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Campaign 2012 for President of the United States was the closest race in 76 years. It was likely the most expensive in billions of dollars spent, and the most bitter, scandal-filled, propagandist campaign to date.

Some Americans turned off their TVs and radios and stopped answering their doors when campaign workers came knocking as late as 8:30 PM in my metro area. Corporations seemed to be behind the hard campaigning, as depicted in the 2012 Will Ferrell film The Campaign.

Mail boxes and front porches were filled with slick campaign handbills. It was a win-at-any-cost election and we’d seen an eerie foreshadowing in the late 1980s  —

MAX HEADROOM (1987 – 1988), A Prophetic TV Series

In a dystopian future (like 2012) we are ruled by TV networks & CEOs. Every home must have a TV that plays retail ads and propaganda 24/7/365 and the street corners are full of blaring TVs. Off switches are illegal. Edison Carter (Matt Frewer) is a reporter for Network 23, who uncovers things that the CEOs want to cover up. Max is an Artificial Intelligence and talk show host who helps Edison.

Read more about it at

via Media Influence, the US Stock Market and Jobs in America Before Election 2012.


How to Avoid Credit Card Debt and Stay Out of Bankruptcy:

Credit cards can pull consumers into a lake of financial fire from which few return.

Credit card debt is a lake of fire that can burn up all your resources and leave you destitute.


Credit cards have become a financial horror in the United States in the 2000s and 2010s, because of increasing interest rates, service fees, late fees, and over-line penalties. At the same time, conspicuous consumerism in the media is urging the American Public from Skid Row to Wall Street to buy more products and services.

Advertising is driving people into a credit card lake of fire. We could certainly use the Old Testament Hebrew tradition of erasing all debts every 7 years! See what you can do about credit cards, their use, and management, at the link above.

One of the Top 10 Fastest-Growing American Careers through 2020.

Financial Examiners under a variety of job titles are in high demand, because of funding bailouts and accountability in the USA and the world since the Recession of 2008 -2010.  Financial and inventory transactions are under a microscope and are likely to stay in that position or several years. In addition, Stimulus Funds must be accounted for in grant administration across the United States.

Give Us High Speed Rail

High speed rail and fast and efficient bus service is the hallmark of many of the Best Cities on the Top 10 and Top 100 lists of organizations such as, CNNMoney, Kiplinger, US News and World Reports,and several others in the US and Canada. Failure to support this type of mass transit sometimes slows a city’s growth and prevents some people from gaining employment.

Railroads are a means of transportation that nearly 1.8 million people took in upstate New York this year. The high speed rail project would let passenger trains travel 110 miles an hour from Niagara Falls to New York City. Ohio needs to use it’s Stimulus Money for a similar project, not give it back.

I’d rather have my taxes go to trains than to the $9,000,000,000 in grants to find new insects in South America.

Eventually, I’ll move to a state that has a good rail system.

Weekly Writing Contest for New Writers.

A send up of the 2010 Mid-Term Elections introduces 18 new writers to the world.

Topics highlighted this week are

  1. Politics and Social Issues
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Fashion and Beauty


LINK: HubNugget Nation

Best Cities Fighting Domestic Violence

Cyberbullying techniques are cunning and imaginative and cyberbullies sometimes become victims themselves in a cutthroat competitive cyber-reality. This part of the virtual world is a blood bath overflowing into the lives of children that do not know how to handle it. Piscataway has planned additional awareness sessions in a drive to help youth and their families and to prevent cyberbullying.

Piscataway’s Domestic Violence Awareness project is another arm of this anti-bullying/anti-violence program. The entire anti-violence priority of this community helps make this township a Best Place for

Best American Cities – Hot Jobs in Yorba Linda CA

Job listings have increased significantly from 2009 – 2010 in Orange County, California. In fact, jobs in Irvine doubled to 59,000 listings in October 2010. Yorba Linda jobs (79,000) nearby increased by 25%. All this is happening after the federal  Stimulus Funds were applied at the county level and in Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, IT, and Retail Sales jobs – not government make-work jobs.   

Assertions that the Stimulus did not work, at least in this part of California, are incorrect and may be political ploys to swing the mid-term elections on November 2, 2010 to too-conservative candidates. infrastructure and several other programs are increasing the economy of the OC through real private sector jobs.

The answer is surprising but mathematically correct.

Who is making such small and large incomes to make this average?

When we look at this figure, we can remember that in places like New York City and San Francisco or Los Angeles, California, the cost of living is higher than elsewhere and yearly salaries reflect this.

How about the Recession? Business closures and layoffs — who is earning large incomes? Several of the analyst-chosen 100 Best Cities to Live in America and The Best Cities for Work/Business demonstrate lesser harm done by the recession!.

See the link below for high-wage careers advertised in this nation and the

Answer to the Income Question $$$$ –
What is Average Job Income in America?

On October 8, 2010, my evening news informed me that over 14 Million people in the USA are unemployed. During that day, I’d found a total of 6 Million job openings on the Internet  among all the sites spidered by and, my two favorite job search and trending engines in America, Canada, and many other nations worldwide.  Include about 2 Million jobs not advertised on the Internet and in the hidden job markets, and we might have 8 Million jobs listings total.

Despite the recession of 2008 – 2010 and a lack of at least 6 Million MORE JOBS needed in America. certain metro areas are growing and offering more jobs rather than fewer.  America is not an Etch-A-Sketch® that you can shake up to evenly distribute the jobs like you can the magic mirror dust in the drawing toy, so some unemployed and underemployed individuals and families must move to these larger cities.

Best US Cities: Top 10 Hot Jobs in Expanding Missouri Suburbs

Missouri is a pleasant state with diverse economies and its suburbs on the western and easter borders are growing along with the major metros Kansas City and St. Louis. These clusters of cities and towns are becoming larger megalopolises and the place to be for work, good schools, fine colleges, expanding cultural activities, nightlife, and historic preservation. Families, young singles, and even seniors and retirees looking for work can be happy in these Missouri cities.

          America may have 6 or 7 million people vying for 4 million jobs, but specific metropolitan area are actually short of workers. From looking at Top 10 and Top 100 lists researched and presented by economic analysts in online magazines like Money, Forbes, and US News and World Reports, I am seeing a trend — Not a hard and fast formula, but a trend that might help job seekers.   

The suburbs of dozens of large cities are expanding around the perimeters of their larger neighbors as these metros also increase in physical size, population, and economic activities. Some of this is attributable to the Stimulus fundings provided by the Obama Administration, but some to other sources as well.  It appears that the areas between the suburbs and the major cities are filling in with residences, businesses, industrial parks, shopping malls, new highways interchanges, government contracted companies, and all sorts of ventures.

Some of the fastest growing and Top 100 Best Cities to look at for jobs and relocation are the following places where 1,000s of job vacancies appear:

In addition, some high-to-moderately paying jobs are increasing very quickly during the first half of this century: 


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