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Organized scientific projects join with Research Triangle Park professionals to link the Roanoke Lost Colonists and current descendants of early Native American peoples they met in. Some of the researchers are descendants, themselves.

The Croatan People are not extinct, either. Their descendants live in North Carolina today. 

Evidence has been found in old and new maps of the area, archaeological artifacts, a buried fort on the 42-mile long Hatteras Island, and DNA markers, as well as oral histories of the descendants of mixed marriages among the English and the Croatan and other Native Peoples beginning in the late 1580s. 

via Lost Roanoke Colony Found By Research Triangle Scientists


Oil painting completed in 1605 by the Dutch Master Antoon Claeissens (1526 - 1613).

Best Entertaining Holidays, Birthdays and History In March

Sunspots and solar storms were predicted to black out the 2012 London Olympic Games. The Olympiad was not affected by these phenomena, but the American Midwest certainly was affected by them instead – to the extreme! It was the hottest and longest period of summer power outages we’d had in decades. On the eve of 2013, more solar uprisings occurred.

A giant solar eruption exploded during New Year’s Week 2013 and scientists are anxious to photograph the aftermath and await weather changes possibly associated with the eruption. The Mayan Doomsday prediction proved untrue, but some negative aspects of solar activites may be damaging to our weather and communications on Earth in 2013 and the go-forward. What will happen next?

via Weather Changes to 2020 and 2013 Solar Explosions.

This is the woman that created the myth of Pilgrims at Thanksgiving. She wrote the story as a retail advertisement in 1840. Read about this writer and the actual first Thanksgiving at:

The First “Thanksgiving” – Original Recipes From 1621, But There Was No Pie Or Pilgrims

Secret Codes are not the province only of Spy vs. Spy, Cold War missions, and Navaho Code Talkers in WWII.  A few hundred years before all of that, Christmas was ILLEGAL in the UK and the American Colonies. The authorities of the Crown decided that Christmas was decadent and a waste of time and money. If you even were in possession of a mince pie, you could go to jail!

Still, the Irish and the American Colonists kept Christmas. They did it with the secret code locked into the carol,  The Twelve Days of Christmas. Many sing it today without knowing the code and that is a shame, since it is beautiful in the story it tells and the traditions it preserves.

The Twelve Days of Christmas is more than a song. It was a lifeline when Christmas was banned and the mince pie criminalized.

While you enjoy the carol and all of its great parodies, have a look at the codes and enjoy the song anew.

What’s it all about? —

The Twelve Days of Christmas, An Irish Code and 12th Night.

For the first time since 2008, I find 5,000,000 job openings available in the US, not including the hidden job market.

We had 6 Million any given day in 2007 – 2008, then listings went down to 4.2 to 4.4 million jobs available on any day from January 2009 through September 2012. Then ADVERTISED jobs went down a bit, but then boomed after the first Presidential Debate on 10/3/2012 for Election 2012 between President Obama and opponent Romney —

An additional 1.4 Million advertised jobs listings occurred in the three days encompassing October 2 through October 5, mostly on October 4.

Look at the breakdown of 1,400,000 additional job listings, many for highly paid work at

via October 2012: American Job Openings Increase to 5 Million For First Time Since 2008: IT, Engineering, Aerospace, Sales.

With a 50,000% increase in Jobs in northwestern North Dakota already in high gear, Ohio companies discovered as large an oil deposit in Eastern and Southern Ohio.

Ready for start-up in January 2012, Governor John Kasich as seen the striking of deals for business and jobs in the Ohio Oil Boom at an agreed upon $3,250,000,000. This is just the beginning of jobs and business in poverty-stricken areas of Ohio. It is an answer to prayer.

Meanwhile, North Dakota around Williston, New Town, and Bismarck need additional construction of living spaces in order to be able to fill about 3,000 jobs currently open in the northwest quadrant of the state.  Up to 500 new oil wells are expected by 2015.

Let’s take a few minutes on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 and honor our Pearl Harbor Survivors with a period of silence and thought as we thank them for serving in the US Military Services that day in Hawaii.

It is the 70th Anniversary of the attack on at least 7 places in the South Pacific; and Hawaii, though shocked, did not fall. Many of these warriors are in the late 80s and early 90s and still remember every minute of the Pearl Harbor attack at approximately 7:55am and that first 24 hours. They will never forget. Let us thank them and offer them kindnesses before they go on to the next life.

Local VFW Posts will likely be holding small special events and you may be able to attend. Some may be televised. VA Offices around the country will likely be doing something in remembrance as well.

World War I did not end all wars as promised. Neither did WWII, nor Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq or Afghanistan. We may hate war, but we support our military men and women and the civilians that go with them. Take a minute or two and thank one of them today if you see him or her.

God Bless  the USA and all the world.

Many stories are published about Elvis, Priscilla, daughter Lisa Marie, and all the rest of the Presleys –  at Graceland, in Hollywood, and elsewhere.  Lisa Marie’s own daughter became a high fashion model at age 14. The whole family is famous and will probably always be in American music and fashion history.

What Elvis began in his short career touched America. It touched the whole world with an understanding and hope for the dream of the working man and working woman. It is a dream of success in a free land. – Can we still do that in the turbulent Early 21st Century?

Memphis, Tennessee: The Greatest Place to Stand Near Elvis

This link above leads to a story about one blue-collar working friend of mine and all his journeys to Graceland, until he also died too young – just like Elvis. My friend was one of the best Elvis Tribute Artists I ever heard and I’m glad I told him so during the last substantial conversation I ever had with him.  That makes things a little easier now without him, but not overly much.
Say what you need to say before your friends die on you.
You’ll be glad you said those words. 
Dedicated to Robert A. Franklin (Jan. 30, 1953 – August 18, 2011)

Fresh updates from 2010 data gathered by the US Bureau of Employment Statistics. 

Some jobs have become safer and some have become WAY more dangerous!

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs 2010


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