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How to Change an Internship Into Full-Time Employment and a Career 

  • Working hard,
  • Taking notes in an employment portfolio,
  • Showing good appearance and manners,
  • Being productive and cooperative,
  • Showing initiative at the most appropriate times, and
  • Becoming more visible as a good employee —


These are behaviors that lead a student or adult intern from the internship to full-time employment – right?  Unfortunately, not always.

All these items can help make your internship experience good enough to lead to an off of a job that can be the foundation for a career offer, but this does not always the case. 

Some employers use government-subsidized interns during a few months each year and do not  hire them full-time after completion. Other internships turn out to be part-time temporary summer jobs.  However, America is home to employers that maintain well-developed, ongoing internship programs that do lead to full-time work. Access the link above for the list and some other good ideas.


Leader. Leadership.

One of these might be the first word that comes to mind when someone asks themselves, “What qualities make a good manager?” That word might or might not be part of any individual person that is a manager.

Some may think that a Manager and a Leader are the same, but they are not necessarily identical.

An effective manager will have leadership qualities and “manager” will be only one facet of a “LEADER.” Find out more from professionals at:

 The Difference Between a Manager and a Leader – How to Develop the Qualities of Leadership.

Financial Discrimination

Credit checks can be discriminatory when used in pre-employment investigations for non-cash handling jobs and act in place of prejudice against age, gender, and race .

These financial background checks anger more and more long-term unemployed job seekers from before the 2008 Presidential Election. Union jobs began to disappear, plants closed down, small businesses dried up and people were out of work. There are not enough job openings yet for all the unemployed.

Analysts found in American corporate employment records, that personal credit histories do not correlate with financial and materiel handling dishonesty at work or with poor job performance. The injsistance on credit checks for job applications seems discriminatory.

For more information about legislation to end these credit checks, see:

Pre-Employment Credit Checks Eliminated Beginning in 2011 – Ending Unfair Questions.

The highest high paid jobs in America are among corporate CEOs of various titles: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, and many others.But, how many of us can ever achieve that level of compensation or even enjoy corporate culture?

This stratospheric level of employment compensation that is protested by the Occupy Movement includes high salaries, even higher bonuses, extensive benefits, perks, and additional incentives and payments. Not all of these positions are listed on the open job market and the general public does not receive notice of all such openings.

How about the other highest paying jobs in America? At least 15 different categories of high paid employment may give you an idea for you future! Learn more at:

via Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S.

Job Listings Quadrupled in NYC in Four Years 2009 – 2013

A NYC Recovery Zone is responsible for the revitalization of Coney Island and the addition of new rides and attractions as well as new jobs for the area. More business at the amusement park means more business for merchants and hotels, restaurants and retail stores in the area.

In July 2009, 134,000 jobs were listed on Internet job search sites for New York City and its 5 burroughs, but these jobs began to increase, even during a recession. This was because of the movement to create city Recovery Zones set up to create new jobs by bringing in new businesses with tax incentives and other attractive conditions. Stimulus Funds helped with some of the costs, but after th efunds were spent, businesses and jobs continued to increase in number — By November 2013, NYC and its burroughs had over 434,500 advertised positions open for job seekers.

Since Superstorm Sandy hit the area, new Recovery Zones have been set up and jobs are increasing even more, including construction jobs necessary for the clean up and rebuilding of many local neighborhoods that include hard-hit Staten Island.

For types of jobs available and additional information, see New York City Recovery Zones.

What American Companies Have the Most Employees?

  • The latest data on companies with the most employees is available for the year ending 2012. Results show a  Top 10 US Companies with consistently larger employee groups than any other companies. The Number One company is also number one in the world, although it is number one for low-paid workers as well. At least in places like Ohio, these workers must be paid at least $7.70/hour because the state minimum wage is higher than the federal mark.
  • At the link above, you will also find the
  1. Top 10 Companies with Low Wage Earners (maybe you want to avoid them?),
  2. Top 10 Global Employers with the largest workforces, and
  3. Top 10 Companies with the Biggest Profits.


I hope this information helps you in searching for your next job!

And don’t forget Summer Jobs or a second income if you need additional work:

Directory of Summer Jobs, Seasonal Jobs, Internships and Adventure for Students and Adults

Camden, New Jersey is the poorest city in America for a lot of reasons, but it still has hope – as much hope as Bridgeport Connecticut did before it began to recover and go on to become the Third Richest Metro Area In America.

In March 2013, Camden NJ has 49,000 job openings, many in fields of work that require training or advanced education beyond high school. At the same time, training programs and learning centers are opening to help guide residents into to these jobs and to help the community attract additional businesses.

Meanwhile, the waterfront area of Camden is undergoing renovation and old buildings and blighted neighborhoods are being replaced with new structures.

Camden has a chance to survive and recover, just as did Bridgeport. The Police Chief is the most hopeful of all, since Camden’s force became part of the larger county contingent, offering Camden 200 additional officers if and when needed.

Watch for good changes in Camden NJ.

Poorest American City: Improving Camden NJ

They didn’t mean to do it —

Legislators that passed the last increase in Federal Minimum Wage in 2009 and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) did not intend for Unemployment Benefits to be reduced in response., but that’s what we all received.

Because of employer workarounds to offset the new increased labor costs, Unemployment Benefits are being decreased because fewer people will be eligible in some industries. Further increases in minimum wage may cause additional wage, hour, and benefits cuts to employees in 2013 and 2015.

via How Increases In Minimum Wage and the Impact of the Affordable Care Act Inadvertently Decrease Unemployment Benefits.

Campaign 2012 for President of the United States was the closest race in 76 years. It was likely the most expensive in billions of dollars spent, and the most bitter, scandal-filled, propagandist campaign to date.

Some Americans turned off their TVs and radios and stopped answering their doors when campaign workers came knocking as late as 8:30 PM in my metro area. Corporations seemed to be behind the hard campaigning, as depicted in the 2012 Will Ferrell film The Campaign.

Mail boxes and front porches were filled with slick campaign handbills. It was a win-at-any-cost election and we’d seen an eerie foreshadowing in the late 1980s  —

MAX HEADROOM (1987 – 1988), A Prophetic TV Series

In a dystopian future (like 2012) we are ruled by TV networks & CEOs. Every home must have a TV that plays retail ads and propaganda 24/7/365 and the street corners are full of blaring TVs. Off switches are illegal. Edison Carter (Matt Frewer) is a reporter for Network 23, who uncovers things that the CEOs want to cover up. Max is an Artificial Intelligence and talk show host who helps Edison.

Read more about it at

via Media Influence, the US Stock Market and Jobs in America Before Election 2012.

Opportunities: Businesses are Rushing to Texas

Throughout the economic downturn of the Recession of 2008 – 2010, much of Texas seemed untouched by increased Unemployment figures and increased Poverty Rates in counties and Workforce Development Areas.This fact made Texas attractive to new business, including manufacturing throughout second half of the 2000s and into the 2010s.

via HubPages Texas Portal: Employment, Jobs and Business in Texas by Region, 2012 – 2022.


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