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Have you purchased a SmartWatch yet?  If so, you may have discovered that in addition to keeping you connected with the Internet, your friends, your music, and business trends, it may also connect you to cyberbullying and stalking.

Every new piece of technology seems to be an avenue for trolls and stalkers to bother people. Wouldn’t it be fun if technology could sense the troll on the other end and blow up his equipment?  Unfortunately, the is probably not going to happen. Plus, just as an incorrect Death Row execution happens now and then, some people would be picked up by sensors as “trolls” and unfairly punished.

A local Midwest mega-church pastor learned during his daughter’s high school senior year that she was pulling some pranks with her cellphone. He confiscated her phone, her car, and all of her technology for the last term of the year. I bet that hurt worse than a SmartWatch blowing up! Still, can we prevent trolls from owning technology in the future? Probably not.  We just have to be prepared to handle stalkers and trolls.

An interesting film on this subject is UNFRIENDED, which I must say was better than I expected and easy to follow on six on-screen chat windows, Facebook pages, close-ups of  emails and photo downloads with snarky captions, etc. All the while, terrified teenagers left at home alone are screaming and they cannot get he police to come over and help them.

It’s all a provocative look at how technology can be misused to hurt people, even to the extent of suicide and homicide. All this really does happen.

Jobs are going to increase in technologies, technologies will increase in type and number, and jobs will increase again.  There will be a lot of work available at high pay rates. Whoever can devise a system or a gadget to stop dangerous online trolls will become a billionaire!


DraculaDracula by Bram Stoker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve collected several editions of this book and the related Stoker story “Dracula’s Guest.” The writing style and use of letters and journals are exquisite for imagery. Having friends with lineage in what was Romania and Hungary in the story setting has added shadows and shades of depth as I have re-read the book many times since childhood.

The the first edition I purchased was a dark blue Dell paperback for $.69 around about Junior High School. The front cover displayed a rather stoney image in shades of dark blues — the head and shoulders of Count Dracula.  The book was for sale, of all places, on a rack at a Kroger grocery store. Having never heard of the story before, I have been glad several times since that it was the first Gothic Horror and first vampire story I ever met.

Few of the newer film versions of Dracula, from Hammer Productions to 2010, do the original story justice; however, I enjoyed a made-for-TV film of the tale with David Hyde Pierce in the role of Renfield. He was unforgettable as that erratic character – the best since Dwight Frye. Bela Lugosi, with his theatrical training and performing the role of Dracula on stage in his younger days must have been magnificent. The Universal film showed some of his style and command, but a stage production must have been thrilling. There is no match for him in any era, as he was in the 1920s.

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In 2010, Sean H. Robertson’s novella The Cries of Vampira is affecting teens in a way that makes them feel that they are no longer so different and alone. He and his story are saving lives. 10% of the proceeds go to the Suicide Prevention Hotline. For December 2010, get your copy free online.

How to Cook a Jabberwock and Do the Futterwacken.

Has anyone seen 2010’s Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp? The Mad Hatter’s Futterwacken is a fun dance to do after you’ve cooked a Jabberwock up just right (see the film!). Alice can surely cook, as in cook the Jabberwock’s goose. After that, she becomes a successful career woman and though the film did not reckon so, she likely hired a personal chef.

If you or your significant other likes to hunt for game animals for food, here are some recipes that are easily made from the game meat.  If you’ve no wild game handy, chicken, turkey, duck, and pheasant are readily available at many markets, along with rabbit and frogs legs. A recipe for a Wild Rice Casserole is perfect for serving with any of these.

For the kids and any of us that still love Alice and the Mad Hatter, or the Who’s and their Feast, we have a recipe for the Omelet of Wild Beast.  I love it!

The Tales of Golden Arm

Action star and still-active martial artist Lo Meng was a member of a group of martial artists called Venom Mob, whose members also acted in Hong Kong kung fu films.  They rose to cult status, both the films and the actors. Lo Men is still an actor, largely in comedy, but retains all of his martial arts skills and physique. He choreographs action scenes for such films as the interesting biographic pic,  Ip Man.  

