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Where is the Superstition Freeway?  It is a real section of highway on Arizona’s US Highway 60 that runs past the Lost Dutchman Mine and tons of attractions in the Superstition Mountains. This area is between the Greater Phoenix Metro Area and New Mexico, where an Apache Reservation covers lands in both states.  

Truck driving jobs have grown to nearly 1,000,000 in the United States in the first two months of 2015 and they give signs of increasing even more.  Driving through the magical lands of the American Southwest is a good way to spend that truck driving time.

Phoenix itself offers an increasing number of jobs. and the city is the source of amazing IT innovations among its young people, as shown in the film Spare Parts with George Lopez. Arizona and New Mexico colleges and universities partner with business and government to come up with new products like petroleum-type oil made from algae.

Nearby and in the western suburbs of Phoenix, Surprise AZ is among the Top 10 Fast Growing Micro-Cities in America. This hows how fast the metro area and the state are growing in population, business, and jobs, although the state is still not overly crowded with people. In fact, the state needs more workers and relocating workers will find a pleasant climate, although hot in summer, and many intriguing and fun attractions.

Some of the jobs growing fast in Central Arizona include Truck Drivers, Biomedical and Healthcare jobs with the help of the University of Arizona and the Mayo Clinic, IT Engineers and Managers, Sales People and Store Managers, Finance and Insurance jobs, and positions in the Construction Trades.  Alternative energy jobs are also stable. Arizona supports well over 500 different Aerospace Industry companies and some of these appear on the listing of NASA’s Commercial Crew. Aerospace jobs are increasing.

US 60 runs through Central Arizona and hits many towns with good employment opportunities, especially the Phoenix Metro.

October 1972, a Texas-New Mexico oil pipeline burst and sent 285,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment. Any pipeline might burst. Source: EPA/NARA

October 1972, a Texas-New Mexico oil pipeline burst and sent 285,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment. Any pipeline might burst.
Source: EPA/NARA

The Keystone XL Pipeline is called the Black Snake, because of its sludgy, toxic, and corrosive bituminous contents flowing down from Alberta, Canada. Without caustic additives, the stuff is so thick, it will not move.

The jobs also coming through the pipeline will last only a few months, except for a very thin skeleton crew that will be kept on the job aft the disputed pipeline is connected to the other pipes.

The caustic chemicals will eat through the pipes and leak onto the ground and into water supplies, because the metal pf the pipes is unprotected.It’s like using heavy-duty DRAINO on your bathroom pipes until they crumble away.

The pipes will not be cleaned, except to flush between oil-tar sands and oil transport, if ever.  Never, because the only type of material in the extension up for US Senate vote in 2015 is oil-tar sands.  When the material originates, it is called the Canada Cancer Corridor and special hospitals have been built there.

If you want a high paying short-term job, then go for the Keystone Xl jobs in the West, but save your money, because these will not last.  Be careful of road blockades by the local Native American Nations whose reservations you may be working upon, possibly without permission.

Read more at:

Keystone XL Pipeline and Fear of Another Cancer Corridor

Today, you may need to move to a different state in order to earn a livable wage. Luckily, America has several states that are good for your move.

At least 10 states have low unemployment rates, which usually means that they have not enough workers to fill advertised positions.

Another several states are low in job competition, meaning that not so many are fighting for the same job there.

If you would like to move to another US State or from Canada to America, you may like the extensive information on how to begin and how to succeed at your quest, all presented at:

How to Find Work In Another State


After studying labor trends and markets for about two decades, I see some business magazine estimates of workforce needs and think that I would separate Education from Civic jobs and Creative from Service careers to create a Top Seven Industries for the future.


  1. Science and Technology – Includes large numbers of Engineering and Technician positions, especially in Bioengineering, Communications, Energy and Fuel, Growing New Organs, Prosthetics, Pharmaceuticals, Anti-Aging Treatments, Aerospace Exploration and Mining, Aerospace Travel and Colonization, and others.
  2. Healthcare – Includes IT, Bioengineering, many Technician positions, and Aerospace Medicine.
  3. Service,
  4. Civic,
  5. Business
  6. Finance, and
  7. Creative.

via Top 20 Best Career Choices Through 2020.

The highest high paid jobs in America are among corporate CEOs of various titles: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, and many others.But, how many of us can ever achieve that level of compensation or even enjoy corporate culture?

This stratospheric level of employment compensation that is protested by the Occupy Movement includes high salaries, even higher bonuses, extensive benefits, perks, and additional incentives and payments. Not all of these positions are listed on the open job market and the general public does not receive notice of all such openings.

How about the other highest paying jobs in America? At least 15 different categories of high paid employment may give you an idea for you future! Learn more at:

via Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S.


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Are you looking for a new job, a better job, or a job promotion and would like to have some advice from former job seekers that is relevant at the same time it is useful? We have a few tips that are great advice that actually help people secure jobs.

Since the advent of the Internet and its spread across the public in 1996, everyone can write anything online. The problem with that freedom is that some of the job advice supplied in this mass writing are not very good.

What you need to know is exactly where jobs are advertised, how to secure an interview for them, and how to win the job you want.

You may be a person who needs to move to another US State to find employment and you may need a few tips to help you in that journey. We have some pointers that work here: How to Find Work in Another State.

During nearly 11 years of successful work in Employment and Training from instructing Work Readiness to making job placements to teaching ESOL and GED classes, I collected tips about job search techniques and how to match up people with jobs and careers that they will like and which will earn them a good living.

