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The USA has many popular New Year’s Resolutions that most of the population makes year after year. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions are broken early on, during January.

The Top Three New Year’s Resolutions in the United States all involve controlling one’s weight and money. Both of sandwich-696417_960_720these elements have become big problems in American culture and they appear in broadcast news nearly every day.

Some of the other Top 14 have to do with eating and drinking as well!

Maybe this will be the new year in which America can solve some of the underlying problems that cause these scourges of obesity and poverty. Check out all 14 resolutions at:

New Year’s Resolutions – Fun Or Torture?


Try a couple of these tasty recipes for you winter holiday extravaganzas, or just treat yourself when you take a break from school or job search action!

Best New Year’s Apple Recipes From The American South

Tennessee and Alabama are home to some of America’s finest dishes. Here are a few recipes I’ve picked up on vacations. Happy New Year!

Best Healthy Cranberry Recipes For Thanksgiving And Christmas

These three cranberry fruit recipes will add zip to your holiday table and create tasty memories for your guests.

Off the Beaten Path – Alternative and Different  December Holidays

photo-montage-488177_640Whether you are looking for some refreshing alternatives to Commercial Christmas and hectic winter holidays, or just need a different sort of weekend getaway, try celebrating one of these holidays or events – or hold a themed party.

For instance, you can visit Mount Rumpke at the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill near Cincinnati, and view 30,000 lights and a gathering of 25-foot candy canes all month in December.

  • The Rumpke folks power motor vehicles commercially with the methane created by the landfill.  They are sustainable in American Made business as well as fun.

Or, you might want to visit Boogie in the Bungalow in Pennsylvania.

Or visit the oldest gorilla in captivity on her birthday – Colo seems to be in charge of the zoo.

America has a lot to do in December — Take a look at the link above.

  • Gifts For Kids: Spool Weaving Looms, Rainbow Looms, and Bead Looms
    All of the inexpensive gifts in the above article are colorful, active, and fun. They help children gain skills to create jewelry, art works, and useful items. Some large gifts of this nature are even more fun! In fact, some of the larger models are great for us adults. When not used by occupational therapists, they are relaxing and offer craft projects that are stimulating.

The Mayans and their descendants made a recent film to explain the truth and eliminate all the Doomsday talk.

The world will not or did not end on December 21, 2012, because that month and year mark the very center point of a 40-year Mayan Cycle. We have art least another 20 years to go. Probably more.

Logically, if the world were going to end or be conquered or carried away by aliens, then either event would not occur until circa 2032, about the time we establish a Mars Colony. The 40-year cycle mentioned is one of turmoil, chaos and bad events, but many four-decade periods of history have been just so.

Fine out the whole story at:

via How the True Meaning of the December 2012 Mayan Prophecy Was Explained By Mayans On PBS.

A Cold Moon Christmas and Midwinter Celebration: Iroquois and Kwakiutl

We often wonder how migration of human groups could occur across the world and across North America. Then we find some of the same traditions both in the Pacific Northwest and in the Northeastern United States. While the Iroquois of the United States and Canada have shared large portions of their culture and histories with us, those of the Pacific Northwest are still rather mysterious and very interesting.

Out of the Silence – A Journey Through Pacific Northwest Villages

Just after World War II, an artist traveled through the Pacific Northwest and Southern Alaska, painting pictures of villagers and village life among the Indigenous Peoples. During the turbulent 1960s, a team returned to these sites for a camera tour. Both journeys are fortunately maintained as among the fine arts in Canadian museums, waiting for visitors.

The Iroquoian In the Diaspora – Oldest Representative Democracy In the World

Did you know that the Cherokee are related to the Iroquois? Read all about this native Confederacy and where they are now.

This is by far a tastier dish than the canned-soup-bean-canned-fried-onion bowl that some have seen overcooked for many years. Using real mushrooms, fresh green beans, and lite sour cream or Greek yogurt, this is a casserole  that takes just a little while longer to prepare than the usual fare. In fact, the longest step in the recipe is cooking for 10 minutes inside the oven.

Try this recipe and find out what tarragon has to do with a Dragon and the play Waiting for Godot!

A Fresh New Classic – The Little Dragon Alternative

And don’t miss this fascinating and delicious dessert:

Christmas and Holiday Sugar Dusted Tomato Spice Cake – Extra Moist and Delicious!

Brownies are good for any holiday and a lot of everyday affairs:

Best Unique Brownie Recipes for the Holidays – Add Fruit!

Do you have a problem with tailgaters on the roadways of your town or on the highways during your travels? During the Christmas Holiday Shopping Season, tailgating can be a prelude and set up for robbery, so be careful.

Read more about holiday and driving safety and look at a great thing we’d like to announce to tailgaters: You there! You are tailgating. This is not allowed…


Why don’t people turn down their highbeams when they don’t need them? Something should be done about that.  But if your own eyes are sensitive to headlight glare and show other symptoms as well, it could mean an easily treatable condition, or something worse.  Have it checked out and save yout sight.


Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland

Some call it an Amusement Park now, but it’s quite a testimony to faith and good business principles.  Wally Bronner began it as a sideline in a corner  in 1945 and it grew in a deluge so big that no one could control it. It overflowed two buildings and now forms the Gateway at the south entrance to Frankenmuth.

I respect this family owned and operated company highly, because Mr. Bronner dedicated his sideline business to Christ with a brave conviction that did/does not browbeat anyone, among a huge competition of religions and sects in the world without denigrating any of them.

Wally respected them all, but stood by his own. The organization has always treated staff and customers well; and the store has always given back to the community and various charitable organizations.A large portrait of the extended family before Wally’s death hangs int he South entrance today as a testimony to working together, honoring one another as family members, and honoring customers that bring financial support. Have a look at their site above, at the link.

These recipes are full of healthy fruit and taste great! For Christmas and the Winter Holidays, you can also use cranberries instead of blueberries.

The blueberry has been found to be one of the cancer-fighting foods that are sought by health conscious people. They are berries are “neutraceutricals” – like medicine in a fruit.

Find links to more recipes and gift baskets as well at:

Blueberry Almond Biscotti and Biscuits 


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