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Increasing numbers of free magazines, newsletters and eBooks are becoming available online as more people learn how to create them.

While some of these offerings are strictly sales literature, others are informative, entertaining, and fun to have. Even employment news and trade or business journals are available online these days.

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As if there was not enough to keep us busy with the Masters Tournament activities, now some voices are shouting that winner of the Green Jacket in 2014, Bubba Watson, should never have gone to Waffle House later that night.  What’s wrong with a clean, well run Waffle House once in a while, anyone?

The Tournament purse is 172 times the amount of the average American salary. Compare the three highest amounts:

  1. PGA – $10.5 Million
  2. Players Tournament – $9.0 Million
  3. Masters Tournament – $8.0 Million

[Source:  @GoBankingRates on Twitter]

Tiger Woods is out of the Masters Tournament because of health and injury concerns, but many famous golfers are left to carry beginning on April 10, 2014.

The Leader Board from 2013 was:

  1. Adam Scott
  2. Angel Cabrera
  3. Jason Day
  4. Marc Leishman
  5. Tiger Woods



Bobby Jones Quote:

Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies.

Arnold Palmer: It’s a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get.

Jack Nicklaus, the Golden Bear: A kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course. Golf teaches you how to behave.

Mark Twain: It’s good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling.

Jobs at the Masters Tournament golf course:

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Like Elvis Presley in America, the world’s youth have a chance to be seen for their endeavors, in music and in sports especially, but in other fields when we help to recognize them.

Many poor young people can be like skater Oksana Baiyul – she gained recognition and a career through the Olympics. She displayed the Human Spirit and so did those who helped her, right down to her homemade costume.  A young person in my area is making a difference in a short video he made whn his mom and he decided to begin exercising becuase of the Olympics and Nike filmed him.

No matter what anyone says to or about anyone to discourage them, we can give them a good Word…

H.O.W. To Find Your Own Greatness


One individual swimmer in the Paralympics won 51 medals, over twice as many as Michael Phelps in the Olympics, in just as difficult of events, and with one additional obstacle – she was blind!

The Paralympic Games of summer gather increasing numbers of athletes every four years and 2012 sees a full 4,200 individuals registered to participate. The numbers of enrollment for women is up this year as well.

As interest and participation grows, the world hopes that TV stations will want to broadcast the games outside their host nations, as with the Olympics Games that set viewer records in 2012. Some highlight recaps scheduled will appear on the NBC family of networks, but streaming video will be available on YouTube from August 29 – September 9.  This includes events as well as Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

US Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, wounded, injured, and now amputees use the Paralympics training as rehabilitation and their accomplishments are showcased in these sporting events.

via The London 2012 Paralympics and Some Paralympic Heroes You May Not Know

Oscar Pistorius, known as The Blade Runner, was named to the South African Olympic Team in Athletics for the 2012 London Olympic Games in the 1,600-meter relay and his favorite event, the 400 meters.Already a multiple medal winner in the Paralympics, Pistorius age 25 was born with the same condition that befell champion Paralympian, physician, and singer Ronan Tynan – no fibula in either leg, leading to the amputations.

via Oscar Pistorius – Double Amputee Qualified for Summer Olympic Games.

The best place to retire is often a college town, because of the university driven entertainment, retail, and housing developments in the community, useful research on improving the lot of Senior Citizens, and opportunities for free or low cost college courses to the 55+ sector.

Some colleges and universities are located nearby or actually own retirement centers, including independent living arrangements.

With a medical complex on campus and free county-wide bus service, the city is ideal for all ages, not just retirees

via Stay Young While Living in Clemson SC – Clemson University Caters To Seniors.

Team Nigeria – My Friends on the Olympic Taekwondo Team

British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Andrew Lloyd, proclaimed Nigerian Teams in London for 2012 will flourish. I must agree that my friends are great coaches and competitors.

My friend and colleague, Emmanuel Ikpeme, is one of the most hardworking and effective practitioners and promoters of Taekwondo and other martial arts and sports anywhere in the world, not only in Nigeria and all of Africa. He has won more awards than he can display.

George Ashiru is another Hero of Taekwondo in Nigeria and the world. He has accomplished more in his life so far than many others will ever conceive of doing and he remains energetic in his dedication to the development of martial arts and sports for adults and youth. He is a perpetual motion machine!

Don’t miss Chika Chukwumerije and is return to the Olympic ring in Summer 2012.

New for 2012? – Women’s Wrestling!

Although illegal in most states, hazing kills people in the USA when they join some groups.

These groups can be community clubs, military groups, churches, athletic teams, marching bands, places of employment – and who knows how many others?

Why are we not safe to join a group and enjoy our membership afterwards? Shy must some of us die from forced drinking (tied up and alcohol forced down our throats), fractured skulls, drownings, beatings, and other initiation rites.

Most US States (44) and the Philippines have anti-hazing laws, but they are not always enforced.  It is unthinkable that a young person might work hard to gain membership in a famous marching band, only to die because of it.

A new type of legal practice wants to end hazing across America – School and Hazing Law. Access this link for examples:

By 2012, 44 US States Had Anti-Hazing Laws; – Not All Enforced

Panda refit obstacles gave me a few headaches in online writing and earning, but these could be easily despatched.  

Here’s what I did, with a sense of humor, to make things work more smoothly and attract greater streams of traffic. Here’s also a weekly contest for new writers that offers artices by 18 people that have figured out Panda and how to succeed anyway!

A Nugget Of a Good Time

          Unbelievable plans in two Salt Lake City suburbs will bring the Southwest Metro Area to nearly 250,000 people before the year 2030.  This is solidly planned and the community planners are not taking “No” for an answer. The median age is under 30 in these two towns, so this is the place to go for business, careers, and tending a family.

Fast growing since 2,000, there seems to be no stopping South and West Jordan since they receive ARRA Stimulus and other public and private funds for Infrastructure improvements, new Water Systems, Residential Planning, and wide Transportation leaps – new highways, new rail stops, new Amtrac rail lines, and rapid transit, along with new college campuses, businesses, and residential communities. 

 Over  17,00o jobs are open in this area that offers dozens of city parks, green spaces, golf courses, ski areas, fishing birding area, National parks, and outdoor activities of all kinds. Antelope Island State Park is right in Great Salt Lake, not far from West Jordan, and offers a State Marina besides.  Huge shopping malls, historic areas, and good schools serve the families and visitors to these suburbs.


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