If you need advice about looking for work, see this set of tips:

Five Job Search Tips That Work For 1000s of People

You’ll find the best US States that need new workers and have new jobs in that article. The most quickly growing job clusters are in the Technologies, like healthcare, aerospace, and engineering; Healthcare Professions; and even Truck Driving – a million jobs coast to coast in February 2015.

“You must have all your teeth pulled immediately.”

That’s what a friend of mine was told when that person presented an Insurance Card and underwent an oral examination. Extractions were covered, but other services were not – not even a cleaning.

Residents of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio were pleased when governors accepted the option of expanding Medicaid coverage to state residents of higher income levels, but they learned that coverage is not very good. Someone is paying a lot of money in taxes for these covered persons to receive nothing.

A dentist advised the patient mentioned above to have all teeth pulled, because root canals, caps, and bridges would not be a covered expense. But, one set of dentures every two years would be covered.

See what else is up with some of the Obamacare cases at

via Obamacare Choice Falls Flat and Ohio Sues.

Americans were accustomed to the Bread Line nd the Unemployment Line back in the 1930s, but we’re having these today as well.

Some employees lose their jobs through no fault of their own. However, some other times, there is cause for termination.

Dishonesty, evasion, or lack of integrity on the job can be the culprit, as well as lack of training and misunderstandings. It is important to be honest, straightforward, and forthcoming on the job with your management and then to insist on proper training and fair treatment as well.

via Top 10 Reasons Employees Get Fired, Among Surveyed Companies 2008 – 2012.


Because of the again Baby Boomers and the nurses and doctor that are also ging Baby Boomers. the Healthcare Industry is booming larger than expected.  Not only are job vacancies increasing for RNs and LPNs, along with a number of fancily-named aides, but more and more nurses are called upon to become Nurse Practitioners (NPs).

In fact, it seems in Internet postings that job openings for Physician Assistants are often changing into new listings for Nurse Practitioners. Another growing trend is for Travel Nursing, which includes assignments to posh sites, transportation reimbursement for airfare, mortgage or rental payment for up to a year, higher wages, and many other perks.

Overall, at least 34 – 40% or more of America’s current nursing staff are retiring before 2020. For example, in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, a large proportion of working RNs are 55 years old or older already in 2013.  Nursing instructors and professors do not make as much money, so nurses are staying on the hospital floor and out of the university faculty. Who is going to teach our new nurses and nurse practitioners that we need so badly?

Healthcare as a business is increasing as well because of adult and childhood obesity on the rise. In fact, the average lifespan of  US middle schoolers seems to be reducing, because of this phenomenon. However, despite First Lady Michelle Obama’s effort with the Let’s Move Program and healthy eating, kids in the USA, Canada, and Mexico need more help along those lines. We hope that they will not need all of expensive electronic replacement organs and the awesome 3D printer replacement body parts available even today.

The Aerospace Industry is recognizing the need for health and medical practitioners for the growing private and NASA space programs. Mental health professionals are as necessary as medical practitioners “up there”, because the first astronauts to spend a full year on the International Space Station will do so before 2015. It is not going to be the most comfortable or healthy year without planning and help. With a scheduled private fight to Mars in 2018, these issues really need to be addressed.

Other new avenues opening in the Healthcare Industry include genetic testing and genetic counseling, baby designing, and related phenomena. Why, you can even use DNA tests to procure the perfect mate or design a great dog! This all must create some sort of mental impact.

Regarding that mental impact, the new DSM 5 diagnostic manual of the American Psychiatric Association is released on May 13, 2013. It contains a lot of changes and some new maladies, so professional diagnosis, prescription medication, and SSI/SSDI support will all be affected down the line. Almost frightening is related research that gives evidence to the links between ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Schizophrenia, Major Depression, and Bi-Polar Disorder. The non-degreed lay persons that are smugly misdiagnosing these conditions over the Internet and the back yard gossip fence are not helping any.

Fortunately, jobs leading to careers for people who are or will become qualified to help patients and clients in all aspects medical and mental are increasing, as are college and university programs to train them – except for nurses, which really needs an influx of new students as well as higher wages for nursing instructors.

See also:

Nurse Practioners

Patient Care Techs in High Demand

Mobile Wound Care and Hospital Centers Use Honey

The Work of Exobiologists

Cardiovascular Disease in America

Most diseases associated with the workplace concern skin cancers; the lungs: black lung, silicosis, cancers, etc.; and a miscellaneous group: carpal tunnel syndrome, vision problems of computer use, lead poisoning, radiation sickness, brain cancer, and even lupus.

Smoking?? –  While smoking is unhealthy by itself, smoking in the presence of smog or heavy fumes from motor vehicles in frequent traffic jams or as a mechanic increases the smoker’s risk of cancer by 8,000%.

Top 10 Unhealthiest Jobs In America

During 4th QTR 2013, Business Insider used O*NET statistics on workplace injuries and diseases to find the top 10 unhealthiest jobs in America. Some Healthcare professions were ranked at the top of the list.

See Ten Unhealthiest Jobs In America – Top 10 Jobs That Make Us Sick.

In an expanding and ever more interdependent global economy, it is important that education teaches facts and not old wive’s tales that are not true. Those errors will come back to hurt us.

Teachers are being prepared better than ever to teach science in K-12, but we are hearing some astounding errors in the classroom! Has it happened to you or your children?

Look at the ongoing collection of errors that are not a comedy at:

Were there errors or myths in biology or other subjects you were taught? See and feel free to add your own experiences. —

For instance, our teachers said that the kiwi (bird) was extinct and that all men/boys are missing the lowest rib on the left side. Both were myths How about your experiences?


I am not extinct!

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