Besides the golden armed kid in The Kid with the Golden Arm,  Lo Mang’s most famous role was Toad in 1978’s Five Deadly Venoms. These are the films that I enjoyed on the old  television series Kung Fu Theater, along with Return Of the 5 Deadly Venoms , Five Element Ninjas, and Ten Tigers from Kwangtung.  Look for reruns on your local or cable stations, or enjoy them on DVD. made in the 1970s – 1980s, they are still good entertainment.

Ever have a Man in Black chase you down and cut out your heart because you were late with a credit card payment?  it could happen in the future.

This one would leave you doing a weird horizontal dance into the afterlife…Vegas and Toledo prostitutes already lose their organs to black marketeers and they are left to die in hotel bathtubs and local dumpster. 

Three films show worst case scenarios for healthcare for the rest of the 21st Century and this illustrated article compares the three and thinks about the healthcare problem today.

HubNugget Corps of Engineers

A friend from New Orleans, Louisiana once described good music and writing as tasty and I agree with her wholeheartedly. Good writing provides a palette of flavors that can stick with you your whole life and bring back good memories.

We have here 18 new articles we call  HubNuggets that are really tasty new writing from new writers.  at the link, you can access the articles that are divided into three Topic categories: Writing, Relationships, and Beliefs. If  you comments on the articles’ comment thread and leave your link in the slot provided, or join the community – or are already a member, you’ll increase your Internet Traffic right along with the new writers highlighted this week.

The theme of the Round Up article showcasing the 18 selections is a parody of  TV adventure series.  You’ll have a good time with a couple of laughs and some good reading and tasty comments.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the usual traditional celebrations may be boring for some couples.  You may want something different and even from the dark side…

It’s interesting to look up old movies of love stories that have been popular in the world and you might want to make an Old Film Night part of your Valentine’s Day celebration.  Related to that, did you know that htere have been at least 5 film versions of Wuthering Heights, including a public television edition, a few musicals, and other genre? It’s a popular story and full of intrigue and cruelty as well as unrequited love.  

Show Wuthering Heights to your Valentine’s flame and ignite the passion of its stars Cathy and Heathcliff in your holiday celebration.  It is a classic that will please people of many tastes. Click on the link to find out more about all the film versions and the twists and turns of the storyline.  If your date also enjoys vampires and Twilight, then make it a marathon!

When you join HubPages and answer a weekly HubMob topic request, you will gain extra traffic for your online writing.

This week (thru Sunday night) the topic is Halloween and you can write about alternative celebration or even ignoring it as well as all the celebrations involved. A few have been submitted already and you might want to take a look here and join HubPages – for FREE.

The Best Dracula Ever

Don’t miss these videos of Marching Bands and Drum & Bugle Corps around the world,  including UK, USA, and South Korea and Hip Hop influence in college and military music corps.  A short interesting history of fife and drum corps is also included.

The history behind the movie DRUMLINE is revealed and a video of  the young men that produced the style and their influence on the S. Korean Army Band drumline is highly entertaining.

Why I Love a Parade – Drums & Bugles

These types of sports and entertainment careers are successfully for5 a few individuals — A key element is a charismatic personality.

Mr. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock retired from professional wrestling completely in 2004 in order to pursue a successful film career. He had begun this career with the WWF in their second-tier league called the United States Wrestling Alliance, in 1996, totalling 8 years of wrestling, with many awards and championships. All this was much more successful than his short time previously in professional football, but it was time to move on with a natural talent for acting.

Dwayne spends a lot of time supporting at-risk youth and families in the fight against diabetes, educational deficits, and lack of psychical fitness. He completed college with a degree in criminology and core courses in physiology.  All of this is a good background for his acting.  See:

What’s The Rock Cookin’ Now?


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