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Some people enjoy bargain shopping and discount coupons. It’s fun!

Others like to save money they can use for other necessities, luxuries, and emergencies. That’s a good reason to bargain shop in the 2010’s – especially with national economic worries.

Still other people bargain shop because they cannot afford retail prices in grocery, clothing, restaurants, and other retail places – especailly upscale establishments.

I think all bargain shoppers can enjoy bargain hunting, even those that MUST save money to make ends meet. It should not be a mark of poverty.

Let’s acknowledge that our country produces and imports some cheaply made goods at both low and high prices. Avoid  both types. 

If consumers can resist Madison Avenue and media advertisements that urge and even trick them into spending money best used elsewhere, then they have a victory. Look a the article below for links to regional bargains and tips for finding even more in your own town.

via Shopping for Bargains without a Paupers Mentality.


I had a problem with some of the events on Paula Deen television shows regarding the food content of certain recipes and the whole concept of the “party” show.  Some episodes of Best Dishes I lived very much.

I also liked her volunteer work, but then became disillusioned. She seemed to be another story of a very hard life turned around to become too much spending, too much eating, and too much acting. 

My problem with Ms. Deen was her partnering with Smithfield Ham, which hired groups of undocumented workers and then turned them in to INS and hired more. They have since remedied hiring practices and I follow them on Twitter, but I’m still a bit irked.

Paul helped to provide what she called “protein” from Smithfield to poor children and families,  but the product was not ham, bacon or sausage — It was actually hotdogs and/or cheapest sausage made from pork byproducts/remains. It’s a dishonest and unhealthy thing. You remember the chicken commercial that lamented “parts is parts”? What pig parts were in that protein?

The pork-giving program to the poor may end with Chinese ownership, but perhaps Ms. Deen should not be dumped from FN because of Smithfield, racism, or pushing diabetes-exacerbating foods. All that can be pretty much fixed.

If Paul is being sued with her brother for running hostile work environments and discriminatory workplace operations, and she loses that lawsuit, then that is the reason to cancel her contract with Food Network. 

A problem has arisen in the popularity of Greek yogurts in America and it may open the way for new jobs creations. Specifically, the industry creates too much acid whey waste to dispose of properly and methods of recycling and disposal are needed. This will likely result in more jobs, especially in New York State, which is one center of production.

Many small farmers describe feeding whey from home-made yogurt to their livestock and this works well. However, Greek yogurt’s acid whey is as acidic as orange juice and contains lots of sugar. This is not good for cows especially.  Cheese whey is also usually fine for livestock, because it is not acidic, but what is termed sweet whey (meaning high pH).

Som Greek yogirt made in America is not even greek style and is fulll of additives and filler. Compare the most famous brands of American-made Greek yogurt HERE. You may be surprised.

Someone asked how many ways we can use baking soda — Wouldn’t it be great if one simple, inexpensive product like this could be used for dozens of jobs around the home? At just 39 – 50 cents a box, it really can! Baking soda can be used not only in a variety of ways in food, but for medicinal purposes, cleaning, and a whole lot more.

Many people have found that taking baking soda in a glass of water daily balances the body’s PH and they feel that this regime is even preventing cancer. The research literature may not be sure about it, but many regular people are certain.

thinking about how to use baking soda, I was transported to a time at work in a restaurant when Paul Simon was singing 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover on the radio.

It was there that I first learned to use baking soda and ice cubes to clean a burnt coffee pot.

See what else I learned at:

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover or To Use Baking Soda

HumanaVitality and Wal-Mart 5% Savings

October 5, 2012 became the target date for the Humana insurance company to begin offering the Wal-Mart healthy foods 5% discount.

Humana leaders planned it as a good step toward preparing for effects of the Affordable Health Care Act, popularly known by the shorter title Obamacare.

Healthier eating should lead to lower healthcare costs overall and many healthcare providers agree.

