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“You must have all your teeth pulled immediately.”

That’s what a friend of mine was told when that person presented an Insurance Card and underwent an oral examination. Extractions were covered, but other services were not – not even a cleaning.

Residents of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio were pleased when governors accepted the option of expanding Medicaid coverage to state residents of higher income levels, but they learned that coverage is not very good. Someone is paying a lot of money in taxes for these covered persons to receive nothing.

A dentist advised the patient mentioned above to have all teeth pulled, because root canals, caps, and bridges would not be a covered expense. But, one set of dentures every two years would be covered.

See what else is up with some of the Obamacare cases at

via Obamacare Choice Falls Flat and Ohio Sues.


They didn’t mean to do it —

Legislators that passed the last increase in Federal Minimum Wage in 2009 and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) did not intend for Unemployment Benefits to be reduced in response., but that’s what we all received.

Because of employer workarounds to offset the new increased labor costs, Unemployment Benefits are being decreased because fewer people will be eligible in some industries. Further increases in minimum wage may cause additional wage, hour, and benefits cuts to employees in 2013 and 2015.

via How Increases In Minimum Wage and the Impact of the Affordable Care Act Inadvertently Decrease Unemployment Benefits.

In the 2012 animated film Wreck It Ralph, the main character visits the world the Sugar Rush video games and finds high calories, sugar addictions, and mean girls.

All the characters and places in the video game are made of candy and sugar syrups – pretty sticky!  Once in the game and stuck all over with candy, Wreck It Ralph is pursued by the sugar town’s only two police officers – two talking DONUTS with firearms and motor bikes. One is a cake donut with sugar icing and the other is a frosted long john with a cream filling and a gun.

Together the donut cops look like Laurel and Hardy, but our local police officers in Central Ohio are earning a $900 bonus for passing a voluntary physical fitness exam every year that has only a few categories but significantly increases their health statuses. Insurance costs are going down lower that the total payout of all the bonuses each year!

via How One City’s Police Officers and Firefighters Reduce Health Costs and Earn Bonuses.

HumanaVitality and Wal-Mart 5% Savings

October 5, 2012 became the target date for the Humana insurance company to begin offering the Wal-Mart healthy foods 5% discount.

Humana leaders planned it as a good step toward preparing for effects of the Affordable Health Care Act, popularly known by the shorter title Obamacare.

Healthier eating should lead to lower healthcare costs overall and many healthcare providers agree.

One problem with the 5% discount off healthier foods is that 5% is not very much — For example, 5% off $1.00 equals $0.95. Many people might skip that small savings and purchase a donut instead of three bananas.

Perhaps the planned extra bonuses and point-incentives that consumers can redeem for gifts and services might draw more participation of consumers!

via 2012: The Year Health Insurance Companies Began to Control Insureds’ Grocery Purchases.

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, will solve several issues of complaining physicians and patients beginning 2014. However, a few additional problems have been thrown onto the heap by it as well.

FOR INSTANCE — The lowest premium available to a person aged 60 under the ACA with an income of $55,000 annually is $10,172 with no subsidy available – that’s almost $1,000 every month and 18% of total income. 

Many people cannot understand the ACA, because the average reading level of Americans ages 16 – old age is only net ween grades 8 and 9.  The languages of the ACA is too complex.

See more at

Healthcare Problems Before and After the Affordable Care Act.


OBAMACARE – Costs to the Public

A continuing question about the Affordable Health Care Act passed into law under the Obama Administration has been that of cost.

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation offers one Health Reform Subsidy Calculator that is linked below.

To use this calculator, enter either your expected 2014 income or the % of poverty level at which you expect to be (100%, 125%, etc.), your age, your marital status, and your regional cost factor Lower, Medium or Higher).

The calculator will provide:

  • Unsubsidized health insurance premium in 2014, adjusted for your age
  • Actual person/family required premium payment (the amount you must pay)
  • Government tax credit

Hopefully, the Affordable Care Act eliminates the possibility of turning away people with pre-existing conditions. Many wellness/prevention activities and services are encouraged and covered completely under the ACA.

However, premium amounts from ages 40 – 60 and above who make 425% of poverty level seem too expensive. $10,000+ per year is simply too much for a single person. That’s about $900/month.

via The Cost of Health Insurance Under the Affordable Care Act – Specific Premiums By Age Cohorts.

Nobody Wants a 50-Year-Old Woman!

A continuing problem has no easy answer. A growing number of  women – and some men – ages 50 to 64 – cannot find work and do not qualify for any type of public assistance. Social Security for a portion of these folks age 62+ is pretty low unless they work to age 70, so many of them would willingly work if they could be hired.

In the past, full-time employment of individuals over age 50 was a burden to employers, because of the significantly higher health and medical  insurance premiums required for this age group. Older workers have been downsized out of the employment pool for many years, with a spike to this event in the Recession of 2008 – 2010.

Under Obamacare, however, this is to end and should make hiring older workers more palatable. Older workers in good health, with flexible attitudes, creativity, and experience are valuable to the workplace. Hopefully, insurance premiums will be removed as an obstacle to their work.

At the same time, even the Unemployment Department of many US States urge workers to start businesses of their own. This is growing easier in the 2010s with Internet business and telecommuting for work, but is an obstacle for those who are not technology-oriented.     

Employment is partially based on appearance, so how old is “too old?” This is especially pertinent for women. A remnant band of employers in the US feel that woman should be paid less than men for equal work, probably should not work at all; and if they are single or widowed, should live with and be supported by family. At the same time, the number of women between ages 50-64 who no longer have any living family and also have no job and no chance for financial aid is growing. What will become of them?

For a look at Aging and Beauty and how the two are compatible, see   

Nobody Wants a 50-Year-Old Woman!

A Forum Post asked about 40% of American physicians closing their practices as Obamacare comes to fruition in 2010. This information originated from News and Analysis. However, I saw the beginnings of adjustment back in 1990 and 2010’s senior citizens have likely seen related changes before that.

In Central Ohio dozens, quickly becoming hundreds, of physicians have 1) already closed their practices before their retirement ages or 2) refused to see and eliminated from their practices entirely:

  1. All Medicare and Medicaid patients
  2. All patients without health and or major medical insurance other than in No. 1 above. This includes “self pay” patients that can afford to pay 100% costs out of pocket.

Top physicians, surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals in Columbus volunteer at a series of free health clinics any one of 4 nights per week and some weekend afternoons. These clinics are seeing longer and longer lines of the waiting ill. See what might happen next.


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