported an aftershock of 6.2 on Monday March 14. The nuclear plant at Fukushima Dai-ichi is in danger of meltdown as of Monday as well.

Readers and viewers are/were confused by differing reports and subsequent corrections in the news, even by the respected Associated Press (AP).

The death toll is not completed yet, but at least 2,000 human bodies (dead) washed up onto the coastline of Miyagi Prefecture on Monday morning, March 14, after the Friday seismic event. This is the northeast coastline of Japan and it is cold. I watched footage of tsunami flooding with its water and black sludge icing fields of crops like it was frosting a German chocolate cake. The sea took the people’s food away. Fortunately, as soon as news of the quake and tsunami reached the Midwest, the Endtime Joseph Feed the Hungry Program out of Indiana and Ohio packed a large ship full of food and sent it over. Other groups and organizations also responded.

Clean up and reconstruction will take years to complete. We have seen that already in New Orleans after Katrina (autumn 2005) and in Haiti.  Read some more of the verified information about the 201 Japanese disaster and how to help:

Misinformation and Coverups in Japan’s Earthquake /Tsunami – How to Help.

It is time for some new kitchen inventions, because we are mixing up the names of the ones we have – whisks, beaters, mixers — who can tell the difference any more?  

Inventions can lead to more jobs – like the  green algae that makes oil. Like plastic bottles made from corn.

I’d  like a table top that disposes of your empty meal vessels when you’re done eating — Just press a button and the items vaporize. A vent overhead could collect the vapors and redirect them to some other appliance that might recycle them into other items.

We are headed in such a direction with the plastic water bottles made from corn — they disintegrate easily in landfills or they can be recycled. Taco salad bowls are made of taco shells and soup in a bread bowl is entirely edible, so we as a people are approaching cup and plate extinction to a small degree already.

For some kitchen data and a movie of the Abracadabra Egg Beater Museum, read the following piece:

The Manual Egg Beater, A Museum Piece.


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