One problem with the 5% discount off healthier foods is that 5% is not very much — For example, 5% off $1.00 equals $0.95. Many people might skip that small savings and purchase a donut instead of three bananas.

Perhaps the planned extra bonuses and point-incentives that consumers can redeem for gifts and services might draw more participation of consumers!

via 2012: The Year Health Insurance Companies Began to Control Insureds’ Grocery Purchases.

The gardening and hardiness chart of America has changed because of warming climates. Many of the more northern Lower 48 United States can plant earlier this garden seas during Spring , Summer, and part of the Fall of 2012.

Some of these suggestions for the garden are fun and different for a new year of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

City Review: Austin MN – Food Mfg and the Hormel Foodie Throwdown

— The parent company of Spam, Hormel, contributes large grants to local universities and colleges to find cures for cancer through biomedical research. Along with this, new jobs are being created, the Downtown Austin area is offering new businesses and living spaces, and people are beginning to look at Austin, Minnesota in a new way. Food manufacturing is different from automobile manufacturing, but higher paid jobs are just as available. the 2012 Foodie Throwdown was suck a success that is declared an annual event, building on the success of the city’s two food companies.

With tax and rent incentives, crime half the rate of the USA overall, and a lower cost of living, Austin MN is attracting new businesses and new families to its location in Southern Minnesota. Lots of attractions and outdoor activities.

Spam Is Hawaii’s Favorite Food – Recipes and Fun

— Minced Ham and Spiced Ham disappeared in the mid-1930s until Hormel Foods Corporation developed Spam in 1937. It is even  black market item in some countries and sells millions of cans worldwide. Fine a couple of recipes at the link that are not gimmicky – they’re good.

Many people today are considering online writing as a means to an income while they look for work. They have been downsized, displaced, left by a spouse or partner that produced the family income, have been hit by medical misfortune, and suffered any of dozens of problems that stopped their income. They are struggling with substantial effort to make a living. Others are new high school and college graduates that enjoy writing and also seek online writing as a source of supplemental income while they look for work.

We have a weekly writers’ recognition program that  publishes the articles of writers on our site for three months are less. We nominate 18 of them each week and 9 win extra Internet traffic through a variety of means.

Please visit the round-up of this week’s writers and review the Nominees’ work and please vote. Anyone can vote, no registration required. You’ll be helping someone earn an income! And thanks very much.

The Food Pyramid is now a Pie Chart – or The Plate. 

MyPlate is new. And different. 

The Plate requires to be filled 50% with fruits and vegetables every day.  If US families, singles, and youth can change from consuming NO fruits and vegetables to eating SOME fruits and vegetables several times a week, then the change can lead to better health.  This is all provided that the people can afford the fruits and vegetables. During the months of January through May 2011, my local store brand canned green beans rose in price from 58 cents to 75 cents a can. Not expensive?  In 2010, they were 49 cents.

Fresh vegetables are expensive, but each week, the local Kroger and Marc’s puts two rotating vegetable selections on sale at lower prices. They also mark down vegetables several times a week at the end of the day and this helps people.

Changes can certainly help the groups of kids that are habitually overfed by parents, but can we afford fruits and vegetables?  Some can grow their own, but not everyone is able to do so.

Ever hear of a leather ice cream cone? Keep reading 🙂

The wintertime farms in eastern Ohio, families made ice cream from the snow, adding sugar, or honey when they kept bees, vanilla, and some milk or fresh farm cream. This tradition went back before the American Civil War and probably farther.

For a big treat, they dribbled honey over fresh vanilla ice cream. For me, the ice cream sundae was invented the first time someone made ice cream from snow and put something on top: honey, home-canned friut, dried fruit, molasses, maple syrup, homemade mincemeat yes, and probably some other condiments.

We cannot place a date on that, but I know it was done at least as far back as 1840 in my fathers family, when the men were working on the National Road, Route 40.

When did the commerical ice cream sundae and cones first appear?

Ice Cream Sundaes and Cones – Fact or Fiction?.



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