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What we need this Christmas and Holiday Season is a little laughter and a little faith. The world is not always nice to people, but we can be nice to one another! Try a Laughter Club:

Find A Certified Laugh Leader, Try Laugh Yoga And Use The Telephone Laugh Line


I have heard many doctors in my training in the Health and Medical field state that the body heals itself; doctors provide some help along the way. Preparing the types of dishes presented in the following arcticle helps the body and the doctor to perform more successfully in the American healthcare system.

Home Remedy Food Recipes

The recipes you will find above include delicious dishes that are easy to make and contain nutrients that prevent, alleviate, or reduce a number of health conditions, such as

  • Mighty Magnesium Salad fights muscle cramps.
  • Tangerine-Nut Oatmeal fights hemmorrhoids, and
  • Walkabout Casserole can put an end to leg cramps and Charlie Horses.

Eating can be fun and healthy at the same time!

How can a simple case of 3-day measles turn into a 30-day sickness and a life-threating fever of almost 107 º F ? Lack of awareness and a few particular home remedies that don’t work.

How to Fight a 107° Fever

Fevers don’t need to  escalate sky high in the case of common illnesses if the proper home methods are used for control of infections and fevers. FORGET “starve a cold and feed a fever” or the other way around, because neither usually works  —  Neither does feeding a child alcohol and non-food items.

Click the link and see how to attend a fever at home and when to get to the hospital.

…or Heartburn. Whatever you call it,  it can be painful and annoying.  Medications can produce unwanted side effects and some have even been known to cause depression.  You may want to try some natural remedies to put out the fire in your throat.

How to Put Out the Fire of Heartburn Naturally

The methods and materials at the link above are simle, inexpensivem and recommended by the Mayo Clinic as well as hospitals and medical personnel around the USA.  What, when, and how you EAT can be the culprit – that was proven by a group of interns always on call.

How you sleep and what you wear may also cause heartburn, so check out the link for more information and simple remedies.

Read my Blog every day this month for additional information and discoveries in the realm of healthcare.


Ohio has returned to its earlier roots back in 10,000 BC, in the quest to improve healthcare and to reduce related costs.  In fact, this movement has been growing in intensity since the late 1980s and showing increasing postive results ever since.  The state has increased its use and protection of native plants and herbs. Since the early 1980s, Ohio had supported and grown a number of  leading herb farms, herbalist schools, herbalist practices, and Native American groups interested in preserving nature and tradition.  


is one of a group of articles that examines effective herbal remedies and herbal medicine as part of Health Month in March 2010. 

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources helps to promote culinary and medicinal herbs by encouraging conservation and native gardening among residents, planting native grasses at highway entrances, exists, and rest stops; and promoting and protecting a list of endangered plants. Access the particular link above and find a list of helpful healthly herbs in Ohio six pages long – from 1910.


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