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I look at employment trends and job openings every day and have done so for 12 years, as I have worked to help job seekers find stable and satisfying employment.

I have noticed an increase in driving jobs – especially in Truck Driving, CDL-licensed and otherwise, – since 2012.

Many of these advertised job listings are for CDL-licensed truck drivers and owner-operators of large trucks like semis, refrigerator trucks, logging trucks, and even tanker trucks. This increase in jobs indicates an increase in goods production and transport needs in the United States.

What goods? – Auto parts, computer parts, robots and robotic parts, aerospace related parts, spacecraft, oil, tar sands, vegetable foods, livestock, scrap metal, trash, medical devices – the list goes on.

Many of these jobs start at $50,000 and many have sign-on bonuses. Training is sometimes free to the student, while some students are paid to become truck drivers. See more information at:

Truck Driver Jobs Increase Across America – Over 900,000 Openings

In an expanding and interdependent global economy, the importance of accurate education becomes a highlight of a successful life.

Inaccurate education can be one’s doom. 

Errors from teachers and assistants in the classroom will come back to hurt us in several ways, not the least of them embarrassment and loss of credibility in the workplace.. Some of these errors can hurt people emotionally and physically as well.

Teachers are being prepared better than ever to teach science in K-12, but we are hearing some astounding errors in the classroom! Has it happened to you or your children?

Look at the ongoing collection of errors that are not a comedy at:

Were there errors or myths in biology or other subjects you were taught?

See and feel free to add your own experiences.

In one instance of error, some of our American elementary school teachers said that the kiwi (bird) was extinct. It was not extinct then and it is is still living on Earth today.

Using a decades-outdated 1940s biology and health textbook, teachers went on to tells that all me and boys are missing the lowest rib on the left side. Also incorrect.

One of the worst modern education errors may come from questionable online courses, writers who allege health and medical credentials when they have none, and public reading of unreviewed biological literature on the Internet, or simply missing key phrases and punctuation in peer-reviewed literature. One error is being perpetrated on a low level in America and states that human beings have no frontal lobes until adolescence. Among medical scientists, neurologists, and the National Institutes of Health, hundreds of Medical Associations, and the body of research literature, it is well known that the brain’s frontal lobes form during gestation, in the womb.


I am not extinct!

Today, you may need to move to a different state in order to earn a livable wage. Luckily, America has several states that are good for your move.

At least 10 states have low unemployment rates, which usually means that they have not enough workers to fill advertised positions.

Another several states are low in job competition, meaning that not so many are fighting for the same job there.

If you would like to move to another US State or from Canada to America, you may like the extensive information on how to begin and how to succeed at your quest, all presented at:

How to Find Work In Another State


After studying labor trends and markets for about two decades, I see some business magazine estimates of workforce needs and think that I would separate Education from Civic jobs and Creative from Service careers to create a Top Seven Industries for the future.


  1. Science and Technology – Includes large numbers of Engineering and Technician positions, especially in Bioengineering, Communications, Energy and Fuel, Growing New Organs, Prosthetics, Pharmaceuticals, Anti-Aging Treatments, Aerospace Exploration and Mining, Aerospace Travel and Colonization, and others.
  2. Healthcare – Includes IT, Bioengineering, many Technician positions, and Aerospace Medicine.
  3. Service,
  4. Civic,
  5. Business
  6. Finance, and
  7. Creative.

via Top 20 Best Career Choices Through 2020.

Leader. Leadership.

One of these might be the first word that comes to mind when someone asks themselves, “What qualities make a good manager?” That word might or might not be part of any individual person that is a manager.

Some may think that a Manager and a Leader are the same, but they are not necessarily identical.

An effective manager will have leadership qualities and “manager” will be only one facet of a “LEADER.” Find out more from professionals at:

 The Difference Between a Manager and a Leader – How to Develop the Qualities of Leadership.

Useful links with researched job listings:



Bubblews TreasureHouse

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Chicago, home of Second City and the First Family – the Obamas,  offers oceans of opportunities for career and education seekers. A very progressive city, it hosts green initiative projects with hundreds of green collar jobs and research opportunities, a respected tradition of criminology based in change through rehabilitation and prevention, cutting edge healthcare, famous architecture styles, amazing culinary training, and successful social services and women’s organizations.

During Welfare to Work (W2W) years under President Bill Clinton, Chicago agencies helped 100s of folks obtain a car to drive to work, rather than to sit home without transportation or a job. Right now, thousands of jobs are available – on average, 150,000 to 250,00+ each month since 2012.

