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Hideous, scary, ugly and crude.

Why is the face of a Halloween witch green? Did it first occur for Salem Witch Trials or 500 years before that?  What injuries actually cause green skin, gangrene and death?


We often see in comic strips and cartoons that a green face means nausea and vomiting.

It does not feel or look good to the victim or anyone who sees him.

A green witch face looks double-ugly sick! – Like someone hit her with a great big stick!

Read all about the bruises and beatings and gangrene and suffocation that both male and female “witches” underwent and how horrible the Witches’ Parade in Salem really was. Just click the top link.

Then tell me what you think –

Do you REALLY want to dress as a witch for Halloween?



The many Pirates of Baltimore easily outpace those of Disney World or the movie houses. PIRATES have a long history in Charm City, especially in Fells Point where many other attaction can fill an entire vacation.

Once Baltimore became partially civilized with a seaport, in came the sailors and clipper ships, privateers and pirates. All before the American Revolution.  It was an exciting time, recreated today for your enjoyment and history education.

One pirate crew lives in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor – the Vigilant Crew may kidnap you for fun!  Baltimore’s Fells Point historical district is home to another cvrew as well. They’re a lively bunch. They’ll dress and make you up to look just like them. They will teach you to walk, dance, and talk like a pirate and fire their water cannons.  You can even schedule an adults-only pirate bash.

via Top 10 Best Things to See in Charm City – Pirates, Cakes and Song.

BOO! – Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, you can have a good time in Central Ohio during the last weekend in October.

Harvest Festivals, community/structured Halloween parties, Neewollah Turn It Around, Fall Festivals, and plan old club house parties are everywhere. One of Columbus’ favorites in the Highball Halloween held in the Short North on two blocks of High Street, blocked off by police blockades and monitored by officers and volunteers.

Between 2nd Ave. and 4th Ave., costume parades and contests begin with the kids and progress to adults, even including Pets and Their Owners!  Bring your dog or cat or ferret or parrot and compete for cash prizes.  Food, music, dancing and kids’ crafts area add to the fun form 3PM to Midnight.

Check out the following link for six or seven safe and fun late-October celebnratoions in Columbus:

Halloween, Neewollah, or Fall Festival –

It All can be Safe and Fun

You may be interested in finding gifts for this holiday season and throughout the year that are Made in America or made in a certain one of the US States. Toys come to mind during Halloween, Harvest Festivals, Pow Wows, Thanksgiving for kids, and of course, Christmas, Hanukkah,  Kwanza, and other cultural celebrations. 

Vintage toys are available for collectors and some of these much-loved playthings are once again in distribution. Some never went out of production, avoiding extinction in the face of American manufacturing slowdowns.

The Ohio Art Company is one of these great places to find  Etch A Sketch®,  Betty Spaghetty®, and Gift Paks that also contain Duncan® Butterfly Yo-Yos and Slinky®!

If you’re interested in other old time favorites, check out the toys at the

National Toy Hall of Fame

For some wonderful Ohio-made products, visit Made in Ohio and don’t forget to see  Directory of American-Made Products.


This Top 10 List is a group of foods that filled me with horror as a child. You might want to use them on your Halloween festivities one way or another. This goes beyond the usual peeled grapes used for eyeballs at Trick or Treat Parties.  Some fook-like things probably should not be put into the mouth.  A few on this list certainly fit that description.

The Worst Foods of Childhood

The birth of the jack-o-lantern is told in tales in China and South America (especially around the Amazon river Basin). However, this origin story  is completely unrelated to any we’ve heard much about in America —  That is, unless we have access to anthropologists,  research universities,  museums, and the History Channel.  Most folks don’t hear much about pumpkins as masks, though.

The first crude jack-o’-lanterns were used for hunting disguises, so read all about it at:

A Bloodcurdling Pumpkin

Autumn is full of celebrations in North America that include many more than Halloween.

Some people celebrate Halloween and others don’t care for it or just don’t enjoy the dress-up and candy giving  – too much sugar and folderol. 

Considering all the harvesting of the autumn season, if you don’t want to celebrate Halloween with witches and ghouls, you can do a lot of other things. Some people throw a Renn Fest, others a Charlie Brown Great Party. Hayrides and hot apple cider are fun as well.  They’re all fun! 

If you want to celebrate Harvest and Halloween or either one separately, these dozen coloring pages can help with both, and are educational too!

Halloween Pages of a Different Color

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