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Memorial Day and Our 100-Year-Old Veterans

Would you still work every day if you were 100 years old or older? Some of our seniors still do that. One gentleman who served in the dedicated corps that built airfields on islands and coral reefs in the South Pacific still works at the age of 109.

The former sergeant  works in his Texas yard every day, trimming trees and all other sorts of landscaping chores.  He is healthy, not overweight or underweight, but uses a cane occasionally. he also shuns television completely.

What keeps a WWII Veteran going 70 years after the end of the war? – Probably several  things, but a clear appreciation of America for his or her service must be one of them.

This Memorial Day, please thank your US Veterans and Wounded Warriors for their contributions to defending our homeland.  Pray for the families of those slain in battle and offer words of comfort and thanks. Pray for our enemies and their families as well; pray that they give up fighting  — War often leads to more war. And thank God for our country and its protections

Happy Memorial Day!

The Aerospace Industry is beginning an upsurge during QT2 2015 that includes plans for new drone-related businesses and jobs.

The Ohio Space Corridor through Cincinnati – Dayton – Columbus  already brings in $8 billion to Ohio every year and expects to increase this by 3,000 jobs and millions of new revenue dollars. Meanwhile, the national forecast is for 100,000 new jobs and $90 billion of business.

Drones have gone into the private sector, too, for commercial and non-profit uses.

The FAA is writing rules for flying drones that weigh under 55 pounds, specifically for civilian airspace. The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International believes that adding drones into the civilian arena can offer thousands of jobs by 2025 in Ohio and tens of thousands to the USA.

See what jobs are coming available at:

via Ohio Space Corridor Creates 100,000 Drone Jobs and $90 Billion Revenue.

In 2013, American companies advertise approximately 1,000 anti-corruption related positions across the country;but, the number of openings advertised rose to over 1,400 positions in Spring 2015.

This is a rapidly expanding sector in the area of Criminology and should continue to produce new jobs in the next several years. Competitions between nations is rising as USA, Russia, China and other go after property tights on Mars, the Moon, and the Asteroid Belt.

In Medicine, anti-corruption work is important to control fraud in personal injury, Workers Compensation, SSI/SSDI, Medicare, Medicaid, drugs, transplant and 3D-Printer organs marketing, and many others.

Highest Demand Anti-Corruption Jobs Advertised Include:

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Senior Audit Leader
  • Litigation/Forensic Accountant
  • Audit Manager
  • Cyber Crime and Breach Response
  • Risk & Compliance Specialist
  • Anti-Money Laundering Analyst
  • Insurance Investigator
  • Claims Analyst

See many more and their locations at:

The Work of the Anti-Corruption Manager

Useful links with researched job listings:

McDonald’s Streamlines Menu and Operations to Accommodate Minimum Wage Hike

McDonald’s is attempting to loosen up revenues and costs in order to increase employee wages up to the demanded $15.00 per hour. It won’t happen all at once, but here is part of their plan, from my perspective as a profits award winner at McDonald’s and Ponderosa Steakhouses in the past. 

Fast food restaurant operations and menus cycle from simple to highly complex & labor intensive, back to simpler times. Usually, the need to do so or go out of business.

This time, the back-to-basics view helps McDonald’s to pay new Minimum Wages! Click the link above and see how.

Have you experienced this quandry? —

“I gave [my employer] 6 weeks notice so that I could find and train my replacement, but no one except me seems to feel this major urgency to hire someone. My 6 weeks are almost up, and there’s no one to take over my many and complicated responsibilities. What should I do?”

Find the answer from top Career Guru Alexandra Levit and read this great Blog article to discover more good advise at Careers and How to Make them Great


Other Material You Can Use

How Recent Grads Can Find Jobs – What’s the Secret?

Career Coaches You Can Use for FREE Online!

Glassdoor employment search engine is fast becoming the leader in gather job postings from all across the Internet, interviewing employees and managers and revealing their opinion, sparking trends, and serving job seekers and employees very well. This engine offers a larger number and much fresher daily job listings than the previous leaders SimplyHired and Indeed. 

Glassdoor compiles lists of Best Jobs annually, based upon

1) a worker’s earning potential depending on average base salary,

2) a career opportunities potential rating, and

3) the actual number of job openings available.

Taken together, a list of best jobs that results is solid information for America. You can find the Top 10 Best Jobs, along with another 15 jobs that can make awesome careers. The compilations are presented at:

via Best 10 Jobs for High Pay, Chance for Advancement, and Real Job Openings.

What is a Job Personality?

Job Personality — A set of beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, talents, and skills that go into determining what kind of work is best suited to you, which work you will enjoy, and what type of work will be the most productive for your employer and yourSelf.

It is what you do at work that makes you happy and makes you most productive at the same time.

You need to have certain values and motivating factors met on the job for it to be worthwhile for you to do and to produce good results. It is all part of your whole, integrated Self, the total YOU that is very important.

via How to Find Your “Job Personality”.

When you click the above link, you will find several short quizzes that help in career planning and understanding yourself on the job. There are some tests to stay away from a swell, because they are overly long, expensive (instead of free)!  Find out which ones.


Very funny and sounds like a lot of people who are excited about the new Star Wars film.

Originally posted on Medium Large:

Ted Forth Star Wars Trailer

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Have you purchased a SmartWatch yet?  If so, you may have discovered that in addition to keeping you connected with the Internet, your friends, your music, and business trends, it may also connect you to cyberbullying and stalking.

Every new piece of technology seems to be an avenue for trolls and stalkers to bother people. Wouldn’t it be fun if technology could sense the troll on the other end and blow up his equipment?  Unfortunately, the is probably not going to happen. Plus, just as an incorrect Death Row execution happens now and then, some people would be picked up by sensors as “trolls” and unfairly punished.

A local Midwest mega-church pastor learned during his daughter’s high school senior year that she was pulling some pranks with her cellphone. He confiscated her phone, her car, and all of her technology for the last term of the year. I bet that hurt worse than a SmartWatch blowing up! Still, can we prevent trolls from owning technology in the future? Probably not.  We just have to be prepared to handle stalkers and trolls.

An interesting film on this subject is UNFRIENDED, which I must say was better than I expected and easy to follow on six on-screen chat windows, Facebook pages, close-ups of  emails and photo downloads with snarky captions, etc. All the while, terrified teenagers left at home alone are screaming and they cannot get he police to come over and help them.

It’s all a provocative look at how technology can be misused to hurt people, even to the extent of suicide and homicide. All this really does happen.

Jobs are going to increase in technologies, technologies will increase in type and number, and jobs will increase again.  There will be a lot of work available at high pay rates. Whoever can devise a system or a gadget to stop dangerous online trolls will become a billionaire!

If you are over 50 years old in America, you may be able to benefit from some of the facts and advice in the following article:

How to Cut Costs & Increase Income

Many Baby Boomers are finding that their age for receiving full benefits from Social Security Retirement has been raised to age 66 years. Some of the youngest Boomers are being pushed to wait until age 70.

A big surprise for the now-young Generation Z, though, is that Congress under the Reagan Administration passed actions that raise their age of retirement to 75.

In addition, today’s senior citizens who have no families are in a rough spot. Many are becoming homeless, with absolutely no place to go. While larger cities have a homeless services network, rural communities and many small towns usually have nothing of the sort. Some seniors are even stuck in abusive relationships, because otherwise, they would be homeless.

Employment services are senior citizens are growing, especially in places like Texas and Oregon, and adequate housing is the next step in helping our aging population to survive in America.

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