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Who’s making the most new jobs available to job seekers? A great city in California!

How is the economic climate in your hometown these days? If it is still stalled by the results of the Great Recession, then you might want to consider moving to one of America’s fastest recovering cities, two of which were not touched by the recession at all, or were only slightly affected.

The states that are home to cities where jobs available outweigh the number of local workers available to fill them include California, Texas, and Tennessee. Amazingly, a California community increased jobs faster than the Texas winners, who are known for making jobs regularly. Much than goes to the Aerospace Industry in both states for propelling job creation skywards.

Did you know that we are returning to the Moon in or before 2018? That’s another story coming up soon.

A state that overshadows all American cities in job growth is North Dakota at a 28% increase from 2009 to March 2015.. Oil & Gas jobs there rapidly increased and related services for new workers and their families soon followed the trend. But wait – hundreds more oil wells are on the list to be dug soon!

Colleges in North Dakota even changed their curricula to focus on the jobs most increasing in numbers. A major increase would be needed for Higher Education to respond in such a way.

If you need a job and can move to one of the top four states in the union that are Job Strong, then go west or South!

McDonald’s Streamlines Menu and Operations to Accommodate Minimum Wage Hike

McDonald’s is attempting to loosen up revenues and costs in order to increase employee wages up to the demanded $15.00 per hour. It won’t happen all at once, but here is part of their plan, from my perspective as a profits award winner at McDonald’s and Ponderosa Steakhouses in the past. 

Fast food restaurant operations and menus cycle from simple to highly complex & labor intensive, back to simpler times. Usually, the need to do so or go out of business.

This time, the back-to-basics view helps McDonald’s to pay new Minimum Wages! Click the link above and see how.

January and February are the months to look for and secure Summer Jobs in America. Don’t wait much longer. March will bring the last round of interviewing and hiring for many local companies in your city and then the next opportunities will occur in mid-June as workers quit to go on vacation with their families or to take other jobs or similar reasons.

It’s a good bet to lock in an internship for summer or autumn semesters of the 3rd and 4th years of college as well or to find a full-time employer for after your May or June graduation.

Here are some resources to help with your searches, collected over the last five years among workforce professionals. These documents contain information I’ve used to help several thousand job seekers find Summer and Temporary Employment for over a decade.

As peoples from other parts of the world sailed to the Hawaiian Islands and settled there, they brought their ethnic cuisines with them.

Today Hawaii offers foods from all over Asia as well as those that originated on the islands, along with more modern fusion cuisine. Recipes include several videos and old as well as fusion meals. 

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Business and Job Trends In Hawaii

In Hawaii, many Maritime, Healthcare, and Skilled Labor types of jobs are available, expanding in numbers, and forecasted by state and federal agencies to open many new positions through the year 2018.

Compared to the Continental USA, Hawaii has experienced more job creation in IT (Information Technology) and Healthcare Industries than the lower 48 states overall. Jobs such as ship engineers are expected to triple in 2014 and long before 2018, with a near-200% increase. Commercial fishing and international trade expansions make these figures even more realistic.

via Living and Working in Hawaii – Best 20 High Growth Jobs.

An entertaining TV commerical ends with California’s Maria Shriver and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as he asks, “What are you waiting for? Come on over.” A good reason to think about a move to California is that Sacramento, the Capital City, offers nearly 10,000 new job openings each year, with the other metro areas up and down this West Coast State joining in the job market.

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Santa Fe Springs is one of the Top 10 Micro-Cities (under 100,000 residents) for the Future in North American. Chosen out of over 400 cities from Canada to Mexico, Santa Fe Springs offers great HR operations and Business Friendliness. It also has recongized the Tongva Nation as official Indigenous People and os helping to restore their lands.  Several colleges are located nearby and an abundance of jobs are available in Government, Finance, Health, Sales, and Accounting.  


Hot Jobs in and Business in Santa Fe Springs CA


Some people attend Disneyland in California as children, work part-time for Disney in high school, serve an internship with Mickey, work full-time in a career at the park, and come back to work part-time in retirement. In effect, they never leave Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom in Florida, and/or several other Disney parks. it sure is good to have a long-term job!

Disney characters tell us that A dream is a wish your heart makes.  For the happy workers who keep jobs from high school through retirement, their dreams are a life-long reality.

Look at Disney jobs and internships and the movie Tomorrowland (2015).

Another teenager at work dies every 10 days all year long. See how to prevent it here:

Stop Teen Injuries and Death at Work.

Summer 2009 saw  a resurgence in work dangers in parts of the meat packing industry – for kids not old enough to be working in meat plants, most notably in the Midwest.  Does a Recession lead to such disasters? After the Great Recession, danger was still present, but teen injuries decreased in meat packing after 2010. Be careful in 2015, however —

Teens must be age 18 and over to work in meat packing and to operate any power machinery in any workplace, including meat slicers. 

Summer Jobs for Teens

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided additional funds for summer jobs programs in the USA for 2009 through 2010, with natural increases in jobs through 2015..

If you follow the link above, you can find advice for finding  these summer jobs for youth ages 14 – 24.

In some cases, even youth as young as 13 can find some work to do some work during the summertime. Otherwise, they can attend enrichment education classes and often earn a tax-free stipend.

Memorial Day and Our 100-Year-Old Veterans

Would you still work every day if you were 100 years old or older? Some of our seniors still do that. One gentleman who served in the dedicated corps that built airfields on islands and coral reefs in the South Pacific still works at the age of 109.

The former sergeant  works in his Texas yard every day, trimming trees and all other sorts of landscaping chores.  He is healthy, not overweight or underweight, but uses a cane occasionally. he also shuns television completely.

What keeps a WWII Veteran going 70 years after the end of the war? – Probably several  things, but a clear appreciation of America for his or her service must be one of them.

This Memorial Day, please thank your US Veterans and Wounded Warriors for their contributions to defending our homeland.  Pray for the families of those slain in battle and offer words of comfort and thanks. Pray for our enemies and their families as well; pray that they give up fighting  — War often leads to more war. And thank God for our country and its protections

Happy Memorial Day!


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