Have a look —

via The Best Universities & Jobs In Chicago.

It is important prior to an employment interview/work review not only to research the company, but also to determine the specific salary range that is usual and customary in your profession. Using your Work Portfolio, you can determine how much money your are worth via your ongoing accomplishment and value-added services to the company.

read more | digg story

Have you experienced this quandry? –

“I gave [my employer] 6 weeks notice so that I could find and train my replacement, but no one except me seems to feel this major urgency to hire someone. My 6 weeks are almost up, and there’s no one to take over my many and complicated responsibilities. What should I do?”

Find the answer from top Career Guru Alexandra Levit and read this great Blog article to discover more good advise at Hub Pages Career Portal

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Unusual Holiday Celebrations In April.


Private aerospace companies and NASA have been developing space taxis to replace the US Space Shuttles that retired their last ship in July 2011. As of August 2014, America now has three companies producing space taxis to shuttle both supplies and humans back and forth between Earth and the International Space Station.

NASA partnered with an initial 63 aerospace companies before July 2011 in order to continue development of important aerospace developments in the public and private sectors. The American Space Agency then chose six companies to design proposed space taxis to replace the US Space Shuttle and to eliminate dependency on Russian shuttles.

From among the work of six top companies, NASA chose three firms to further develop the aerospace vehicles America needs/ These three big-name companies are:

  1. SpaceX under Elon Musk,
  2. Sierra Nevada, and
  3. Boeing.

The development that the Unbited States needs at this time is one that reduces the time of the journey to the ISS. The US Shuttles took about 2.5 days to reach the space station, but Russian shuttles, launched from a higher latitude, require only 6 hours of flight time. A possibility exists in a northern US State and aerospace jobs will increase with time at that location.

Read more about the latitude adjustment and the spaceports around America at:

A Certain Attitude Helps in Writing Your Resume!

Preparing an effective resume can be more pain-free than you ever thought possible

Maintain a positive and determined outlook can kill off all those feelings of intimidation at the prospect of putting yourself down on paper.

Some job seekers fear making a mistake on a resume and are unable to even begin the process, but the miracle of word processing makes it easy to change wording and rearrange resume sections — changes can be easily made, and no one is the wiser.

You never need to feel the obligation of allowing anyone to look at the resume or any document until you have completed your writing. At that point, you can ask a trusted friend to read it over to see whether it makes sense and looks good.

Your resume is an introduction to a company and the boss. It is also a commercial for what you – a valuable product – can do for that company.

via Resume Tips and Instructions for Today’s Job Market.

How to Change an Internship Into Full-Time Employment and a Career 

  • Working hard,
  • Taking notes in an employment portfolio,
  • Showing good appearance and manners,
  • Being productive and cooperative,
  • Showing initiative at the most appropriate times, and
  • Becoming more visible as a good employee –


These are behaviors that lead a student or adult intern from the internship to full-time employment – right?  Unfortunately, not always.

All these items can help make your internship experience good enough to lead to an off of a job that can be the foundation for a career offer, but this does not always the case. 

Some employers use government-subsidized interns during a few months each year and do not  hire them full-time after completion. Other internships turn out to be part-time temporary summer jobs.  However, America is home to employers that maintain well-developed, ongoing internship programs that do lead to full-time work. Access the link above for the list and some other good ideas.

Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky c. 1816

Benjamin Franklin worked with electricity and light. He noted that the French could save candles if time was rearranged during the day.

In 2015, March 8 brings us DST again on that Sunday morning at 2:00 AM.

The old proverb to help us remember which way to change our clocks works most of the time:

  • Spring FORWARD
  • Fall BACK

So on early on March 8, or before you retire for the evening, set your clock ahead one hour. In the morning, 8 o’clock will not be 9 o’clock and you may miss church. or Sunday School or Brunch.

The cycle does not revert until November 1 at 2:00 AM this year, so we will have eight months of the time change and hopefully people will like the daylight lasting until later in the evening. However, on the Summer Solstice in June, the hours of light per day are already reducing in number again, naturally, because of the positions of the Earth and the sun.

The daylight hours are incredible in Middle Michigan around Mackinac Island. Late one August when friends and I visited, it was still daylight at 10:15 PM.  The farther north one travels in the Western Hemisphere, the longer it stays light at night, until you reach the furthest climes and the Land of the Midnight Sun. There, the nights never become completely dark for six months.

Read how French candles, the British, and the American Railroads all brought Daylight Saving Time to North America and Europe:

Daylight Saving Time 2015 – History and Importance

Why Does Daylight Saving Time Change All the Time?

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